Dear Prudence: My son’s onetime dentist has been arrested for child porn.

Help! A Dentist My Son Once Saw Has Been Arrested for Child Porn.

Help! A Dentist My Son Once Saw Has Been Arrested for Child Porn.

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Jan. 10 2013 6:15 AM

Molesting Dentist

My son’s onetime dentist acted suspiciously, and now he’s been arrested for child porn. What should I do?

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Dear Concerned,
You’re right that no matter what Michelle’s qualifications are, her outfit is announcing: “I’m most comfortable in a wingchair at Starbucks, nursing a vanilla spice Frappuccino and watching Real Housewives on my iPad.” You must speak up. Someone who’s going to be offended at crucial advice on snagging a job is not someone who’s really looking for a job, and certainly not someone cut out for the cutthroat world of finance. Just tell her straight what you told me. You can offer to “go shopping” in her closet with her and pull out appropriate outfits. Maybe with a trip to an upscale thrift shop she could update what she has with a new jacket or shoes. Sure when you’re broke and desperate, you aren’t focused on your wardrobe or spending money on it. But if she doesn’t project a look of success, no company is going to hire her to market theirs.


Dear Prudence,
My wife and I have a good sex life but I find performing oral sex to be very arousing and want to do it more than she seems to be comfortable with. We've been married for two and a half years and have sex two to three times a week, but she says oral sex once a week is enough for her. I've considered that it might be my technique, but she says that I'm really good at it, but she just likes intercourse more. (She also says that my penis is larger than what she was used to.) How do I get her to be more receptive to receiving oral pleasure from me? Or, am I being selfish with wanting more of what I enjoy?



Dear Frustrated,
Oh, the agony, the heartbreak of the guy with the big dick whose wife wants him to give it to her just about every other day, but says cunnilingus once a week is sufficient. Maybe you should try being satisfied that you and your wife are producing a disproportional share of the Gross Orgasmic Product. When people ask why you two always have smiles on your faces, just tell them your lips are sealed.


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