The Green Lantern
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The Green Lantern
Aug. 13 2009 9:39 AMNature's Air ConditionerDoes it really save gas to roll down your windows instead of flipping on the AC?
Aug. 4 2009 7:08 PMCarbon for ClunkersHow much will the popular trade-in program really do for the environment?
July 21 2009 9:31 AMLet the Baby Have His Bottle?Evaluating the dangers of bisphenol A.
July 7 2009 9:32 AMThe Painter's DilemmaIs it worth it to wash out my paintbrushes?
June 16 2009 10:30 AMHow To Buy the Greenest BeansShould I get dry bags or the canned kind?
June 2 2009 6:57 AMDo Carwashes Hose the Planet?The environmental impacts of cleaning your wheels.
May 19 2009 11:59 AMMay Cause Earth DecayIs regular sugar greener than high-fructose corn syrup?
May 5 2009 6:43 AMTo Sleep, Perchance More GreenHow to be eco-friendly when buying a new mattress.
April 21 2009 6:51 AMSpring Cleaning Your Supply ClosetShould I use up old cleaners or replace them right away?
April 7 2009 6:38 AMEnergy and ElevatorsWhen people take the elevator, does Earth get the shaft?
March 24 2009 7:05 AMAre Microwave Ovens Good for the Environment?Nuking your food to save the planet.
March 10 2009 10:05 AMDo Green Kitchen Cleaners Work?Getting rid of infectious bacteria without using too many toxic chemicals.
Feb. 24 2009 10:38 AMGreen Lipstick?Making sense of natural bath-and-beauty products.
Feb. 10 2009 7:01 AMIs the Cryosphere Crying Wolf?What Arctic sea-ice levels can tell us about global warming.
Jan. 27 2009 7:00 AMGreen Screens What's the most environmentally friendly television?
Aug. 18 2009 11:54 AMReefer SadnessHow destructive is snorkeling or diving at a coral reef?
July 28 2009 9:22 AMTake Only Photographs, Leave Only CatholesHow to green your camping trip.
July 14 2009 9:28 AMGreen Herring?Picking out sustainable seafood.
June 23 2009 10:53 AMHow Do I Make My Aquarium Eco-Friendly?Keep it small and track your fish.
June 9 2009 10:26 AMSomething Old, Something New, Something Green To Cook In, TooRegistering for eco-friendly pots and pans.
May 26 2009 9:54 AMStaying Green in the SunIs my sunscreen bad for the environment?
May 12 2009 11:31 AMBreaking Down Is Hard To DoHow biodegradable are biodegradable plastics?
April 28 2009 6:54 AMThe Kindest CutWhich meat harms our planet the least?
April 14 2009 6:46 AMHow Green Are Greenbacks? The environmental impact of cash and credit.
March 30 2009 3:46 PMA Pressing IssueWhat's the greenest way to keep my clothes looking sharp?
March 17 2009 6:48 AMDirty ButtsCan cigarette smoking ever be green?
March 3 2009 6:51 AMTree-HumperWhat's the greenest form of birth control?
Feb. 17 2009 12:01 PMThe Green HereafterHow to leave an environmentally friendly corpse.
Feb. 3 2009 6:39 AMClean Jar, Clean Conscience?The environmental pros and cons of washing out your recyclables.
Jan. 13 2009 10:45 AMThink Globally, Ask LocallyThe Green Lantern's advice may not work for everyone.