The Green Lantern
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The Green Lantern
March 9 2010 7:23 AMDirty LaundryShould I give up dry cleaning?
Feb. 23 2010 9:36 AMThe Trouble With KibblesThe environmental impact of pet food.
Feb. 9 2010 7:57 AMSea TrashShould we bother cleaning up the Great Pacific Garbage Patch?
Jan. 26 2010 9:33 AMHaiti's Environmental AftermathWhat the Jan. 12 earthquake means for the country's ecosystem.
Jan. 12 2010 9:29 AMGlasses vs. Contact LensesAn ophthalmic guide to saving the planet.
Dec. 29 2009 7:13 AMPulling the Plug How to dispose of old electronics in a responsible way.
Dec. 15 2009 9:29 AMSoft Cheese for a Clean PlanetA foodie's guide to planet-friendly fromage. 
Dec. 1 2009 12:05 PMShould You Flush Your Drugs Down the Toilet?           The greenest way to get rid of old prescription meds.
Nov. 20 2009 11:23 AMTrains vs. Planes vs. AutomobilesWhat's the greenest way to get home for Thanksgiving?
Nov. 10 2009 9:54 AMSustainable SaladsWhich fruits, vegetables, and other crops have the smallest environmental footprints?
Oct. 27 2009 10:27 AMBathing Hot, Hot, HotHow bad should I feel about taking hot showers?
Oct. 6 2009 9:42 AMWorld MusicIs it better for the planet to listen to CDs, records, or MP3s?
Sept. 22 2009 9:31 AMDrink ResponsiblyWhich is better for the planet, beer or wine?
Sept. 8 2009 3:37 PMI Will Be Good to the Planet. I Will Be Good to the Planet. I Will Be Good to the Planet.Are blackboards more environmentally friendly than whiteboards?
Aug. 25 2009 9:34 AMThe Green Lantern Goes to the BathroomHow to do your business green.
March 2 2010 10:30 AMWhatever Happened to the Whales?Did we save them?
Feb. 16 2010 7:13 AMSalting the EarthDoes road salt harm the environment?
Feb. 2 2010 10:23 AMCleanliness and GodlinessAre kosher and halal meats better for your health or for the planet than regular meat?
Jan. 19 2010 9:43 AM"Wait, Does This Go in the Recycling Bin?"What to do when you forget the rules.
Jan. 5 2010 9:39 AMA Hairy SituationShould I choose fake fur over real fur?
Dec. 22 2009 9:31 AMHearth BurnThe greenest way to make a holiday fire.
Dec. 8 2009 9:33 AMWhat Ever Happened to the Exxon Valdez Spill?Have we cleaned up Alaska yet?
Nov. 24 2009 7:05 AMThe Greenest BirdWhich kind of turkey is best for the environment?
Nov. 17 2009 7:09 AMDirty RocketsWhat's the environmental impact of going into space?
Nov. 3 2009 7:11 AMWhat Ever Happened to the Amazon Rain Forest?Did we save it or what?
Oct. 20 2009 9:33 AMHow Green Is Tofu?You'd be surprised to know.
Sept. 29 2009 11:46 AMWhat Ever Happened to the Ozone Layer?Is there still a hole in it?
Sept. 15 2009 9:25 AMThe Eco-Perils of Cheap DecorIs fake-wood furniture bad for the environment?
Sept. 1 2009 10:10 AMA Supposedly Green Thing I Might Do AgainHow bad for the environment are cruise ships?
Aug. 18 2009 11:11 AMWhatever Happened to Acid Rain?Did we fix it?