Home Economics
Home Economics

The Big Bad Budget Talk

My husband and I work out the details of our joint account.

Feb. 4 2011 7:19 AMWhat We DecidedMy husband and I make our very first budget.
Feb. 2 2011 3:46 AMSeparate/TogetherDo couples who share some but not all of their money have a lot of hassle or the perfect compromise?
Jan. 31 2011 6:50 AMOur Newlywed Money DilemmaWe just got married. How should we manage our finances?
Feb. 3 2011 7:04 AMYours. Mine.Once you get married and have kids, can you really keep all your money separate from your spouse's?
Feb. 1 2011 8:22 AMAll OursDo couples do best when they pool all their money, old-fashioned as it may seem?