A Fine Whine
A Fine Whine

The Recline and Fall of Western Civilization

Tilting your seat back on an airplane is pure evil. But so is installing seats that recline in the first place.

Nov. 24 2015 5:45 PMTake a One-Way Trip From Tatty to NattyIn defense of looking nice for your flight or train ride.
July 18 2013 5:16 PMWhy BMW Drivers Are Jerks to CyclistsI have four theories.
July 3 2013 5:45 AMDon’t Say GoodbyeJust ghost.
Nov. 1 2012 7:07 AMNot Right in the HeadListen up, cyclists: Riding with headphones is incredibly dumb.
July 12 2012 2:09 PMStarry BlightHow a bunch of peasants in Mesopotamia ruined the night sky.
April 20 2012 1:32 PMLet’s Do LunchIt’s time for America to embrace the long, leisurely lunch break.
Oct. 26 2011 5:24 AMFoodie Death SentenceThere's no way I'm waiting two hours to eat at a trendy restaurant.
July 1 2011 11:39 AMFireworks SuckThey really do.
March 9 2011 7:20 AMI Don't Need a HugHonestly, get your hands off me.
April 12 2010 6:53 PMWhat's the Matter With Virginia?Political backsliding in the Old Dominion.
July 28 2009 1:03 PMVampires SuckActually, they don't. And that's the problem.
Nov. 25 2008 4:17 PMThanksgiving? No Thanks!Why food writers secretly hate the November feast.
Feb. 4 2008 3:28 PMConfessions of a Young Hillary SupporterOr, how I became the loneliest man on campus.
Dec. 29 2006 7:13 AMI'm a Lousy MomMy daughter's lice were bad enough. But then I got the little buggers …
April 26 2006 12:04 PMKeep Your RosesI hate Admin Day.
Aug. 19 2013 5:45 AMI’m From America. Stop Complaining, South America.In defense of Americans calling the U.S. “America.”
July 3 2013 2:13 PMYour Flip-Flops Are Grossing Me OutThey’re unsightly, unhygienic, and unfit for public display.
May 9 2013 5:45 AMNo, I Do Not Want to Pet Your DogThey’re lounging in our offices and licking us at our cafés. It’s time to take America back.
Oct. 25 2012 3:37 AMThe Tyranny of the IronWhy we should all wear wrinkled clothes.
April 24 2012 2:09 PMI’d Rather Eat at My DeskWhy lunch breaks are totally overrated.
Jan. 25 2012 6:26 PMThe Pajama ManifestoWear them to work. Wear them to the store. Wear them everywhere.
Aug. 26 2011 6:55 AMLetters to the Summer TenantsThe lament of a self-martyred landlord.
April 25 2011 4:45 PMBoycott the Royal WeddingAmericans are supposed to hate monarchs, not worship them.
March 2 2011 10:41 AM"We Listen to NPR Precisely To Avoid This Sort of Stupidity"The tedious, annoying complaints of public radio listeners.
Dec. 1 2009 12:15 PMBoxed InGiving someone a TV series on DVD is like giving them a life sentence.
July 1 2009 8:01 PMFireworks SuckThey really do.
Oct. 21 2008 2:26 PMHappy Birthday, You BastardUnder no circumstances will I be attending your stupid birthday dinner.
March 15 2007 12:48 PMScrap the Greenback!It's time to get rid of the dollar bill.
Dec. 20 2006 12:33 PMMe and My Big Wimpy HobbyI make Christmas wreaths for the ladies in my life. You got a problem with that?
Dec. 29 2005 4:15 PMBitter BrewI opened a charming neighborhood coffee shop. Then it destroyed my life.