My Goodness
My Goodness

Walk a Mile in Their Shoes

How to give your old sneakers new life by donating them to charity.

Sept. 25 2010 7:33 AMHungry for ChangeMore U.S. households are living in poverty and going without food. Here's how to help.
Sept. 18 2010 9:10 AMA Private MatterAm I hurting my local public schools—and hurting America—by sending my kids to expensive private schools?
Sept. 8 2010 10:00 AMThe Good EarthVolunteer to keep your community's gardens thriving.
Aug. 25 2010 7:07 AMThe Shirt off My BackHow can I ensure that the clothing I donate to charity really helps the needy?
Aug. 11 2010 10:04 AMNo Pets AllowedHow to encourage your child's love of animals when pets are prohibited.
July 28 2010 6:55 AMThe Gift of a Good TimeHow to spice up your charitable efforts and enjoy volunteering.
July 14 2010 7:26 AMA Slippery DilemmaWill donating money, hair, or time really help clean up the BP oil spill?
June 16 2010 9:38 AMCredit Where It's DueIs it possible to use a charge card to do good and reap rewards?
May 19 2010 10:17 AMBuilding a LegacyWhy do rich people demand to have structures named in their honor?
May 4 2010 5:40 PMYour GoodnessSubmit your questions about volunteering and charitable giving here.
March 17 2010 7:04 AMVolunteer VacationsHow to be of service while you travel—and not get swindled in the process.
Jan. 27 2010 9:34 AMText To GiveThe pros and cons of donating money to Haiti via cell phone.
Dec. 30 2009 7:00 AMHow To Do Good in 2010A collection of Slate's best philanthropy advice.
Dec. 28 2009 3:51 PMLast ResortsHow can I take an ethical vacation and still have a good time?
Dec. 22 2009 12:59 PMA Socially Conscious ChristmasThe best ways to support worthy causes by buying cool products.
Sept. 22 2010 7:12 AMThe Spin CycleTide's Loads of Hope program is one part do-goodery, one part marketing genius.
Sept. 15 2010 10:27 AMNo Flood of ReliefHow to help the Pakistani flooding victims.
Sept. 1 2010 7:09 AMRiches to RagsWhat's with all the celebrities serving community service? Do they really help anyone?
Aug. 18 2010 7:01 AMArt HouseHelp preserve the historic homes of American artists and writers.
Aug. 4 2010 7:07 AMLend a Hand in HavanaHow to enter embargoed Cuba to give humanitarian aid—and not just sip mojitos.
July 21 2010 7:12 AMDon't Label MeShould you feel guilty about using the address labels charities mail out to solicit donations?
June 30 2010 7:06 AMHow Can I Help?What to do when a charity mismanages its volunteers.
June 2 2010 10:10 AMSave the MailsHow to circumvent PETA's manipulative direct-mail fundraising tactics.
May 5 2010 7:06 AMAdult EducationHow can I use my language skills to help illiterate people?
March 21 2010 7:36 AMGarden-Variety ActivismCan I plant some vegetables in the vacant lot nearby?
March 10 2010 7:01 AMA Private MatterAm I hurting my local public schools—and hurting America—by sending my kids to expensive private schools?
Jan. 13 2010 11:00 AMFeeling ResoluteSandy shares her vows to do better in the new year.
Dec. 29 2009 11:13 AMServe With MeHow can I get my friend to come volunteer with me?
Dec. 23 2009 10:31 AMA Nobel GoalHow President Obama should donate his Nobel Peace Prize winnings.
Dec. 16 2009 12:41 PMA Little Charity Goes a Long WayDonating internationally packs more punch than giving money locally.