Do The Math
Do The Math

How to Fix Gerrymandering

Make state legislatures bigger.

Nov. 7 2016 3:24 PMWho Will Be America’s Next Top Modeler?I have a plan to figure out which poll aggregator is the most accurate. Will Nate Silver and his cohort play along?
Aug. 13 2014 5:12 PMMath Is Getting DynamicThe first woman to win math’s biggest prize works in a young and exciting field.
June 30 2014 6:22 PMMaking (a Huge Number of) Facebook Users (Very Slightly) SadderHow multiplying very tiny effects by gigantic numbers strains our quantitative intuition.
May 22 2013 4:44 PMThe Beauty of Bounded GapsA huge discovery about prime numbers—and what it means for the future of math.
July 25 2011 12:20 PMDeadly MathIs it right to say that the Norwegian terrorist attack was proportionally worse than 9/11?
Dec. 31 2010 7:14 AMIs the Mega Millions Lottery a Mug's Game?It all depends on when you play—and what value you put on a dollar.
June 17 2009 10:46 AMGuilt by CalculationIt takes more than an Excel sheet to prove the Iranian election was fixed.
Aug. 13 2007 6:09 PMMean GirlsThe New York Times slips up on sexual math.
Aug. 18 2006 11:59 AMWho Cares About Poincaré?Million-dollar math problem solved. So what?
July 7 2005 6:48 AMSex and SignificanceHow the Heritage Foundation cooked the books on virginity.
Oct. 29 2004 7:21 AMBuilding a Better World SeriesWhy the Fall Classic isn't the best way to find the best team in baseball.
Oct. 11 2004 1:29 PMVote!Why your ballot isn't as meaningless as you think.
April 16 2003 2:28 PMLove by the NumbersCan a few differential equations describe the course of a marriage?
July 2 2002 2:06 PMBlinded by ScienceExplaining the media's obsession with Stephen Wolfram's A New Kind of Science.
Aug. 31 2001 8:30 PMIs Powerball a Mug's Game?It all depends on when you play—and what value you put on a dollar.
Nov. 3 2014 4:25 PMForecasting the ForecasterHow many states Nate Silver is going to get wrong, according to Nate Silver.
July 17 2014 10:22 AMMo Money Mo MilesUnited Airlines’ new frequent flier scheme creates a perverse incentive for business travelers.
Aug. 2 2013 12:27 PMThe Case of the Missing ZeroesAn astonishing act of statistical chutzpah in the Indiana schools’ grade-changing scandal.
March 23 2012 9:00 AMSix Degrees of InnovationWhat Broadway musicals tell us about creativity.
Jan. 5 2011 6:32 AMThe Mathematics of NarcissismThe common statistical thread between psychiatric diagnosis and grad school rankings.
June 9 2010 9:59 AM13 Stripes and 51 StarsA mathematician figures out the best way to jam an extra star onto the American flag. Plus: Generate patterns for every possible flag up to 100 stars.
Oct. 2 2008 1:20 PMWe're Down $700 Billion. Let's Go Double or Nothing!How the financial markets fell for a 400-year-old sucker bet.
Sept. 19 2006 1:17 PMWill the Democrats Flip the House?Slate's mathematician on the odds of a Democratic victory.
July 24 2006 12:29 PMProportionate ResponseDoes one Israeli really equal 47 Americans?
March 10 2005 7:27 AMDoes Gödel Matter?The romantic's favorite mathematician didn't prove what you think he did.
Oct. 25 2004 3:59 PMGame Theory for SwingersWhat states should the candidates visit before Election Day?
May 16 2003 10:39 AMIs Math a Young Man's Game?No. Not every mathematician is washed up at 30.
Oct. 2 2002 10:38 AMDon't Worry About Grade InflationWhy it doesn't matter that professors give out so many A's.
Dec. 26 2001 10:57 AMGrowing ApartThe mathematical evidence for Congress' growing polarization.
Aug. 17 2001 3:00 AMAlgebra for AdulterersWhat every philandering politician and traveling salesman should know about the odds of getting caught.