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What's Up, Doc?

Crib Notes

Is sharing a bed with your baby a good idea?

Jan. 16 2009 11:41 AMThe State of the STDThe CDC's updated stats on sexually transmitted diseases.
Nov. 26 2008 12:19 PMNothing To Sneeze AtWeekly allergy shots might be history.
Oct. 31 2008 7:10 AMThe Good News and Bad News About MSA miracle drug carries some serious risks.
Oct. 2 2008 6:57 AMBurnout UDepression and suicidal thoughts in medical students.
Sept. 4 2008 4:27 PMA Kissing GeneA new study on how genes affect how couples bond.
July 23 2008 1:37 PMHappier SexDoes Viagra help women who take antidepressants?
Dec. 17 2008 12:21 PMBreathing TroubleThe FDA's new restrictions on some asthma medications.
Nov. 19 2008 7:05 AMShots All Around!The case for immunizing everyone against the flu.
Oct. 15 2008 1:13 PMProzac on the PlaygroundThe dangers of off-label use of psychiatric medications in children.
Sept. 17 2008 11:42 AMWhen Healing HurtsPost-traumatic stress disorder in ICU survivors.
Aug. 21 2008 5:01 PMCancer-Free GirlsWhy don't moms give their daughters the HPV vaccine?
July 22 2008 12:22 PMSick BorrowingDo IMF loans lead to higher rates of tuberculosis?