Was Hitler a vegetarian?

Was Hitler a vegetarian?

Was Hitler a vegetarian?

What to eat. What not to eat.
Feb. 26 2004 6:52 PM


Why one vegetarian activist is obsessed with Hitler's diet.

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But maybe Berry is saying something else, something that has less to do with Hitler, and more to do with the lax state of the vegetarian movement today. After all, what vegetarian doesn't cheat?

It's not much of a challenge to prove that even the most devout herbivores fall off the fruit cart every once in a while. One vegetarian friend stopped by a deli a few years ago for a ham and cheese sandwich. She hadn't eaten meat in 10 years and hasn't since. Another vegetarian buddy in Los Angeles eats the chicken broth from wonton soup, but not the meat-filled dumplings. I even got her to eat a hot dog once. Still, she considers herself a vegetarian.


Like Hitler, many vegetarians cheat on their diet. Does this make them like Hitler? Of course not. It only makes them crappy vegetarians—at least according to Rynn Berry.

Alex Frangos is a writer living in Brooklyn.