Two Lives
Two Lives

What Saved Your Life?

Slate readers shared fascinating, heartwarming stories. Here are 50 fun ones.

Sept. 12 2013 5:41 AMJust How Long Can People Live?It’s one of the juiciest debates in science.
Sept. 11 2013 5:10 AMFourteen Oddball Reasons You’re Not Dead YetA selection of underappreciated people, innovations, and ideas that save lives.
Sept. 9 2013 5:45 AMLong Lives Made Humans HumanOld people were invented in the Paleolithic Age and perfected in the 20th century.
Sept. 5 2013 5:18 AMWhy Are You Not Dead Yet?Life expectancy doubled in the past 150 years. Here’s why.
Sept. 11 2013 8:06 AMThe Best Critique of Alternative Medicine EverIt’s an animated video. And it’s hilarious.
Sept. 10 2013 5:15 AMThe Disturbing, Shameful History of Childbirth DeathsIf you are pregnant, do not read this story.
Sept. 5 2013 7:08 AMHow Would You Have Died in 1811?Play our Wretched Fate game and risk dropsy, quinsy, consumption, and worms.