Tilda Swinton's style: Soon her beguiling androgyny will be everywhere.

Notes from the fashion apocalypse.
Jan. 28 2011 4:15 PM

The Rise of the Tildas

Soon we'll all be dressing with the beguiling androgyny of Ms. Swinton.

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Back to me in my green: As I scampered through this new and improved City of Light, I was delighted to note the ease with which the Parisians embraced the Tildas. These guy/gals walk freely though the streets of Paris without so much as a quelle horreur! or a cat-call. I would like to think that it's all part of that new kinder, friendlier, gentler French sensibility, but the answer may be simpler. The average French citoyen may simply not have realized that madamoiselle is actually monsieur.

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