Jan. 5 2013 7:15 AMThe Longform Guide to Plastic SurgeryBreast augmentation, masks for disfigured WWI vets, and twins with cleft palates.
Dec. 26 2012 1:31 PMLongform’s Best Science Stories of 2012The Bronx Zoo, raising a micro-preemie, and a boy who achieved nuclear fusion.
Dec. 21 2012 10:29 AMLongform’s Best Essays of 2012Meditations on America, waiting tables, and our evolving relationship with time.
Dec. 18 2012 3:42 PMLongform’s Best Business Stories of 2012The inner workings of a drug cartel, the online-shipping industry, and Apple.
Dec. 1 2012 7:15 AMThe Longform Guide to FloridaMurder, Strippers and Disney World—a collection of stories about Florida.
Nov. 17 2012 7:00 AMThe Longform Guide to AddictionDrugs, smoking, gambling, and booze —a collection of stories about dependency.
Nov. 3 2012 9:13 AMThe Longform Guide to Climate ChangeA terrifying collection of stories about melting glaciers, cowardly politicians, and stupid weathermen.
Oct. 20 2012 7:15 AMThe Longform Guide to PittsburghYinz want to read some good articles?
Oct. 6 2012 7:30 AMThe Longform Guide to the PhallusEnhanced, castrated, and stolen—a collection of stories about the male member.
Sept. 22 2012 7:15 AMThe Longform Guide to Christian RockJars of Clay, Pedro the Lion, and—yes—Bob Dylan: a collection of stories about music’s most mocked genre.
Sept. 9 2012 7:00 AMThe Longform Guide to Jay-ZHis biggest fan, his relentlessness, his wife, and his lyrics parsed by a law professor—the many sides of Jay-Z.
Aug. 25 2012 5:30 AMThe Longform Guide to CheatersLance Armstrong, Ashley Madison, and the MIT blackjack team—great stories about cheating.
Aug. 11 2012 7:45 AMThe Longform Guide to Talk RadioFrom Glenn Beck to Ira Glass, stories from across the radio dial.
July 28 2012 7:00 AMThe Longform Guide to Uncooperative SubjectsSinatra, Axl Rose, and Matt Drudge—great stories whose subjects who wouldn’t cooperate.
July 14 2012 7:00 AMThe Longform Guide to Startup EulogiesDigg, MySpace, Flickr—stories about vaunted companies that didn’t make it.
Dec. 31 2012 1:55 PMLongform’s Top 10 of 2012Dharun Ravi, Andy Capp, and the debate over gun laws.
Dec. 23 2012 11:15 AMLongform’s Best Crime Stories of 2012Michael Morton, Albrecht Muth, and a man who wouldn't let  himself get away with murder.
Dec. 20 2012 3:11 PMLongform’s Best Sex Stories of 2012Sex on the Web, during the age of Grindr, and in the Olympic Village—the best sex writing of 2012.
Dec. 17 2012 4:16 PMLongform’s Best Arts and Culture Stories of 2012A pair of comebacks, a group that will never leave, and a critically acclaimed artist who works nights at the post office.
Nov. 26 2012 11:39 AMRead Playboy … for the InterviewsSix great conversations from the magazine’s archives.
Nov. 10 2012 7:36 AMThe Longform Guide to Presidential LosersRomney, McCain, Kerry, Gore—a collection of stories about life after losing the big one.
Oct. 27 2012 7:34 AMThe Longform Guide to SleepGood dreams, bad dreams, night terrors, insomnia, and sleep deprivation—a collection of slumber stories.
Oct. 13 2012 8:00 AMThe Longform Guide to the CIAThe article that became Ben Affleck’s Argo and more great spy stories.
Sept. 29 2012 7:15 AMThe Longform Guide to Sea CreaturesKeiko, Nessie, and giant squids: a collection of stories on animals from the deep.
Sept. 15 2012 7:15 AMThe Longform Guide To Writing Great NonfictionCapote, Talese, Orwell, Boo—masters of the craft, in their own words.
Sept. 1 2012 7:15 AMThe Longform Guide to Football in CrisisFascinating stories about concussions and what they mean for the sport’s future.
Aug. 18 2012 8:07 AMThe Longform Guide to TakedownsIn which Thomas Friedman, Jay Mariotti, and TED are eviscerated.
Aug. 5 2012 7:15 AMThe Longform Guide to WineRed, white, expensive, cheap, fake, poisoned—great tales from the world of wine.
July 21 2012 7:00 AMThe Longform Guide to the OlympicsMunich, the Dream Team, and all those condoms: the highs and lows of Olympic history.
July 8 2012 7:15 AMThe Longform Guide to SurfingBig waves, unlikely champs, and the “dark prince of the beach”—our favorite stories about surfers.