Like It Never Even Happened

A self-help guru who killed three in his sweat lodge says the experience has helped him “find himself.” His rhetoric shows he has yet to move beyond the problematic structure of his ideology.

Dec. 1 2016 8:15 AMDoes Fighting Racism Make Racists More Racist?What research on the psychology of stereotype backlash can teach us about how to combat discrimination.
Nov. 22 2016 11:14 AMOverly Cautious and UnscientificFrom GMOs to pesticides, Europe’s precautionary warnings aren’t based on science.
Nov. 18 2016 7:05 AMPresident Trump Might Be Exactly What the Climate Movement NeedsHe’ll give them something concrete to fight.
Nov. 16 2016 12:30 PMTrump Can’t Abolish the EPABut he can do plenty of damage. Here’s how environmentalists must collaborate with and stand up to the president-elect.
Nov. 9 2016 5:51 PMAll Is Not Lost on Climate ChangeTrump will be terrible, but it’s not just about Trump. It’s about you, too.
Nov. 8 2016 10:29 AMVoting Is Just the First Step Toward Stopping Another TrumpCivic duty doesn’t end at the polls.
Nov. 3 2016 3:54 PMHow Much Is This Land Worth?Standing Rock shows the limits of environmental economics.
Oct. 28 2016 5:52 AMAn Election Season Reminder That Voting Is Mathematically FlawedThere is no fair way of assessing a populations’ preferences when there are more than two candidates.
Oct. 20 2016 11:03 AMEnvironmentalists’ Disdain for Washington’s Carbon TaxThe first such law in the nation is being hampered by idealists. Instead, they should band together and make history.
Oct. 14 2016 1:09 PMNothing Says Team Spirit Like a Caged TigerLouisiana State University’s beloved mascot, Mike the Tiger VI, just died. This time, they shouldn’t replace him.
Oct. 10 2016 11:02 AMBeyond the Insect “Yuck” FactorMaybe the real reason we don’t eat them is because they’re not convenient.
Oct. 10 2016 5:55 AMWhy Do We Keep Planting Stinky Ginkgos?They may smell bad, but they do just fine in urban environments.
Oct. 3 2016 2:46 PMWe Don’t Know Whether Roller Coasters Cure Kidney StonesBut we do tend to accept even the smallest, most preliminary studies as fact. We should stop.  
Oct. 3 2016 9:10 AMI Went to the Woods Because I Wished to Live … Like a Badger?Time spent acting as an animal taught me how to better make use of my senses. You can do it, too.
Sept. 30 2016 9:33 AMWill Raccoons Trump Rats as the Ultimate Urban Mammal?They’re expanding into suburban and urban landscapes, and excelling, thanks to our help.
Nov. 22 2016 6:02 PMStop Saying the Election Was RiggedTrump’s win was always an option, and the theories suggesting otherwise aren’t based on facts.
Nov. 18 2016 4:27 PMDonald Trump Will Be the Only World Leader to Deny Climate Change Is RealGood job, America.
Nov. 17 2016 11:52 AMStop Unfollowing Trump SupportersFacebook enables our tendency to shun conflict. Don’t give in.
Nov. 14 2016 1:56 PMThe Kids Suing the Government Over Climate Change Are Our Best Hope NowLuckily, they just cleared a major bar.
Nov. 9 2016 2:43 AMHere’s What President Trump Will Mean for the PlanetHe doesn’t acknowledge climate change, would pull out of Paris, and thinks coal is a good way to create jobs.
Nov. 4 2016 11:34 AMThe Real Problem With Power Posing Isn’t the DataIt’s the idea that increasing testosterone is the way to power.
Nov. 3 2016 1:34 PMThe Dakota Pipeline Protests Should Think BigYes, opposing the pipeline is important. But the protesters should turn the momentum into something larger.
Oct. 21 2016 3:10 PM“Climate Change Did It!” Is a Convenient ExcuseYes, climate change will exacerbate disasters, but the underlying problems are still worth addressing.
Oct. 17 2016 7:02 AMSpend the Summer as a Science Writer for SlateThe AAAS Mass Media Fellowship exposed me to the world of science communication. You could be next.
Oct. 14 2016 10:08 AMCelebrate Hamilton Day, a Better Mathematical HolidayPi Day may be fun, but this October holiday celebrates mathematics as a human endeavor.
Oct. 10 2016 9:31 AMPink October’s PredecessorBefore there was breast cancer awareness, there was tuberculosis advocacy. It was a lot more effective.
Oct. 5 2016 5:58 PMNo, the Bee-Pocalypse Isn’t Here YetYes, seven species of bee were just added to the endangered species list. But they’re all in Hawaii, and none of them are honeybees.
Oct. 3 2016 1:49 PMWhy Does the Replication Crisis Seem Worse in Psychology?The same problems are facing other fields, too. Here’s why you hear about it most in psychology.
Sept. 30 2016 6:04 PMBlame BP for Deepwater Horizon. But Direct Your Outrage to the Actual Mistake.It was years of cutting corners, not one careless mistake, that caused the explosion.
Sept. 27 2016 11:30 AMMontreal Shouldn’t Ban Pit BullsThe evidence for such laws is lacking, yet Canada is still trying to implement outrageous regulations against this breed.