Dear Prudence: Polyamory—should he tell his family he's in an unconventional sexual relationship?
Dear Prudence: Polyamory—should he tell his family he's in an unconventional sexual relationship?
Advice on manners and morals.
June 23 2011 8:11 AM

Loving Thy Neighbor

I have sex with the couple next door. Should I tell my kids about it?

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Dear Prudie,
My toddler daughter and I often frequent a quick-service restaurant near our home that has a "no tipping" policy. The service is consistently friendly and excellent. One employee in particular is always bringing us highchairs, extra water, etc. He has a child my daughter's age and recently told me that his wife is expecting another baby. I know that he makes close to the minimum wage and has a very long commute. If you put together all of the tips I would have given him, it would be well over $200. Is there a polite way to leave a tip or give him a gift card to help with the new baby? I don't want to create an uncomfortable situation or get him fired.


Dear Grateful,
Surely this company is not so Dickensian that an employee would get into trouble if a customer who has come to know him quietly hands him a card congratulating him on his good news. It's none of the company's business if inside of the card you enclose a check for $200 or cash. You can write in the card that you appreciate his kindness over the years and it's your pleasure to give him a personal gift (which is not a tip!) for the baby.


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