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The Real Meaning of Koko’s Purported Nipple Fetish

Obituaries for the ape are missing the most important things about her.

June 21 2018 3:11 PMWhy Does Half of the World’s Used Plastic End Up in China?To be reused.
June 16 2018 9:00 AMWhy a Woman Is Suing NASA to Keep a Vial of “Moon Dust”She says she got the vial from Neil Armstrong when she was 10.
June 13 2018 12:38 PMPruitt Would Like Us to Ignore the Indirect Benefits of Environmental RegulationsIf these “co-benefits” aren’t accounted for, it’s much easier to make an economic case against regulation.
June 8 2018 3:28 PMGod’s EPA AdministratorDid the politics and history of evangelical Christianity create Scott Pruitt?
May 29 2018 5:50 AMWhat Politics and Religion Could Learn From ScienceReturning to a science conference after a few years of covering politics was jarring and instructive.
May 18 2018 3:36 PMWe’re Only Beginning to Truly Understand Laurel vs. YannyHere’s what we know so far, how explanations of the phenomenon have fallen short, and how you can help us understand what’s really going on.
May 14 2018 3:06 PMA $50,000-a-Night Underwater Hotel Room in the Maldives Shows How Oblivious We Are to Climate ChangeThe new hotel has no reported social mission.
May 11 2018 1:02 PMWe Really Can Blame Climate Change for Harvey. At Least That’ll Make Climate Litigation Easier.The science of attribution has been working to connect the dots between climate change and extreme weather.
May 9 2018 10:00 AMWe Might Be Able to Grow Human Organs Inside of Animals. Should We?There’s a major organ shortage in our country. If we already eat animals, is it ethical to use them this way?
May 7 2018 11:33 AMVolcanic Activity Forcing Hundreds from Homes in Hawaii Shows No Signs of Ending
May 3 2018 6:58 PMWhy Has It Taken This Long to Figure Out What’s Wrong with Our Lettuce?America’s food supply chain is really convoluted.
April 19 2018 1:36 PMThe Strange History of Bicycle DayHow April 19 became a blissed-out tribute to both two-wheeled transport and medicinal chemistry.
April 16 2018 10:20 AMNASA Launches Its New Exoplanet HunterYes, it’s looking for aliens.
April 10 2018 4:50 PMDid a Lack of Local News Cause Trump’s Election? It’s Hard to Say.A new analysis from Politico has shown a correlation that many suspected. But the direction of causation remains murky.
April 5 2018 5:49 PMAn Incomplete List of Scandal-Prone Scott Pruitt’s EPA ScandalsIt’s tough to keep up.
June 18 2018 5:56 AMDoes the Trolley Problem Have a Problem?What if your answer to an absurd hypothetical question had no bearing on how you behaved in real life?
June 15 2018 3:51 PMFEMA Has Rejected 60 Percent of Assistance Requests in Puerto Rico. Why?Reports from lawyers on the ground suggest the organization was ill-equipped to actually handle the devastation it found.
June 11 2018 12:41 PMBattery Catch-22We’re increasingly reliant on high-tech batteries, and completely unprepared for the bombs they could be used to create.
June 6 2018 7:30 AMHow Gross Is a Used Hotel Mattress?Pretty gross.
May 28 2018 5:55 AMIs Dreaming Real?When you’re lucid, it can feel so real the distinction ceases to matter.
May 17 2018 2:46 PMHurricane Season Is About to Start Again, and We’re Nowhere Near ReadyMany places are still recovering from last year’s storms.
May 14 2018 5:45 AMCould Scott Pruitt Have a Point?The EPA is calling for more transparency in science. Yes, it’s hypocritical and ill-considered—but let’s be crystal clear about the potential benefits.
May 11 2018 12:51 PMEPA Changes Course to Regulate a Deadly Paint StripperThe agency didn’t offer much clarity on exactly how it would regulate the toxic product, though.
May 8 2018 5:38 PMThe U.S. is Reportedly Experiencing an Epipen Shortage
May 7 2018 5:45 AMWhite Evangelicals’ Continued Support of Trump Feels Surprising. It Shouldn’t.The affinity between the two goes well beyond their mutual interest in Roe v. Wade. In fact, they’d be aligned even without that.
April 27 2018 4:45 PMIt’s Fire-Rainbow SeasonIce crystals and latitude combine to make this phenomenon, which is not really a rainbow and has nothing to do with fire.
April 17 2018 1:30 PMAre Student Evaluations Really Biased by Gender? Nope, They’re Biased by “Hotness.”There have been suggestions that students are sexist in their evaluations. We pulled data on 1 million professors to assess.
April 13 2018 9:00 AMCan We Please Stop Talking About Generations as if They Are a Thing?Millennials are not all narcissists and boomers are not inherently selfish. The research on generations is flawed.
April 6 2018 5:26 PMYes, Being a Woman in Science Is Hard. That’s Why We’re Trying to Change It.The focus on the stats means we sometimes ignore the work those underrepresented people are doing to change things.
April 5 2018 9:00 AMI’ve Worked for Republican and Democratic EPA Administrators. Scott Pruitt Is Killing the Agency.The majority of Americans still support the agency’s mission. Here’s how we’ll save it.