Do Not Love Thy Neighbor

Do Not Love Thy Neighbor

Do Not Love Thy Neighbor

Advice on manners and morals.
Nov. 12 1999 3:30 AM

Do Not Love Thy Neighbor

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Dear Seethe,


What do you think the chances are that your sister-in-law lives near the fellow who wrote the previous letter? Only kidding ... though all these loose people are really no laughing matter.

From your report of the timetable, your brother's wife started the marriage with no intention of being faithful. Chances are that if you know she's running around, it's likely your brother does, too. The fact that she treats him terribly, however, is definitely known to him, and it is for this reason that Prudie suggests you say nothing. He is either masochistically neurotic or is figuring out how to extricate himself. The only mechanistic thing you can do is make yourself scarce. And should your brother ask your opinion, give it to him.

--Prudie, pragmatically

Dear Prudence,

I'm a 27-year-old gay guy. My problem is that I've fallen for this guy I've been chatting with on the Internet for the past six months. "Seth" thinks of me as someone he can confide in, not as a potential boyfriend. He's a serious bodybuilder and says he's looking for muscular guys only. While I do have a toned bod, I am definitely not of the bodybuilder ilk. My question: How can I convince Seth that we would be perfect together (even though I'm not a bodybuilder)? He doesn't seem interested in meeting. The only thing he does seem interested in is pouring his heart out to me about how difficult it is to find a muscular mate. Please advise.

--Looking for Love

Dear Look,

Take a deep breath and face the facts. You are interested in a partner, this chap is interested in pecs and lats. Your cybercrush sounds like a muscle-bound moron, and you would not be perfect together. Where is the commonality of interests? You might try to figure out why you are attracted, even electronically, to someone who is whining to you about his inability to find another bodybuilder. For whatever reason, you want what you can't have. Prudie hopes you will refocus, consider yourself lucky, and move on to another chat room. Or better yet, start going out.

--Prudie, sociably

Dear Prudie,