Make out queen: My bridesmaid girlfriend hooked up with three groomsmen.

Help! My Girlfriend Made Out With Several Groomsmen in a Wedding.

Help! My Girlfriend Made Out With Several Groomsmen in a Wedding.

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Jan. 19 2012 6:45 AM

Maid of Dishonor

Should I skip a wedding because my girlfriend hooked up with three of the groomsmen?

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Dear No,
The first prudent step you should take is to get rid of all the condiments in the house. You made a vow to your husband that covered such things as fluctuations in each of your monetary and health status, but you surely didn’t make any stipulation about your obligations should you find out you’re married to the fourth stooge. It’s disturbing that after trying to make his co-worker sick, getting punched out, sending that colleague to the ER, and losing his job, your husband isn’t overcome with remorse. You mention nothing about his begging your forgiveness for putting your family’s financial future in jeopardy. Maybe your husband expected you to say, “Oh, you big, crazy galoot—there was no way you could know mustard could kill Frank. I think your toxic brew trick is one of your funniest!” Perhaps you didn’t need to explicitly align yourself with Frank—he did cold cock your husband. But it’s perfectly reasonable for you to say you’re appalled by your husband’s behavior. He should have responded that he’s appalled at himself and is forever done with practical jokes. In the absence of this, I don’t blame you for wondering about the advisability of growing old with a perpetual adolescent.


Dear Prudie,
I am in my late 20s and am finishing up a graduate degree in education. My last step is internships in the classrooms of veteran teachers. The fourth-grade teacher I'm currently working with is terrible. She yells at the students. She calls out students' grades and mocks those who fail. She reads aloud wrong answers that children have given on tests and lets the other students titter. Recently, everyone who failed a quiz had to stand up in front of the class while she lectured about how bad their grades were. My internship finishes shortly, but I'm nervous about reporting her to the principal, because she would know I did it. I need her positive evaluation of me to ensure my license. Is there a good solution?


—Working With a Bad Teacher

Dear Working,
Sadly, there’s no easy way to get rid of an appalling teacher. And you are right to be concerned about protecting your career prospects. While the events are still fresh in your mind, write down the incidents and which students were involved. Since you’re in graduate school, you should discuss all this with your advisers. But whatever they suggest, I think you should first finish up your internship, get a good evaluation out of this incompetent brute, and find a job. Then I think you have a moral obligation to report to the principal what is happening in that classroom. This woman is using her power to humiliate the children in her care—we’ve all heard stories about how horrible teachers can have a crushing effect on children that lasts years. It could be that there have been other complaints against this teacher but because they have come from students who are doing poorly—abusers are canny that way—they may have been dismissed. Your testimony (even if you request anonymity) could be just what the principal needs. Let’s hope this isn’t a case where those in power prefer the status quo to the trouble of taking action.


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