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Don’t Hold Your Breath

Why science won’t save us from old age anytime soon.

May 29 2013 11:25 AMThe War on SleepThere’s a military arms race to build soldiers who fight without fatigue.
May 23 2013 10:54 AMDating SupermanThe ultimate superpower would let you find, woo, and mate with the perfect person.
May 13 2013 7:45 AMManimal RightsHow far should science go in making human-animal chimeras?
May 6 2013 1:35 PMYou Are Already EnhancedEveryday technologies give us superpowers that would make our ancestors wonder if we’re entirely human.
April 1 2013 2:30 PMSpark of GeniusA new technology promises to supercharge your brain with electricity. Is it too good to be true?
March 25 2013 5:30 AMThe Myth of the SuperbabyCan China really breed a crop of genetically selected geniuses?
March 14 2013 8:22 AMChoose Your Own Sixth SenseDIY superpowers for the cyborg on a budget.
March 7 2013 8:16 AMThe Memex in Your PocketHow technology is expanding our minds.
March 12 2003 3:21 PMThe Ethics of EnhancementWe can make ourselves stronger, faster, smarter. Should we?
March 10 2003 2:46 PMHearing AidIs there a better ear?
March 6 2003 2:28 PMThe Zero-Minute WorkoutCheat your way to a great body!
March 5 2003 6:41 PMI Spy With My Eagle EyeThe quest for super-vision.
May 28 2013 12:11 PMWhat Are Extreme Runners Thinking?The addicts, obsessives, pain seekers, and euphoria nuts who choose to race 100 miles.
May 16 2013 12:03 PMHow to Superpower the Immune SystemNew strategies for fighting disease in newborns, the elderly, and cancer patients.
May 9 2013 7:30 AMIs Human Enhancement Cheating?The answer will affect sports, schools, and the battlefield of the future.
May 3 2013 5:30 AMSuperhero or Supervillain?If science gives people superpowers, will they use them for good or evil?
March 27 2013 3:07 PMThe New Stimulus PackageOverachievers are popping Adderall to get ahead. Is that a good idea?
March 21 2013 5:30 AMSteel YourselfCould a robotic exoskeleton turn you into a real-life Iron Man?
March 11 2013 12:05 PMMind Plus MachineBrain-computer interfaces let you move things with a thought.
March 4 2013 5:30 AMThe Age of EnhancementTechnology is starting to give us superpowers once reserved for comic-book heroes.
March 11 2003 3:32 PMTotal Recall The future of memory.
March 7 2003 5:08 PMWake Up, Little SusieCan we sleep less?
March 5 2003 6:41 PMBuilding a Better YouHow you'll become stronger, faster, smarter.