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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal Is Gaining Momentum Because She’s Willing to Compromise

Democratic House members are adding their names to the legislation.

Dec. 12 2018 5:59 PMJoe Manchin, Who Once Shot a Cap-and-Trade Bill, Is Officially the Lead Senate Democrat on EnergySupporters of climate action aren’t happy about Manchin’s ascension.
Dec. 6 2018 5:34 PMThe Real Story Behind Margot Robbie’s Wild Queen Elizabeth MakeupElizabeth I is famous for her face powder. Why she wore it and whether it poisoned her is complicated.
Nov. 30 2018 2:32 PMHow Climate Change Will Affect Each Region of the United StatesNo matter where you live, you won’t be able to escape the impact.
Nov. 26 2018 8:00 PMBones Among AshesWhat the Camp Fire’s aftermath is like for the searchers sifting through debris for human remains.
Nov. 20 2018 3:40 PMLiving on the EdgeJust as coastal communities must learn to live with hurricanes, communities that edge up against forests are going to have to learn to live with fire.
Nov. 17 2018 7:37 PMThe Fall of the GingkoThe sudden end of the gingko’s summer feels like a spectacle of climate change, and it is.
Nov. 16 2018 4:56 PMThe Dartmouth Sexual Harassment Allegations Are So Much Worse Than I ThoughtThe seven women who have brought a $70 million lawsuit against the college have the vision and determination of the Parkland students.
Nov. 14 2018 4:56 PMThe California Wildfires Affect Animals Too. Here’s How They’re Coping.They have a host of survival tactics, and they’re more resilient than you think.
Nov. 13 2018 7:30 AMWe Finally Understand That Gender Isn’t Binary. Sex Isn’t, Either.As a bone researcher, I’ve long understood that our physical bodies have a broader spectrum than we tend to think.
Nov. 9 2018 3:27 PMIn Addition to Everything Else, Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker Is a Climate SkepticHe also thinks the Exxon Mobil investigation is unconstitutional.
Nov. 7 2018 5:49 PMThe Midterms Were a Mixed Bag for Climate ChangeOn Tuesday, a small but energized climate bloc was elected to Congress while two important state renewable initiatives were struck down.
Nov. 5 2018 5:15 PMDefying the Trump Administration, SCOTUS Allows Teens’ Climate Change Lawsuit to Proceed in Federal CourtAttorneys are trying to get Juliana v. United States back to trial next week.
Nov. 1 2018 5:57 AMClimate Change Is Becoming an Important Midterms Issue Even in Deep-Red DistrictsHurricane Harvey may make the difference for a Texas district hard hit by the storm.
Oct. 26 2018 8:30 AMReducing Your Carbon Footprint Still MattersIn fact, getting politicians and industry to address climate change may start at home.
Oct. 24 2018 10:00 AMThe Wax and Wane of Ovulating-Woman ScienceEvolutionary psychology has long been mocked for its weird obsession with the menstrual cycle, but at least a sliver of that work has held up to scrutiny.
Dec. 11 2018 11:57 AMThe L.A. Auto Show Demonstrated Why Electric Cars Are Still the FutureChina and Europe are embracing electric vehicles. The U.S. should as well.
Dec. 3 2018 8:03 PMNeil deGrasse Tyson’s Response to Allegations of Sexual Assault Is Self-DefeatingHe confirms several aspects of the allegations but denies that any of them were harmful.
Nov. 29 2018 4:30 PMHow to Stop Falling for the “I’m Not a Scientist” TrapThis is a rhetorical tactic that denialists have been using for decades. There are better responses than deifying scientists.
Nov. 21 2018 12:29 PMThe Keystone XL Pipeline Is Finally DeadA Montana court ruled that the environmental impact statement did not take all of the pipeline’s potential repercussions into account.
Nov. 20 2018 9:00 AMPets Don’t Want to Be Emotional Support AnimalsMaybe the solution to this long-standing debate over animals on planes is found in focusing on what’s best for our pets.
Nov. 16 2018 5:09 PMClimate Change Creates Conditions That Allow for Disasters Like the Camp FireIf we don’t change course, more wildfires are inevitable.
Nov. 15 2018 5:58 PMHow to Protect Yourself When a Wildfire ApproachesIn the wake of California’s devastating fires, it’s worth taking some time to make a plan.
Nov. 14 2018 3:54 PMThe FBI Says Hate Crimes Are Soaring. It Actually Has No Idea.We could have fixed this problem years ago. We didn’t.
Nov. 12 2018 8:38 PMThe Scary Reach of the Camp Fire’s FlamesIt’s not just the people who are directly in the fire’s destructive path that are in danger. Smoke is causing bad air quality in a large swath of the state.
Nov. 8 2018 6:19 PMThe Science Wave in Congress Doesn’t MatterDemocrats are rejoicing over sending so many scientists to Washington. What about the ones who were already there?
Nov. 6 2018 5:30 PMJay Faison Has Framed Himself as a Republican Who Cares About the Climate. Don’t Be Taken In.The GOP donor gives to Republican politicians who receive fossil fuel money and have weak voting records.
Nov. 2 2018 3:26 PMPeople Across the Country Are Increasingly Worried About Climate Change—and It’s Changing How They VoteA look at five close congressional races where climate anxiety is paramount.
Oct. 30 2018 4:29 PMClimate Change Will Only Increase the Number of Refugees and Asylum-Seekers at America’s DoorsTrump’s response to the caravan is part of a wider push to close doors at exactly the time we need to be opening them.
Oct. 25 2018 3:24 PMNew York State Is Finally Suing Exxon Mobil for Its Dishonest Actions on Climate ChangeThe misbehavior went as high up as former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, previously the company’s chief executive.
Oct. 23 2018 5:14 PMThe Real Radical Gender IdeologyThe Trump administration’s trans-erasing memo represents an extremist rejection of the science of sex.