Dear Prudence
April 23 2014 12:09 PMDear Prudence: Rude Questions About EthnicityWhat do I tell people who don't believe I'm from California?
April 21 2014 3:14 PMBlood Test of LoveIn a live chat, Prudie counsels a woman whose husband won’t feel affection for their child without proof he’s the dad.
April 17 2014 6:00 AMFleece UWe can’t afford our son’s private college tuition. Should we go into debt?
April 15 2014 6:00 AMMan UpIn a live chat, Prudie advises a woman who thinks the bedroom is the one place her husband should take charge.
April 10 2014 6:00 AMNaked FearMy fiancée has never seen me in the buff. What will she think?
April 8 2014 6:00 AMHis Kids, Her BurdenIn a live chat, Prudie counsels a man whose second wife doesn’t love his children.
April 3 2014 6:00 AMFamily SpiesMy mother-in-law found out my baby’s sex against my wishes—and then told everyone.
April 1 2014 6:00 AMTwin SwapIn a live chat, Prudie advises a man whose girlfriend first slept with his brother—but doesn’t know.
March 31 2014 11:00 AMI Went to a Slate Holiday Party and All I Got Were Questions About Nipple Bras From Dear Prudence
March 26 2014 1:30 PMDear Prudence: Kept Woman, or Just a Good Friend?The much older man I’m dating wants to pay for a lavish trip.
March 24 2014 2:35 PMFree Not to Be Child-FreeIn a live chat, Prudie counsels a woman who thinks she might want a baby after all, despite her husband.
March 19 2014 2:01 PMDear Prudence: Mother Who Can’t Tell the TruthMy mother-in-law said she was going to England but stayed in a nearby hotel and bought fake souvenirs.
March 17 2014 3:20 PMPoly, Pregnant, and ProudIn a live chat, Prudie counsels a woman grossed out by her sister’s choice to raise a family with two men.
March 12 2014 12:49 PMDear Prudence: In-Law Facebook FanaticsCan I tell my husband’s family not to put photos of my baby online?
March 10 2014 3:25 PMShoot the MessengerIn a live chat, Prudie counsels a woman whose husband texts his female co-worker all the time.
April 22 2014 6:00 AMInvoluntary ServiceIn a live chat, Prudie advises a woman whose boyfriend’s parents are planning a wedding for them against their will.
April 17 2014 1:51 PM“I’ve Never Told Anyone This Story the Way I’m Telling You”What happened when Dear Prudence reached out to her readers about their stories of family abuse.
April 16 2014 1:00 PMDear Prudence: My Wife Should CheatShe’s out of my league. Am I holding her back?
April 14 2014 2:58 PMThe Un-GiverIn a live chat, Prudie counsels a woman whose boyfriend gave her a tooth for their anniversary.
April 9 2014 1:32 PMDear Prudence: Office Food MoochA co-worker eats all the snacks we bring without ever contributing.
April 7 2014 2:59 PMWeak WillIn a live chat, Prudie offers advice on a wealthy, negligent father’s skimpy bequest.
April 2 2014 1:51 PMDear Prudence: Recycled GirlfriendI want to end my relationship with a woman. Can I start dating her brother?
March 31 2014 3:12 PMThe Ideal HusbandIn a live chat, Prudie counsels a woman debating whether to end her engagement after meeting another man.
March 27 2014 6:00 AMWon’t You Be My LoverMy neighbor is the first decent man I’ve known. But what if he doesn’t want me?
March 25 2014 6:00 AMDie, Philandering LouseIn a live chat, Prudie advises a woman who hopes her cheating ex suffers a painful death.
March 20 2014 6:00 AMNeed to KnowMy ex didn’t reveal she was transgender—until her sister told me.
March 18 2014 6:00 AMColor Me BadIn a live chat, Prudie advises a man whose wife commissioned a gruesome portrait of him.
March 13 2014 6:00 AMForeign AffairMy husband has fallen in love with our 16-year-old exchange student.
March 11 2014 6:00 AMBiggest LoserIn a live chat, Prudie advises a woman whose boyfriend keeps pressing her to shed pounds.
March 6 2014 6:00 AMMoney HoneyMy friends say my boyfriend is a freeloader. How do I get them to back off?