The Birth of the #FergusonSyllabus

In St. Louis and around the country, professors and students grapple with the lessons of Ferguson. 

Sept. 4 2014 11:00 AMCollege in a BoxTextbook giants are now teaching classes.
Aug. 26 2014 11:42 PMSyllabus Tyrannus The decline and fall of the American university is written in 25-page course syllabi.
Aug. 18 2014 11:01 AM“My Most Offended Readers Are Ivy-Bound 18-Year-Olds”A conversation with Excellent Sheep author William Deresiewicz.
Aug. 14 2014 11:27 AMCease Rogeting Proximately!College students (and adults) sure love the right-click thesaurus. Too bad it makes you sound the opposite of smart.
July 23 2014 1:10 PMThe Ivy League Is Not the ProblemThe persistent, misguided belief that universities can transform students into better, less-entitled people.
July 15 2014 11:32 PMRevise and Resubmit!Peer review is slow. It’s unhelpful. It’s generally awful. Here’s how to fix it.
June 25 2014 2:27 PM“Do You Have a Plan to Harm Yourself or Anyone Else?”A professor confronts a disturbing student.
June 15 2014 7:45 PMIn Defense of Laptops in the ClassroomSure, that student may be on Facebook instead of listening to the lecture. But he’s in college—let him make his own mistakes.
June 6 2014 10:36 AMBard’s Better Admissions ApplicationForget the Common App. Write four good essays for Bard College and you’re in.
May 28 2014 12:07 PMBring On the SledgehammerPresident Obama’s college ratings plan is widely hated by the higher-ed status quo. That’s why it’s so promising.
May 21 2014 2:05 PMWho Gets to Control Newark’s Schools?A rabble-rousing new mayor wants to undo the reforms that Cory Booker, Chris Christie, and Mark Zuckerberg brought to town.
May 12 2014 9:30 AMSave Our StacksIt’s not about the books. It’s about the books representing the last place on campus where intellectual contemplation thrives.
May 5 2014 2:07 PMDeskside MannerReal doctors now focus on empathy as well as diagnosis. Should Ph.D.s, too?
April 15 2014 11:52 PMThe Sad Demise of Collegiate FunThe helicopter generation has gone to university, and campus has never been more boring.
March 26 2014 10:59 AMDon’t Extinguish the FulbrightIt’s not a fancy-pants study-abroad program for spoiled children—it’s crucial diplomacy at a bargain.
Sept. 1 2014 11:34 PMThe Most Important Figure in School Reform We Never Talk AboutIt’s the principal. 
Aug. 20 2014 11:48 PMBeware the Gilderoy Lockharts of the UniversityAny professor who makes students buy his own book is probably an egomaniacal twit.
Aug. 14 2014 2:20 PMSpirit GuidesStudents crave emotional mentorship from their teachers that their parents can’t give them. There’s nothing wrong with that. 
Aug. 1 2014 11:04 AMABD CompanyWhat’s worse than getting a Ph.D. in today’s job market? Not finishing one.
July 22 2014 6:52 PMInterminable DegreesIs the future of higher education a program from which you can never graduate?
July 6 2014 11:45 PMHands Off Your Grad Students!Yes, you’re consenting adults. But you’re harming your department, your discipline, and mentors everywhere.
June 17 2014 12:01 AMHigher Calling To improve our schools, we need to make it harder to become a teacher. 
June 13 2014 10:59 AMTenure Is Not the ProblemTeacher protections are not why poor schools are failing. Segregation is.
May 29 2014 3:25 PMThe Study-Abroad ScamToo many programs take your money but give you little in return— or enrich your skimming university. Here’s how to choose the right one.
May 21 2014 3:28 PMFree to Be a JerkAcademic freedom means no professor’s career should suffer because of political beliefs—even if they’re obnoxious.
May 14 2014 11:57 AMConfessions of a Grade InflatorBetween the grubbing and the blubbering, grading fairly is just not worth the fight.
May 8 2014 2:17 PMShould You Go to Grad School?A choose-your-own-not-so-adventurous adventure.
April 24 2014 8:19 AMNeeds ImprovementStudent evaluations of professors aren’t just biased and absurd—they don’t even work.
April 10 2014 11:44 PMA New York Public School Teacher on the Infuriating State Test That Is Turning Kids Off to Learning
March 18 2014 11:16 PM“Kid, I’m Sorry, but You’re Just Not College Material”Is exactly what we should be telling a lot of high school students.