Your Favorite Classes

Readers recommend religion, logic, psychology, and dirt.

Sept. 3 2015 9:30 AMMaybe LaterYou don’t have to go to college right away.
Sept. 3 2015 8:30 AMMaking the Invisible VisibleIf you think nobody needs a women’s and gender studies class, you need a women’s and gender studies class.
Sept. 2 2015 10:02 AMAll the Wisdom of the AgesMemorizing poems sucks at the time, but it will make your life richer.
Sept. 2 2015 8:06 AMLifesaverFirst aid is the most important class you could ever take.
Sept. 1 2015 9:35 AMTake a Good LookFine art has never been more democratic or accessible than today.
Sept. 1 2015 8:37 AMWhere in the World?Why everyone should take a geography class, especially now.
Aug. 31 2015 5:02 AMWhat Classes Should I Take?These are the most useful, practical, life-altering, and enriching courses in an ideal catalog.
Aug. 31 2015 5:01 AMBad ActorCollege is a great time to practice feeling incompetent.
Aug. 31 2015 5:00 AMCan You Believe It?This news media literacy class would teach people how to sort the true from the false.
Sept. 3 2015 9:00 AMYou’re Not Actually Bad at MathA new way to think about how to reason.
Sept. 3 2015 5:54 AMYour World, RockedA good introduction to geology course is actually a course in time.
Sept. 2 2015 8:47 AMSpeak UpA public speaking class can help you land a job or deliver a punch line.
Sept. 1 2015 9:56 AMThe Limits of LanguageWittgenstein explains why we always misunderstand one another on the Internet.
Sept. 1 2015 9:12 AMPass/Fail Earns an A-PlusHigh schools should offer one of the greatest perks of college.
Sept. 1 2015 8:04 AMThe Shocking History of My People and My StateI didn’t think racism was much of a problem until I took ethnic studies.
Aug. 31 2015 5:01 AMWhat Are the Odds?To learn to think critically, take a statistics class.
Aug. 31 2015 5:00 AMThe Biggest DonationStudying anatomy taught me that the human body is not magical; it’s beautifully mechanical.
Aug. 31 2015 4:59 AMThe Secret Technique for Learning How to CodeStep 1: Don’t be intimidated.