Guinness Has Created a New Irish Drinking Holiday That Is Ridiculed Yet Widely Celebrated

Wine, beer, and other potent potables.
Sept. 27 2012 3:35 AM

To Arthur!

Guinness has created a new Irish drinking holiday that is ridiculed yet widely celebrated.

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And she points out that most of the headliner acts are U.K. bands playing “mind-numbingly boring mainstream pop music.”

For his part, Hegarty’s a longtime Guinness drinker himself but finds it hard to swallow a pint on Arthur’s Day because of the way it “blanket bombs” the country with Guinness.

Which makes one wonder why Arthur’s Day hasn’t yet caught on at American universities. But if the holiday continues its juggernaut expansion, perhaps one September day in the near future large numbers of Americans, too, will be able to raise a toast to the promotional brilliance of Guinness.

Anna Weaver is a writer living in the Seattle area. She is originally from Kailua, Hawaii.