Human Guinea Pig
Human Guinea Pig
Nov. 18 2004 7:32 AMGuinea Get Your GunHow I learned to love firearms.
July 8 2004 1:46 PMThere She Is, Mrs. America. …Will they really let me compete in a beauty pageant?
Dec. 26 2003 12:50 PMGot Me HypnotizedI begin to cure my night-owl problem by going into a trance.
Aug. 18 2003 10:42 AMFull Metal RacketThe perverse thrill of metal detecting, the world's worst hobby.
April 11 2003 3:36 PMSpam I AmI try an Internet get-rich-quick scheme.
July 9 2004 9:34 AMTiaras of a ClownI'm the only contestant in the Mrs. Washington, D.C., pageant. Can I find a way to lose it?
May 7 2004 3:44 PMSilent TreatmentHave you ever wished your wife would just shut up? Here's what happens when she does.
Oct. 30 2003 8:32 AMMime Is MoneyMy dreadful career as a street performer.
June 5 2003 12:30 PMMy Life as a Phone PsychicCallers are paying $2 a minute for a supernatural adviser. They're getting me instead.
Feb. 14 2003 10:54 AMFace-OffFour plastic surgeons tell me what's wrong with my face.