Dear Prudence: My boyfriend answered the phone while we were having sex.

Help! My Boyfriend Answered a Call From His Mother While We Were Having Sex.

Help! My Boyfriend Answered a Call From His Mother While We Were Having Sex.

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April 4 2013 6:15 AM

Call of the Wild

My boyfriend answered the phone while we were having sex. Deal-breaker?

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Dear Distressed,
I wish you’d picked your grandson up and taken him with you. That would have given you the opening to later explain there was no way you were going to leave a little boy with a sore mouth sobbing in the corner when all he needed was a turkey sandwich and some understanding. I’m betting grandma’s day care comes cheap, but the cost of leaving this boy with this woman is too high. When an adult is engaged in a screaming match with a hungry child, the adult is the one who needs to learn self-control. When she goes on to physically abuse her grandson, she should no longer be his caretaker. But you’re right, if grandma did it to her own daughter, then your daughter-in-law is likely to say she turned out fine and her son deserves the same punishment. This has to be handled very delicately. Talk to your son and daughter-in-law, tell them how great your grandson is, but that like many 4-year-olds he is prone to meltdowns. Say you all need ways to handle him with sensitivity so he will learn to regulate his own behavior. Then explain the scene you witnessed at the grandmother’s house and how distressing it was to see vinegar poured down the throat of a hungry, frustrated child. Take a look at some of these books about tantrums, and if it feels right, give one or two to your son and daughter-in-law: The Everything Parent’s Guide to Tantrums, The Highly Sensitive Child, and this list of children's books. If they won’t take action, up the amount of time you spend with your grandson, keep your eye on the situation, and intervene when it goes off the rails. Fortunately, next year your grandson will be in school during the day, reducing the amount of time he spends with his vinegar-hearted grandmother.


Dear Prudence,
I’m a man who can’t ask this question of my women friends, mostly because it's something that some of them deal with and I don't want to come across as a jerk. It’s the mustache question. Twice now I've found myself dating women who have a slight 'stache. It's something I haven't been able to get past—it’s that big a turn off. These have both been women that I have really liked aside from that one thing. With one we have a kind of When Harry Met Sally situation that's gone unrealized largely because of the upper lip. I said nothing to either woman and went on to date others for whom this is not an issue. But what if I find myself in this situation again—what should I do?

—Waxing Nostalgic


Dear Waxing,
Women, if you’re wondering why that guy you hit it off with didn’t call for a third date, or what’s keeping you from being someone’s Sally, stand in front of a magnifying mirror in harsh light and see if one reason is that you’re hairier than Harry. Waxing, you’re right that critiquing a potential partner’s looks is always dangerous territory, particularly when the subject involves either follicles or fat cells. In the case of a potential partner whose lips you’re afraid to lock with because of whisker burn, I’m not sure there’s much you can say. Suggesting someone get electrolysis is the kind of conversation that probably needs the cushion of being delivered in the context of established intimacy. But for the good friend who needs zapping, this is something you can mention to a mutual (well-depilated) female friend and ask her to give the girl-to-girl advice. If you do ever speak up about this to a lovely, if hirsute, partner, strike the word “mustache” and substitute “facial hair.” And don’t offer your razor for a nice, close shave.


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