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The Green Lantern

You Charged Me All Night Long

Is it a sin to leave your cell phone plugged in overnight?

March 15 2012 2:00 PMKeep On PluggingShould you run your laptop off battery power or use a charger?
Feb. 28 2012 6:35 AMWar on the WorldHow does warfare affect the environment?
Oct. 18 2011 7:23 AMGreen ScreenIs it better for the environment to watch TV via satellite, cable, or the Internet?
Aug. 9 2011 10:13 AMTwo Wheels vs. FourHow far do I have to ride my bike to pay back its carbon footprint?
June 14 2011 7:08 AMThe Green Lantern on Green LanternIs it more eco-friendly to see movies in a theater or on DVD?
May 3 2011 10:13 AMGlobal Cooling
April 19 2011 7:05 AMHow Green Is My Wintergreen?Assessing the environmental impact of chewing gum.
April 5 2011 6:59 AMThe Elephant in the RoomHow can you tell if a zoo takes good care of its animals?
March 16 2011 12:19 PMWear Green, Drink GreenlyThe eco-guide to responsible drinking.
March 8 2011 6:59 AMEthanol, Nitrogen, MTBE, LeadAre gasoline additives getting any better for the environment?
March 1 2011 7:03 AMDisoriented in the Dairy AisleShould I buy milk in glass, plastic, or cardboard containers?
Feb. 8 2011 6:51 AMHe Loves Earth, He Loves Earth NotAre fake flowers better for the planet than fresh ones?
Jan. 18 2011 11:04 AMReproduce, Recycle, ReuseAre secondhand car seats safe? And other eco-riddles for expecting parents.
Jan. 4 2011 6:57 AMWill The Gulf Ever Be Oil-Free?No. But bacteria ate most of BP's spilled oil months ago.
Dec. 21 2010 10:44 AMPass on GrassIs grass-fed beef better for the environment?
March 13 2012 6:30 AMVote GreenWhat’s the most environmental friendly way to cast your ballot?
Nov. 15 2011 11:12 AMGood for You, Good for the Planet?Is healthy food always better for the environment?
Sept. 6 2011 6:55 AMGreen Your Notes!Is taking notes on a notepad or an iPad more environmentally responsible?
July 12 2011 11:04 AMObama's Environmental Report CardIs America greener than it was four years ago?
May 23 2011 12:32 PMAre Tornadoes Environmental Disasters?Not compared to hurricanes.
May 3 2011 10:03 AMGlobal CoolingIs central air conditioning more efficient than window units?
April 12 2011 5:11 AMHigh on EnvironmentalismCan hemp clothing save the planet?
March 22 2011 7:11 AMVinho VerdeIs organic wine really better for the environment?
March 15 2011 6:55 AMSo Many Species, So Little MoneyWhich endangered species should I save?
March 7 2011 1:50 PMStyrofoam-ing at the MouthWhy Republicans' polystyrene cups trump reusable mugs. 
Feb. 15 2011 7:06 AMGo West, Garbage Can!Are we running out of room for our garbage?
Feb. 1 2011 7:01 AMThe Best Investment Under the Sun?Should I get a solar water heater? Or solar electric panels?
Jan. 11 2011 6:58 AMA Glass of Seawater. Hold the Salt. How eco-friendly is desalination?
Dec. 28 2010 12:09 PMTrimming Your Carbon FootprintWhat's the greenest way to shave?
Dec. 14 2010 7:12 AMChina vs. IndiaWho's the Greener Emerging Power?