Human Guinea Pig
Human Guinea Pig

Bare-Naked Lady

My vacation at a nudist camp.

June 29 2010 10:09 AMPoo at the ZooBat guano, elephant dung, rhino pee, and other substances I encountered in my brief, smelly stint as a zookeeper.
Sept. 24 2009 7:01 AMI Got To Roll Out the Tarp, but …How I humiliated myself working on the Washington Nationals grounds crew.
June 5 2009 2:57 PMChess With KnivesCan I master fencing, the sport for vicious brainiacs?
Dec. 11 2008 7:06 AMA Colonial DameMy brief, inspiring career as a historical re-enactor.
June 25 2008 6:53 AMDiaper GenieCan I cut it as a day care worker, one of the most exhausting, worst paid, and smelliest jobs in America?
Sept. 18 2007 12:04 PMThe Most Dangerous GameI have never played golf. So why, oh, why, did I start now?
July 4 2007 8:33 AMPlaying DoctorOh, no! I’m the first patient these 23 medical students have ever examined.
May 7 2007 5:17 PMI’ve Got The SecretWhat happened when I followed the best-selling book’s advice for two months.
Nov. 14 2006 5:46 PMThe Math MoronI can barely add and subtract. Can I learn enough math in five months to help my fifth-grader with her homework?
Aug. 23 2006 7:30 AMA Visit to My FutureBingo. 3 p.m. dinner. Leisure World. What happens when I try to live like a senior citizen.
March 31 2006 6:07 AMRussell Crowe in My ViewfinderMy brief career as a paparazzo.
Feb. 20 2006 1:02 PMSleeping With the FishesI thought ice fishing would be cold, uncomfortable, and a little bit dangerous. How wrong I was.
Dec. 15 2005 7:01 AMNaked and the DreadI pose nude for students. Will the art world ever be the same?
July 18 2005 12:27 PMDog DancingMy beagle and I try America's weirdest pet hobby.
April 28 2005 3:27 PMGreat Balls of MatzoIt's me vs. 420-pound Eric "Badlands" Booker for the title of world matzo-ball-eating champion.
March 23 2010 7:59 AMAmerica's Oldest Living Fly Girl Tells AllMy brief, booty-shaking gig as a bar mitzvah motivational dancer.
Sept. 10 2009 4:40 PMDead LettersEveryone has terrible handwriting these days. My daughter and I set out to fix ours.
April 6 2009 3:23 PMWhere There's E-Smoke …Should I be ostracized for smoking electronic cigarettes?
Aug. 13 2008 1:13 PMSpandex FantasyI have a lifetime's worth of flab. Can I turn it into muscle in four months?
Dec. 19 2007 7:41 AMMan MadeMy short life as a drag king.
July 4 2007 8:33 AMPlaying DoctorOh, no! I'm the first patient these 23 medical students have ever examined.
June 4 2007 5:27 PMRigtime GalI go drilling for natural gas on a rig in the Gulf of Mexico.
Feb. 8 2007 1:03 PMMy Starvation DietI've cut back to 1,500 calories a day. Will I live to be 120 years old?
Sept. 12 2006 12:34 PMThe Dog That Didn't BarkCan I cure my sociopathic beagle with the Dog Whisperer's techniques?
May 15 2006 12:05 PMTears of a ClownI bomb as a kids' birthday party entertainer.
April 1 2006 11:07 AMAm I the Next Jack Abramoff?In which I discover that any idiot—even me—can be a Washington lobbyist.
Jan. 2 2006 10:06 AMMascot for a DayMy adventure as a 10-foot-tall, inflatable George Washington.
Oct. 24 2005 11:49 AMCaution: Student DriverCan I learn how to drive a stick shift?
June 22 2005 1:25 PMSong of the DamnedI'm tuneless. In four weeks, I make my concert debut.
Feb. 15 2005 2:01 PMQVC, Here I Come!Can I get my brilliant new product—Hairmuffs—on home shopping television?