The Generic City

Boring landscapes impede on our biological need for intrigue. So why are so many buildings so hideous?

Nov. 25 2015 2:00 PMEnjoy a Delicious Dinosaur on ThanksgivingWhat, beside humans, ate dinosaurs? Sharks!
Nov. 20 2015 10:23 AMDon’t Fear the Frankenfish The FDA approved a genetically engineered animal for human consumption. The campaign against it is based on fear, not facts.
Nov. 18 2015 12:05 PMHow Floods Shaped CivilizationHumans adapted to climate in the past, and we have to do so again.
Nov. 17 2015 9:30 AMHow Spit Heals WoundsNext time you wake up in a puddle of drool, don’t be repulsed, be thankful.
Nov. 10 2015 10:21 AMDon’t Order the GrouperA submarine trip to the scariest thing off the coast of Florida.
Nov. 6 2015 11:08 AMAre Religious Children More Selfish?A six-continent study of the foundations of generosity.
Nov. 3 2015 3:54 PMWhy We Can Be Hopeful About Climate ChangeThis should be the year we turn to preparing for the future.
Nov. 2 2015 2:22 PMThe Psychology of StatisticsIn the coin flip paradox, you have to know what the coin flipper is thinking. 
Oct. 26 2015 12:28 PM“Hot Hands” in Basketball Are RealExperts have been arguing about these statistics for decades; now we know why.
Oct. 16 2015 1:01 PMYour Vestigial Muscles Try to Pivot Your Ears Like a Cat’sWe are a glorious mish-mash of evolutionary history.
Oct. 1 2015 4:01 PMThanks to the Land and Water Conservation Fund for These ParksAfter more than 50 years of protecting land for the public, this successful program was allowed to die.
Sept. 28 2015 6:14 PMDoubt Denies DenialThe Associated Press’ new style guideline mischaracterizes people who reject climate science.
Sept. 23 2015 7:28 AMOur Neurodiverse WorldAutism is a valuable part of humanity’s genetic legacy.
Sept. 21 2015 5:56 AMYoung DaredevilsChildren are just as willing as teenagers to take risks.
Sept. 15 2015 3:06 PMSlate Voice: “The Case Against the Case Against Air Conditioning”Listen to Daniel Engber read about the moral justification for using air conditioning and why it isn’t bad for you or even (relatively) for the planet.
Nov. 25 2015 12:26 PMRemember the Oceans!The most important consequence of the Paris climate talks will be the fate of the oceans.
Nov. 19 2015 8:00 AMEvolution Is Finally Winning Out Over CreationismA majority of young people endorse the scientific explanation of how humans evolved.
Nov. 17 2015 5:36 PMThe Mathematical Case for HypocrisyIt may be a bad trait, but it’s sometimes unavoidable.
Nov. 11 2015 12:38 PMIs the Death Rate Really Increasing for Middle-Aged White Americans?I ran the numbers, and the story isn’t as simple as it seems.
Nov. 6 2015 11:24 AMWhat Happened at Slate This Week?Rachel E. Gross rounds up a very direct, matter-of-fact week.
Nov. 5 2015 4:33 PMToo Hot for Sex?Climate change is bad, but probably not that bad.
Nov. 2 2015 4:23 PMReligious Rants in the ClassroomStudents in public school say Christianity is being forced on them.
Oct. 29 2015 2:19 PMScary PoliticsAmericans are scared about a lot of things—especially the government itself.
Oct. 22 2015 10:14 AMDo Science and Religion Conflict?Not according to highly religious people.
Oct. 6 2015 5:30 AMAn Honest Biography of Sally RideRide’s partner wrote a children’s book that I wish I’d read as a kid.
Sept. 30 2015 3:39 PM“There Is Just No Program Like the LWCF”Congress is letting a 51-year-old, incredibly successful parks program disappear.
Sept. 25 2015 1:34 PMA Rationalist’s IrrationalityWhy is Richard Dawkins such a jerk?
Sept. 21 2015 4:17 PMBishop of Rome, Vicar of Jesus Christ, Protector of the Planet?Pope Francis comes to the United States to preach for action on climate change.
Sept. 17 2015 2:39 PMCoffee TimeHow caffeine shifts our circadian clocks.
Sept. 15 2015 1:07 PMThe Great Quake and the Great DrowningIndigenous people’s terrifying tsunami stories are a history and a warning.