Leopard print vs. the "investment piece."

Notes from the fashion apocalypse.
Oct. 29 2010 11:36 AM

Which Trends Fail?

Leopard print vs. the "investment piece."

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That trend, the other thing fashion hacks and retailers haven't stopped nattering about, is "investment pieces." This depressing concept invariably rears its annoying head during recessionary times. And so, when the fashion oracles aren't screeching about animal prints, they have been encouraging the women of America to buy based on the insane notion that such and such is so classic and timeless that you will wear it forever. Why, when you invest in that Celine leather something-or-other or this Reed Krakoff military great coat, you are almost making money! No, seriously, you are!

Cover of Bettie Page: The Girl in the Leopard Print Bikini.
Bettie Page

As audacious as this message is, no retailer or fashion commentator is ballsy enough to actually claim that a leopard print, with its nod to Bettie Page's pastie-twirling, burlesque high jinks, could ever be packaged and sold as an investment.

That is … until now. Brace yourselves: The leopard Snuggie from Target, is, at $14.99, a totally great investment piece!


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Correction, Nov. 5, 2010: This article originally misspelled Jayne Mansfield's first name. (Return to the corrected sentence.)