Dear Prudie: My parents play such favorites, my younger sister is depressed and has eating disorders.

Help! My Parents Treat Me Like a Princess and My Sister Like Dirt.

Help! My Parents Treat Me Like a Princess and My Sister Like Dirt.

Advice on manners and morals.
Aug. 30 2012 6:00 AM

Confessions of a Favorite Daughter

My parents’ blatant favoritism made me a narcissist and my sister depressed. Is it too late for me to stop it?

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Dear Blues,
Invite him. I agree with you that the world is changing and often it is one wedding at a time. Ever since the emergence of homo sapiens, every family has had homosexuals. But until recently many of them were closeted, in heterosexual marriages, or were the confirmed bachelor cousin or spinster aunt. But now gay and lesbian family members are living openly and entering same-sex marriages, and people who oppose marriage equality for gays are having to address it on the most personal level. (Here’s an article about politicians whose minds have been changed by loved ones.) Perhaps your uncle believed in his stance, or maybe it was political expediency. But even if he was a true opponent, give him the opportunity to show that he’s open to considering that he was wrong. If he declines your invitation, so be it. But if he comes, your graciousness and happiness will be your most potent argument.


Dear Prudence,
I am a 19-year-old girl who is an identical triplet. All of us are tall, thin, and have curly red hair. We all attend the same state university because it’s cheapest for our parents. Both of my sisters met their boyfriends within the first month of school and are in committed relationships. I don’t have a boyfriend, although I’ve dated a few guys. The problem is that people don't know we're identical triplets, so they think they see one red-haired girl holding hands with one guy, then a few days later they see her kissing another guy, and a few days after that they see her with the first guy. Then they see me with different guys. People have started treating us nastily because of this. I’ve had people come up to me and threaten to tell my “boyfriend” I’m cheating on him. I'm considering transferring because of this even though it would be a lot more expensive. What should we do?

—Seeing Triple


Dear Triple,
The first week of school the three of you should march to your college newspaper and tell them you have a story for them. Your picture together and your funny anecdotes should soon be splashed all over the front page. Within a few days, instead of being called the scarlet woman, expect to hear, “Hey Red, which one are you?”


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