Nov. 25 2014 8:30 AMGay Soccer Player Robbie Rogers on Coming Out and Handling Homophobia in the Locker Room
Nov. 24 2014 3:43 PMShocked? Shocked!How to cause a scandal in a transgressive age.
Lexicon Valley
Nov. 24 2014 2:30 PMSounding Gay, Punk, or Jock: What Language Says About Your Social Group
Nov. 24 2014 11:15 AMIn Praise of the Small ThanksgivingI used to wish for more guests at my holiday dinner. Now I know better.
The Shortcut
Nov. 24 2014 9:00 AMThe End of WrinklesThe simplest methods for fixing rumpled clothes, no iron required.
Inside Higher Ed
Nov. 21 2014 3:16 PMColleges and CosbyUniversities patronized by Bill Cosby wrestle with whether to distance themselves from the actor.
Nov. 21 2014 1:52 PMIs Foxcatcher Homophobic? Not Exactly, but Its Gay Subtext Is Troubling.
Atlas Obscura
Nov. 21 2014 12:33 PMThis Spanish Civil War Town Has Been Kept in a Ruined State
The Eye
Nov. 21 2014 11:41 AMWill Paris’ First Skyscraper in 40 Years Be a Giant Triangle?
Nov. 20 2014 5:37 PMWhat Does Intersex Mean? Is It the Same as Trans?
Atlas Obscura
Nov. 20 2014 12:49 PMThe Remains of a Columbus Controversy That Just Won’t Die
Nov. 20 2014 12:30 PMEnvy, Disrespect, Thankfulness, ResentmentWhat’s behind my not-so-secret “secret disdain” for stay-at-home parents.
Behind the Scenes
Nov. 20 2014 11:08 AM“Food’s a Great Lens, but It’s Not the Actual Topic We Need to Address”Tracie McMillan on the story behind her piece “Can Whole Foods Change the Way Poor People Eat?”
Nov. 19 2014 11:45 PMQuit Picking on Old ProfessorsBullying boomers into retirement won’t help the sad state of higher education in this country.
Gentleman Scholar
Nov. 19 2014 5:36 PMHow Should a Gentleman Wear His Sideburns?Plus, advice on dating and International Men’s Day.
Nov. 24 2014 3:57 PM“I’m Not Gay No More” Star Now Has an Album
Nov. 24 2014 2:47 PMEveryone—Not Just Queers—Should Read Stone Butch Blues
Atlas Obscura
Nov. 24 2014 1:18 PMGraffiti, Grandma Style: The Painted Village of Zalipie
The Eye
Nov. 24 2014 11:14 AMIkea Jumps on Retro Furniture Trend by Reissuing Its Own Designs
Nov. 23 2014 7:07 AMWhat’s It Like to Act in Both TV Shows and Movies?
Nov. 21 2014 2:30 PMHow Much Does Drag Cost? A Lot More Than You Might Think. 
Slate Picks
Nov. 21 2014 1:38 PMWhat Happened at Slate This Week?See if you can keep pace with the copy desk, Slate’s most comprehensive reading team.
The Vault
Nov. 21 2014 12:30 PMPeep Inside a Newspaper's Bustling Headquarters, Circa 1922
The Vault
Nov. 21 2014 9:48 AMDelicately Hand-Tinted Postcards Show How Early 20th-Century Tourists Viewed Japan 
Lexicon Valley
Nov. 20 2014 2:54 PMSorry Not Sorry: The Many Names for Non-Apologies
Nov. 20 2014 12:34 PMShould Serial Replace Shakespeare in English Class?
The Eye
Nov. 20 2014 12:10 PMWhat Would a Redesigned U.S. Dollar Look Like?
Dear Prudence
Nov. 20 2014 6:00 AMNude BluesMy wife is always naked—and now she’s turning our children into nudists, too.
Nov. 19 2014 11:30 PMCan Whole Foods Change the Way Poor People Eat?Challenging elitism, racism, and obesity with a grocery store may sound crazy. Here’s what happened when Whole Foods tried to do it in Detroit.
Dear Prudence
Nov. 19 2014 4:08 PMDear Prudence Live ChatFor Nov. 24, 2014.