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The Royal Road to Romney

Republicans always nominate the runner-up from four years ago. Is Mitt next?

July 27 2011 5:16 PMWhy Congress Deserves an "A"Don't blame Congress for not passing laws. It's designed that way.
Jan. 24 2011 6:48 PMPartisanship Is the New RacismDemocrats and Republicans may sit together for Obama's speech, but partisanship won't budge.
Dec. 22 2010 5:13 PMWalking Santa, Talking ChristWhy do Americans claim to be more religious than they are?
Dec. 2 2010 12:32 PMSmart Republicans, Stupid DemocratsIf Democrats are the big spenders, why do Republican states get the money?
Oct. 25 2010 1:27 PMWe Are All Juan WilliamsAssociating minorities with crime is irrational, unjust, and completely normal.
Oct. 14 2010 2:01 PMRick Sanchez's Prejudices—and MineFinding your inner bigot.
Sept. 27 2010 10:13 AMSenile McCain, Extremist ObamaHow political operatives get us to believe the worst about their opponents.
March 1 2011 7:04 AMPsych-Out SexismThe innocent, unconscious bias that discourages girls from math and science.
Jan. 18 2011 12:03 PMThe National Brain-Damage LeagueThe epidemic of head injuries in football is even worse than you thought.
Dec. 7 2010 7:18 PMNo, You Can'tOur ever-reasonable president needs a bit more spite.
Nov. 12 2010 3:04 PMParents Are JunkiesIf parenthood sucks, why do we love it? Because we're addicted.
Oct. 20 2010 1:31 PMThrow the Bums InAmericans distrust the GOP. So why are they voting for it?
Oct. 6 2010 7:03 AMWhat Would Scooby Doo?What marriage counseling can teach liberals and conservatives.
Sept. 15 2010 10:07 AMIs Obama the Antichrist?Why we believe propaganda.