Dear Prudence
Dear Prudence
June 9 2015 9:00 AMMeals on WheelsPrudie counsels a letter writer whose lunch keeps getting stolen at work—by the CEO.
June 4 2015 6:00 AMBig JokeMy fiancé loves to laugh at a website shaming fat people.
June 3 2015 7:50 AMBad BoyPrudie counsels a parent whose teen son has been practicing S&M with his girlfriend.
May 28 2015 6:00 AMA Daughter’s ChoiceMy boyfriend and I have sacrificed our future together to care for our sick mothers.
May 27 2015 7:06 AMMother LoathePrudie counsels a woman whose mother-in-law might hope to replace her.
May 21 2015 11:37 AMThe Time Prudie Got Faked OutShe gets 400 letters a week—and reads them all on her own.
May 20 2015 2:41 PMOffice Toilet Paper DramaMy co-workers blow through bathroom materials and even leave the water running.
May 18 2015 3:47 PMSad Birthday to YouPrudie counsels a letter writer whose girlfriend wants to disinvite a grieving party guest.
May 14 2015 6:00 AMThe Marriage Has Two FacesMy wife flirts with my brothers and trashes my sisters-in-law.
May 12 2015 8:00 AMBetter Left UnsaidPrudie counsels a letter writer who kept a brother’s suicide note secret from their parents.
May 7 2015 8:40 AMWho’s Your Mother?My mom thinks she can do a better job with my baby than I can.
May 6 2015 6:00 AMMy Mommy Lies Over the OceanPrudie advises a recent mother whose work travel would mean leaving her baby for three months.
April 30 2015 6:00 AMMistress of SolitudeI love my husband, but I want to live alone.
April 28 2015 9:09 AMYouth in ReposePrudie advises a woman whose son found nude photos of her as a teenager.
April 23 2015 6:00 AMPredator in the FamilyMy husband had a long affair with his aunt—starting when he was 16.
June 8 2015 3:27 PMGirl TimePrudie offers advice on parents who are forcing their son to be a girl as an experiment.
June 3 2015 6:21 PMMissing Family JewelI lost my boyfriend’s heirloom engagement ring.
June 2 2015 3:01 PMNom de FumePrudie advises a letter writer whose husband is constantly outraged by the misspelling of their last name.
May 27 2015 2:55 PMGroom With Cold FeetMy fiancé wants to put a hold on our wedding planning, but I thought we’re happy.
May 26 2015 3:34 PMStar TreatmentPrudie offers advice on car salesmen pleading for “5-star” reviews.
May 21 2015 6:00 AMThe Inadvertent SpyI can hear everything my boss says about my co-workers.
May 19 2015 8:52 AMHere Come the BridesPrudie advises a woman whose future mother-in-law also wants to wear her wedding dress at the wedding.
May 15 2015 1:48 PMShould I Reconcile With My Terrible Father?Dear Prudence calls in on The Gist to counsel a letter writer. 
May 13 2015 3:36 PMRomantic Triangle at WorkThe woman my boyfriend left me for has applied for a job in my department.
May 11 2015 4:15 PMHousehold NamePrudie advises a woman whose mother wants to take her married last name.
May 6 2015 4:00 PMCheating MotherMy mom cheats on my stepdad ... at Words With Friends.
May 5 2015 2:53 PMFrom Bat to WorsePrudie counsels a college student whose bad year has included being bitten by a bat and charged with solicitation.
April 29 2015 4:15 PMRun-at-the-Mouth Dental HygienistThe woman who cleans my teeth won’t stop asking me personal questions.
April 27 2015 3:18 PMMine, All MinePrudie advises a letter writer who wants to cut a brother out of their mother’s will.
April 22 2015 2:14 PMStalker Ex-GirlfriendMy boyfriend’s old flame won’t leave us alone.