Dear Prudence: Must I tell my wife I'm bi-sexual?

Dear Prudence: Must I tell my wife I'm bi-sexual?

Dear Prudence: Must I tell my wife I'm bi-sexual?

Advice on manners and morals.
Sept. 8 2011 7:10 AM

Longtime Companion

Is it OK to hide my gay affair since my wife doesn't want sex anymore?

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Dear Prudence,
Last week, my wife and I got in an argument as we were driving to a friend's house for a dinner engagement. We were running 20 minutes late, however my wife was adamant that we stop to pick up a bottle of wine. I argued that it would be a greater courtesy to arrive as soon as we could. We stopped and got wine and flowers and arrived nearly an hour late. Our friends were gracious, and the gifts were appreciated. What would have been better: arriving an hour late with gifts, or arriving a little late empty handed? Clearly, arriving on time with gifts is the best, but we barely make our flights.

—Chronically Late

Dear Chronically,
Your hosts may have been gracious, but they were silently grinding their teeth as they watched the roast become a cinder and all their other guests become drunk waiting for you. Apologizing for your tardiness and giftlessness would have been preferable. A thank you the next day could have included dropping off a bottle of wine. I'm also chronically late, for which there is no excuse, but at least I know to put some systems in place to reduce my inconvenience of others. I never have to stop on the way for a hostess gift because I have a stash of wine and, in the mad rush out the door, all I have to do is grab a bottle. I would also think the prospect of facing the TSA while frantic and panting would help get you to the airport on time.



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