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May 13 2015 11:00 AM“I Need a Pair of Pants That Won’t Bore Me to Death”Troy Patterson talks about looking sharp, flat-top fades, and being Slate’s Gentleman Scholar.
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Oct. 29 2014 7:20 PMTurning 40A gift guide for the new quadragenarian in your life.
Oct. 15 2014 4:27 PMMasters in CommunicationsHow to text, and sext, like a gentleman.
Oct. 1 2014 4:55 PMBlood Before Bud?Must a gentleman’s brother always be the best man at his wedding?
Sept. 17 2014 5:10 PMShould Men Still Open Doors for Women?
Sept. 3 2014 5:29 PMHow Should a Fat Man Wear His Trousers?At the waist? Below the waist? With suspenders?
Aug. 20 2014 4:34 PMIs It Acceptable to Scold One’s Friends’ Kids?When and how to correct other people’s children.
Aug. 6 2014 4:35 PMHow to Rescue a Boring ConversationAlternatives to the deadly “What do you do?”
March 2 2015 12:30 PMRazor RelationsIt’s OK for white guys to go to black barbershops.
Feb. 4 2015 9:43 AMSuper CutThe best way to shave your face.
Jan. 21 2015 5:16 PMSolo CupI’m trying to meet new people. Can I go to a bar by myself, or will I look like a creep?
Jan. 8 2015 10:45 AMWhen Can Men Get Away With Wearing Fur?Advice for men who think a mink coat would be pretty comfortable right about now.
Dec. 10 2014 6:30 PMGod Rest Ye Merry, Gentleman?Advice on holiday greeting, uncling, donating, and more.
Nov. 26 2014 4:06 PMBaby PhotosMy 3-year-old son stole my iPhone and took some unflattering pictures of me. Am I a dad joke incarnate?
Nov. 19 2014 10:16 AMThis Is the Only Correct Way to Play Touch Football on Thanksgiving
Nov. 5 2014 5:42 PMDoes RSVP Still Mean Please Reply?The history and future of répondez s’il vous plaît.
Oct. 22 2014 5:54 PMMay I Offer to Sharpen My Friends’ Knives?Or would that be rude?
Oct. 8 2014 1:51 PM“Diagrams to Direct the Feet”An introduction to the gentlemanly art of social dance.
Sept. 24 2014 5:17 PMA Gentleman’s Guide to Going BaldAttending to a thinning mane with grace.
Sept. 10 2014 5:42 PMA Gentleman’s Guide to Wearing the Apple WatchHow to use Apple’s timepiece without looking like a jerk.
Aug. 27 2014 4:19 PMA Gentleman’s Advice for ScholarsRule No. 1 for college freshmen: Don’t do anything egregiously stupid.
Aug. 13 2014 5:33 PMCan I Tell My Boss I Have Menstrual Cramps?Or do I need to make up a white lie about why I’m working from home?
July 30 2014 4:01 PMHow Can a Gentleman Appear Well-Read?Advice for would-be bibliophiles.