Dear Prudence
Dear Prudence

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May 14 2015 6:00 AMThe Marriage Has Two FacesMy wife flirts with my brothers and trashes my sisters-in-law.
May 12 2015 8:00 AMBetter Left UnsaidPrudie counsels a letter writer who kept a brother’s suicide note secret from their parents.
May 7 2015 8:40 AMWho’s Your Mother?My mom thinks she can do a better job with my baby than I can.
May 6 2015 6:00 AMMy Mommy Lies Over the OceanPrudie advises a recent mother whose work travel would mean leaving her baby for three months.
April 30 2015 6:00 AMMistress of SolitudeI love my husband, but I want to live alone.
April 28 2015 9:09 AMYouth in ReposePrudie advises a woman whose son found nude photos of her as a teenager.
April 23 2015 6:00 AMPredator in the FamilyMy husband had a long affair with his aunt—starting when he was 16.
April 21 2015 6:00 AMShow and TellPrudie counsels a letter writer who “played doctor” as a kid, but whose fiancée thinks it was abuse.
April 16 2015 6:00 AMBloody RelationsMy father was murdered when I was a child. Then I found out my uncle may have been the killer.
April 14 2015 8:33 AMSleeping on the JobPrudie counsels a woman who wonders if having sex with the boss long ago taints her current success.
April 9 2015 6:00 AMNext!How does a newly divorced man play the field without being a cad?
April 7 2015 8:21 AMLove After DeathPrudie advises a recent widow who found her husband’s diary full of yearning for an old girlfriend.
April 2 2015 6:00 AMA Rough GoI can’t get over my wife’s sordid sexual past.
March 31 2015 9:03 AMClean BreakPrudie advises a woman worried that her brother being the office janitor might hurt her career.
March 26 2015 6:00 AMTo B-Cup or Not to B-CupMy college-bound daughter is ashamed of her small breasts. Should I offer to pay for a boob job?
May 13 2015 3:36 PMRomantic Triangle at WorkThe woman my boyfriend left me for has applied for a job in my department.
May 11 2015 4:15 PMHousehold NamePrudie advises a woman whose mother wants to take her married last name.
May 6 2015 4:00 PMCheating MotherMy mom cheats on my stepdad ... at Words With Friends.
May 5 2015 2:53 PMFrom Bat to WorsePrudie counsels a college student whose bad year has included being bitten by a bat and charged with solicitation.
April 29 2015 4:15 PMRun-at-the-Mouth Dental HygienistThe woman who cleans my teeth won’t stop asking me personal questions.
April 27 2015 3:18 PMMine, All MinePrudie advises a letter writer who wants to cut a brother out of their mother’s will.
April 22 2015 2:14 PMStalker Ex-GirlfriendMy boyfriend’s old flame won’t leave us alone.
April 20 2015 3:03 PMHe Said/She SaidPrudie advises a letter writer not sure how to converse with a male neighbor whenever he dresses as a woman.
April 15 2015 4:11 PMHairy Office DilemmaIs it professionally inappropriate for me not to shave my legs?
April 13 2015 3:09 PMStroke of MidnightPrudie advises a letter writer whose wife not only precludes sex if it gets too late—she takes care of herself instead.
April 8 2015 2:21 PMA Mother’s Secret PastMy mom had a husband before my dad, and never told me.
April 6 2015 3:31 PMA Village of OnePrudie counsels a letter writer committed to raising a deceased friend’s kids despite the challenges.
April 1 2015 3:17 PMFake Food AllergiesPrudie advises a woman whose mother-in-law pretends to be allergic to nearly everything.
March 30 2015 3:11 PMBottled UpPrudie counsels a woman whose sex drive has been killed by breast-feeding. Should she have sex anyway?
March 25 2015 1:27 PMMuch, Much Younger WomanWould it be creepy to date someone half my age?