Harriet Miers' church.

Harriet Miers' church.

Harriet Miers' church.

Religion, spirituality, and sacrilege.
Oct. 14 2005 6:25 PM

The View at Valley View

What kind of Christian is Harriet Miers' church?

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It's not clear where Miers will cast her ecclesial chips. Last Sunday she went to the Doubletree for worship, but she has not said she plans to leave Valley View. Whether she stays at Valley View or goes with the breakaway group won't reveal much about Miers' political views, though. Cornerstone will likely prove to be, like Valley View, a representative evangelical church: Republican-leaning but not entirely so; concerned about abortion but also about poverty; and perhaps more exercised about prosaic matters like hymn selection than about national politics.

Correction, Oct. 17, 2005: This article originally inaccurately identified Marvin Olasky as the founder of World. Return to the corrected sentence.

Lauren Winner teaches at Duke Divinity School.