Christmas Jeers
Christmas Jeers
Advice on manners and morals.
Dec. 17 1999 3:30 AM

Christmas Jeers

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All I ever think about is sex. All I ever look at on the Internet is sexual stuff.


--In Trouble or Not

Dear In,

If you're a teen-age boy, your preoccupation would be pretty normal. Actually, a lot of people think about sex a lot of the time. Now that they've lifted censorship in the Soviet Union, for example, it's a good guess they're not reading Solzhenitsyn online. This is not a moral issue, per se. It's OK to feel sexy--or to be interested in erotica, though much of what's on the Net hardly qualifies as "erotic."

If what you are really concerned about is that your sex drive and interest are unmanageable--that is, dominating your mental life, your compulsive interest may in fact be about something else ... anger perhaps, or feelings of inadequacy. It may be an avoidance mechanism. Because you are concerned (and Prudie is not a psychiatrist), why not see a professional to find out what's what? Insurance often pays cognitive/behaviorist therapists. You might, perhaps, wind up with Prozac, considered a notorious "cold shower." Moderation is what you're aiming for, and consider it a plus that you know your interest may be excessive.

--Prudie, pharmaceutically

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