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When Your Mom Is “Tiger Mother” Amy Chua

Featuring Lulu Chua-Rubenfeld, age 21.

Jan. 19 2018 6:06 PMChicago West Is a Bad Name for a Kardashian Child and I’ll Tell You Why
Jan. 17 2018 11:32 AMA Gentle Ode to All the Baby Accessories Designed to Look Like Military Gear
Jan. 16 2018 5:57 AMThe Dubious System for Measuring the Size of Your Baby’s HeadWhy so many parents are mistakenly told that their kid has a massive noggin.
Jan. 16 2018 5:45 AM“My Life Is a Waking Nightmare”Why do parents make parenting sound so God-awful?
Jan. 16 2018 5:42 AMGot Lice? Come On In.My kids’ school lets students with head lice stay in class. What a great policy!
Jan. 16 2018 5:37 AMI Can No Longer Get a Decent Photograph of My ChildrenThey refuse to be frozen in time, and so I can feel time slipping through my fingers.
July 14 2017 9:14 AMAfter the OutrageLast summer, the Red Cross pulled its racist swimming posters. Has it done anything about racism in swimming?
June 13 2017 5:55 AMConfessions of a Part-Time MomDivorce and shared custody suits me, and it suits my kids, too.
June 6 2017 5:55 AMA Writing Mother Is a Selfish MotherI used to lose myself in a world of words. But raising a child with autism required a new way of thinking about creativity.
May 26 2017 12:25 PMDrowning Doesn’t Look Like DrowningIn 10 percent of drownings, adults are nearby but have no idea the victim is dying. Here’s what to look for.
May 12 2017 9:39 AMGoop TherapyHow I learned to love my kid’s obsession with slime.
March 15 2017 2:54 PMThe ACA Saved Our Family. Now, We’re Terrified.For a freelancer hit with a disabling chronic illness, Obamacare meant security and survival—and its repeal could be a disaster.
Nov. 9 2016 2:49 AMHow Do I Explain to My Daughters What Happened in This Election?Deciding whether to protect them or to have a very difficult conversation.
Oct. 11 2016 10:33 AMI’m Not a Great MotherBut I’m an awesome dad.
Oct. 6 2016 2:47 PMSilent BirthSeventeen years ago, I had stillborn twins. They made me the mother I am today.
Jan. 18 2018 12:15 PMHow I Fell in Love With the Finnish Baby BoxOr at least a bougie knockoff of the one Finland’s government sends to all expectant parents.
Jan. 16 2018 6:01 AMAvoiding the Scourge of a Million Crappy Plastic ToysMy anxious quest to follow the doctrine of “toy limitation.”
Jan. 16 2018 5:51 AMWhen Your Dad Is BuzzFeed’s Ben SmithFeaturing Hugo Smith, age 14, grade 9.
Jan. 16 2018 5:43 AMThere’s Someone Missing From My Facebook PhotosThe person who makes my seemingly effortless parenting possible: my nanny.
Jan. 16 2018 5:40 AMThe Final PushWhat a father does in the delivery room.
Sept. 25 2017 9:04 AMWho Gets to Tell the Story of a Child’s Illness?When I started writing a book about my daughter’s bone marrow transplant, I didn’t question my right to describe my kids in print. Now I do.
June 16 2017 9:02 AMThe GrandmannyMy dad came out when I was a teenager. I couldn’t understand how hard he had it until I became a parent myself.
June 9 2017 5:55 AMPlay Date With the Lost GenerationMy toddler’s secret identity as a drunken artist of the early 20th century.
June 5 2017 5:55 AMWho Am I Wearing?Fashion adventures, and misadventures, while living with dementia.
May 19 2017 8:30 AMTheir Closets, ThemselvesFor two writers, recreating their family members’ carefully curated closets yielded new insight into the essentials of their lives.
May 10 2017 9:00 AMYou Will Hate Your Husband After Your Kid Is BornDon’t let anyone tell you otherwise.
Nov. 10 2016 2:50 PMThe Post-Trump ThanksgivingHow to share a table with relatives whose views you abhor.
Nov. 7 2016 2:00 PMWhat Does a President Look Like?Ask a kid to draw one.
Oct. 10 2016 10:16 AMThe “Things Could Be Worse” Guide to ParentingWhat I’ve learned as a mother of a kinda-sick kid.
Sept. 8 2016 10:05 AMDon’t Call Him a HeroThere are better ways to honor 9/11 first responders—people like my father.