Celebrity Rehab 2011: I watch it. You should too.

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Aug. 3 2011 8:19 AM

In Defense of Celebrity Rehab

I watch it. You should too.

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As I watch Fisher "battling her demons," she calls to mind another nice-Jewish-girl-gone-bad named Amy. Might a stint on Celebrity Rehab have saved the talented Amy Winehouse? Spending time with a group of struggling lost souls, as opposed to singlehandedly playing the role of the U.K.'s No. 1 tabloid addict, might have been, as the Brits say, "just the ticket." At the very least, a sojourn in Pasadena and the caring embrace of Dr. Drew would have distanced her from the liver-corroding pub culture of my homeland.

Dr. Drew is a very polarizing character in our house. While I see him as a savior and a fountain of wisdom, my Jonny, on the other hand, views him as an exploiter and, more horrifying still, a wearer of old-fashioned baggy Armani suits. He cites the doc's decision to sling Heidi Fleiss and Tom Sizemore under the same roof—even though Tom was convicted of physical abuse during their messy break-up—as proof positive of Drew's stop-at-nothing-for-good-telly approach.

Jonny's ambivalence about this show is surprising, particularly given the plethora of Jonathan Adler product incorporated into the Celebrity Rehab set. Heidi Fleiss' urine check was regularly performed right next to a fetching Jonathan Adler lamp. My Jonny and I derived so much pleasure from this surreal juxtaposition that we actually experienced a tinge of guilt.

Have a guilt-free week!