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How Is New York’s Free College Program Actually Going to Work?

As thousands of applications come in, questions remain about the implementation of Gov. Cuomo’s initiative.

April 13 2017 8:58 AMThe American Bar Association Is Cracking Down on Bad Law SchoolsFor-profit institutions are among those under new scrutiny.
Feb. 10 2017 3:06 PMAcademics on Twitter Are Taking on the Trump Administration With SatireAccounts once aimed at poking fun at scholarly life have become more serious postelection.
Jan. 25 2017 2:11 PM“I Need This Class to Stay on My Parents’ Health Insurance”Before Obamacare, some took college classes just to stay insured. Will Trump bring that back?
Dec. 16 2016 2:18 PMInside the Obama Administration’s Race to Handle For-Profit College Student DebtStudents and activists are pushing the administration to process more claims before Trump takes office.
Dec. 2 2016 9:45 AMCollege Presidents Weigh What to Say in the Wake of Trump’s VictorySome messages that go over well on campus receive considerable criticism as they spread.
Nov. 10 2016 4:03 PMWhat Will Happen to International Students Under President Trump?Trump is already scaring and discouraging students from abroad.
Oct. 19 2016 2:20 PMIt’s Long Past Time to Rethink College SportsFor many schools, the math of becoming competitive doesn’t add up.
Oct. 5 2016 10:03 AMWhat Colleges Lose When They Chase PrestigeMoving up the rankings helps big-name private colleges, but what about public universities that join the hunt?
Sept. 20 2016 3:29 PMA Quarter of This College Librarian’s Gift Went to FootballWas the University of New Hampshire wrong for following the letter of Robert Morin’s will?
Sept. 6 2016 4:12 PMCollege Leaders Think Race Relations Suck—Except on Their CampusesAre commitments to “diversity” and “inclusion” just a way of downplaying campus tensions?
Aug. 24 2016 5:00 PMAcademics Take on The ApprenticeWhat does the academic literature have to say about Donald Trump’s reality show?
Aug. 10 2016 9:15 AMStudent Loans Are Still a CrisisWe shouldn’t be downplaying student debt or the push for debt-free education.
May 19 2016 5:44 AMDonald Trump’s Emerging Higher-Ed PlatformHe thinks colleges should share risk in student loans and be able to enroll students based on their job prospects.
May 4 2016 4:42 PMA Campus by Any Other BrandWhy do college logos and taglines all sound so eerily similar?
April 8 2016 7:30 AMYou Remind Me of MeIs your professor a narcissist? You better be a narcissist, too!
March 21 2017 9:30 AMDoes Arkansas’ Free Community College Program Hold Promise?Arkansas is now offering free college with a catch or two.
Feb. 3 2017 1:15 PMThousands of Academics Are Boycotting America Over Trump’s Muslim BanMore than 3,000 scholars have pledged not to attend academic conferences in the United States until the ban is lifted.
Jan. 6 2017 7:16 AMStop Using the Phrase Creative WritingIt’s time to stop devaluing the forms of writing most people engage in.
Dec. 9 2016 5:09 PMWhat Recent Attacks Mean for Campus PolicingAfter the killing of a Wayne State officer and the attack at Ohio State, campus police reflect on dangers of the job.
Nov. 18 2016 1:55 PMBerkeley Students Are Challenging How Faculty Harassment Is HandledColleges don’t tell students that professors are being investigated for—or have even been found guilty of—harassment.
Nov. 4 2016 9:16 AMNYU’s Mysterious, Anti-P.C. “Deplorable” Prof Has Been UnveiledMichael Rectenwald’s Twitter posts have gotten him into hot water, and now he’s on leave.
Oct. 11 2016 4:10 PMHow Would Trump and Clinton Tackle Campus Sexual Assault?The tape isn’t the only thing concerning advocates about a Trump presidency.
Sept. 27 2016 5:00 PMWhat’s Trump’s Plan on College Affordability?He wants to put pressure on high endowment institutions—which are having a bad year.
Sept. 14 2016 10:23 AMScabbing on Our Future SelvesHow a new generation of grad student organizers can learn from the mistakes of organizers past.
Aug. 31 2016 10:00 AMGrad Students Need UnionsThe National Labor Relations Board got it right. Unions are needed to help students navigate an outdated system.
Aug. 17 2016 10:00 AMShould Minority Students Choose to Live With Other Minorities?Students at one college were criticized for asking for nonwhite roommates. But white students get white roommates all the time.
May 31 2016 8:36 AMUncertainty, Unpredictability, ChaosNext year will be confusing for students, families, and most colleges in the admissions process. 
May 12 2016 3:52 PMIntelligent Design, Then TenureA Ball State astronomy professor gets a bump despite claims he proselytized in a science class.
April 27 2016 12:39 PM“Denny Hastert Is a Good Man” University of Chicago coach praises former House speaker—who tried to use hush money to cover up molestation of children—for fighting Title IX.
March 30 2016 2:18 PMGrade Inflation NationGetting an A really is easier than ever.