Do Not Love Thy Neighbor

Do Not Love Thy Neighbor

Do Not Love Thy Neighbor

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Nov. 12 1999 3:30 AM

Do Not Love Thy Neighbor

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I accepted a new job a couple of months ago and relocated to another city, which is away from my grown children. The new job has been fantastic, and I felt I made the right decision in moving. Until a few weeks ago, anyway. My manager was moved laterally within the department, and the person they hired is an ex-manager of mine and the cause of my leaving my old company! He totally disrespects women and anyone not in his field. The management knows that I cannot and will not work for him. I have requested an inter-company transfer so I would not be his subordinate. I have another job offer, in yet another state, which I rejected to accept this position--but they still want me to work for them.


I am getting ready to sign a lease for my housing but am unsure if I want to stay here if I'm forced to keep this position. What do you think I should do?


Dear Haunt,

Move quickly. That is, get a commitment from a superior that you will be given a different job where you're not reporting to the chauvinist pig, er, former manager. Don't be shy about mentioning the other offer. You say that your current management understands your aversion to this man. If you can get an ironclad guarantee of another position, sign the lease and get on with your life.

If you feel there is any dilly-dallying on the part of your new employer, having already left the area where your children live would make one more move merely a temporary inconvenience. If you do not get a firm promise of an inter-company transfer, by all means go to the company that still wants you. If that happens, and if what's-his-name winds up working for them it should be Ripley you write to, not Prudie.

--Prudie, hopefully