Gentleman Scholar
Dec. 11 2013 5:04 PMDoes the Gentleman Use His Phone at the Urinal?Depends who’s calling.
Nov. 27 2013 9:05 AM“A Beastly Game Played By Beasts”What’s a gentleman to do about football at Thanksgiving?
Nov. 13 2013 9:45 AMA Gentleman’s Guide to Gentleman’s ClubsThe kind with naked ladies, or the kind with no ladies at all.
Oct. 23 2013 3:21 PMIs There Room for the Gentleman in Modern Feminism?A debate between the Gentleman Scholar and Book of Jezebel editor Anna Holmes.
Oct. 2 2013 4:32 PMWhat Does Manhood Mean in 2013?Stop defining manhood against women. Start defining it against boys. And go get a good shave.
Sept. 11 2013 10:47 AMShould I Make Small Talk With My Boss While We’re Both Peeing?Also: Can short gentlemen still be masculine?
Aug. 21 2013 11:31 AMI’m an Older Gentleman. Why Do Clerks Love to Call Me Young Man?Sir, buddy, youngblood, hoss: What to call someone whose name you don’t know.
July 31 2013 7:30 AMAre My Flirty Texts to Female Friends Too Flirty?My girlfriend thinks so.
July 17 2013 2:32 PMDo I Have to Read My Friend’s Novel?What should a gentleman read instead?
June 26 2013 3:55 PMWhat Is the Deal With Green Pants This Year?A perennial color for preps wends its way into the mainstream.
June 5 2013 1:38 PMOn Lid-FlippingWhen should a gentleman doff his hat? And on what date should he switch straw for felt?
May 15 2013 8:00 AMI Got Monograms on My Shirts. Am I a Jerk?The Gentleman Scholar addresses your initial concerns.
April 24 2013 2:19 PMHow Does a Gentleman Shake Hands With a Lady?Somewhere between the Hulk and a dead fish.
April 10 2013 1:36 PMWhat Should I Tip the Pizza Delivery Gentleman?$2? Twenty percent? Can I tip in weed?
March 20 2013 8:15 AMI Hate My Wife’s Haircut. Should I Tell Her?Also: Do I have to be That Guy when I order a martini?
Dec. 4 2013 5:02 PMWhy Can’t I Button the Bottom Button of My Jacket?Also, am I definitely gross if I compliment a woman on her haircut?
Nov. 20 2013 3:00 PMYes, There Is Great Music for Kids out There—Well, Better Than Raffi, Anyway
Nov. 6 2013 8:37 AMI Want to Tell My Straight Best Friend About My Gay ThreesomeDoes a gentleman kiss (and kiss) and tell?
Oct. 16 2013 4:13 PMWhat Should a Gentleman Smell Like?Bay rum.
Sept. 25 2013 5:55 PMGentlemen Don’t Let Fellow Gentlemen Drive DrunkBut how to stop a bull-headed, belligerent gentleman from getting behind the wheel?
Aug. 28 2013 3:42 PMShould a Gentleman Trim His Body Hair?If it’s gross, yes.
Aug. 14 2013 2:23 PMA Gentleman’s Guide to the ShoreOyster advice! Boating etiquette! Ween!
July 24 2013 1:50 PMDo I Look Lame in This Baby Björn?How a gentleman rocks the new-dad look.
July 10 2013 7:30 AMMind the FapShould a gentleman stop masturbating to online porn?
June 19 2013 4:47 PMThe Unkindest Cut?Should a gentleman circumcise his little gentleman’s tiny gentleman?
May 29 2013 1:15 PMThe Anxiety of the Pickup Basketball Player at the Jump ShotPlus: How do I explain my past debauchery to nice girls?
May 8 2013 1:08 PMThe New Father’s Guide to Mother’s DayMother’s Day is stupid, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it right.
April 17 2013 12:45 PMWhy Does Every Dude Make That Same Face in Every Photo?A gentleman’s guide to the selfie.
March 27 2013 7:45 AMHow Do I Reconnect With My Children After My Tour of Duty?Also, are cardigans allowed?
March 14 2013 5:49 AMWhat’ll It Be, Daddy?May I teach my children to mix cocktails?