The Light of the World

Writing my first sermon for the age of Trump.

Jan. 18 2017 3:51 PMPresidential Acts of Mercy Are Unjust by Definition. That’s the Beauty of Them.In praise of pardons and commutations.
Aug. 23 2016 12:26 PMHello GoodbyeThe author of a best-selling abstinence manifesto is reconsidering the lessons he taught to millions.
April 24 2016 8:00 PMThe Mercy GirlsThese young women enrolled in an influential Christian counseling center for help. That's not what they found.
April 8 2016 3:05 PMAvoiding “Cold Bureaucratic Morality”“Amoris Laetitia” sums up everything that’s awesome and frustrating about Pope Francis.
Dec. 25 2015 10:11 AMBring Out the Kwanzaa KinaraOK, the holiday is made up. But for my family, it was useful.
Dec. 18 2015 10:00 AMSlate Voice: “No Reason for the Season”Torie Bosch reads her piece on the joy of celebrating a godless Christmas.
Dec. 1 2015 2:55 PMBaptisms Are Beautiful and MysteriousIf only TV shows realized they have nothing to do with goodness and fresh starts.
Sept. 22 2015 11:56 AMWhy Do So Many Religions Fast?Jews, Jains, Mormons, Muslims—why skipping meals is so central to religious practice.
Sept. 8 2015 3:16 PMAmerica’s Top Christian ComedianStephen Colbert gets all the attention, but the apolitical Jim Gaffigan is as self-deprecating about his faith as he is about his diet.
July 8 2015 5:06 AMThe United States Is a Country of ConvertsBut how does it feel about one being president? 
May 4 2015 4:00 AMAyaan Hirsi Ali Is Obsessed With MuslimsBut she doesn’t understand what it’s like to be one in America.
April 22 2015 12:53 PMIs Anyone Religious Enough to Be President of the United States?Not according to the American people.
Jan. 22 2015 11:56 AMThe Modern Megachurch Can’t Really DieThat’s because it’s not just one church.
May 12 2014 2:24 PMWitness to an ExorcismHow Pope Francis and the Vatican deal with the devil.
Dec. 11 2013 2:31 PMThe Evangelical Celebrity MachineJanet Mefferd accused pastor Mark Driscoll of plagiarism then deleted all her proof. Why’d she back down?
Oct. 25 2016 2:38 PMIn the Whore’s ClutchesHow anti-Catholic cartoonist Jack Chick became a figure of camp fascination.
May 15 2016 8:02 PMCan the Christian Left Be a Real Political Force?Trump’s rise has thrown the religious right into turmoil. How Democrats could become the party of God.
April 8 2016 5:37 PMPope Francis’ “Amoris Laetitia” Is a Closeted Argument for Gay MarriageThe Pope’s own words about infertility and erotic love undermine his argument against same-sex marriage.
Feb. 1 2016 1:14 PMFranklin Graham Wants to Be the Next Billy GrahamHe’s not even close.
Dec. 21 2015 11:00 AMThe Rise of the Singing Christmas TreeHundreds of people! Thousands of lights! Flying angels! Fireworks! Sequins! The megachurch extravaganzas explained.
Dec. 17 2015 3:03 PMAmerica Needs More ImamsA lack of training and funding is creating a Muslim leadership vacuum in the U.S. That’s bad for everyone.
Nov. 9 2015 2:07 PM“Why Hold a Child Hostage to My Doubts?” The confusing, complicated desire of parents with no religion to raise their kids with faith.
Sept. 22 2015 5:45 AMAre American Catholics Too American for the Pope?Catholics in the U.S. can be divided into three distinct groups. None of them completely agree with Pope Francis. 
July 15 2015 9:34 AMFrom Compost You Came and to Compost You Shall ReturnCan religious groups get behind the Urban Death Project’s environmental plan for the dead?
June 18 2015 7:38 AMChristians Fought for the Environment for Decades Before Pope Francis’ EncyclicalCatholics in America a have a long tradition of looking out for Mother Earth.
April 29 2015 4:37 PMIs It Too Late for Evangelical Christians to Honestly Discuss Same-Sex Marriage?A dispatch from this year’s Q Ideas conference, or the Christian TED Talks.
March 5 2015 2:18 PMHow Sex Trafficking Became a Christian Cause CélèbreEvangelicals made it less feminist and more mainstream.
Dec. 1 2014 11:53 PMWhat the “Mormon Moment” Actually AccomplishedMany Americans are still wary of the church. But Mormon culture is changing.
April 14 2014 3:03 PMThe Wicked Son Is Actually the Best One!The villain of the Passover Seder has been falsely maligned.
Oct. 10 2013 12:30 PMInitial Interrogation of Suspect AIn which the police talk to Abraham about the near-sacrifice of his son Isaac.