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In Praise of Distracted Meditation

As with most things in life, when it comes to meditating, don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good.

Oct. 18 2018 8:00 PMShould You Buy a Mega Millions Ticket?It all comes down to taxes.
Oct. 5 2018 2:56 PMWhat the “Grievance Studies” Hoax Actually RevealsThe headline-grabbing prank has more to do with gender than with academia.
Sept. 19 2018 3:50 PMThe Great EndumbeningIQ scores look to be on the decline. Is there a complicated explanation, or are we just getting stupider?
Sept. 5 2018 5:55 AMThe Beaver Should Be America’s National MammalForget the bison. The beaver has a uniquely American spirit, and it’s about time we recognized it.
Aug. 28 2018 5:55 AMWhy I Blame Wall Street for My Lyme DiseaseForest management is complex. In the past few decades in the Northeast, there’s been a lot of change.
Aug. 23 2018 1:59 PMA New Study Ranking States’ Sexism Misunderstands Misogyny’s Insidious Nature
Aug. 21 2018 5:35 PMWho Gets to Read the Research We Pay For?Scientific journals’ lock on new studies has ignited tension for years. When it comes to access for people with rare diseases, it becomes an ethical issue too.
Aug. 20 2018 7:30 AMThe Supreme Court Isn’t Equipped to Judge Harvard’s Discrimination LawsuitCourts have always been bad at statistics, and statistics is getting harder to adjudicate.
Aug. 10 2018 3:12 PMThe Shiloh Scandal Is Even Worse Than It SeemsThe forced drugging of child immigrants is a moral abomination that can’t just be blamed on Trump.
Aug. 3 2018 6:28 PMStrong Winds This Weekend Could Make the California Wildfires Even Worse
Aug. 3 2018 4:04 PMTrump Just Appointed a Science Adviser. Good!The president can’t seem to focus on a single point of view. That means it’s possible to change his mind.
Aug. 1 2018 3:48 PMWhat Would Happen if All Matter on the Earth Was Replaced by Blueberries?A Q&A with the one scientist brave enough to figure it out.
July 31 2018 8:00 PMWhat Do We Do With the Science of Monstrous Men?A problem from the arts makes its way into the lab.
July 24 2018 6:17 PMCan We Blame the Summer Heat Wave on Global Warming?The relationship between weather and climate is complicated.
July 20 2018 5:55 AMThe Sierra Club Declared War on Scott Pruitt—and WonAn inside look at how the environmental group’s campaign against Pruitt ended up uncovering his wildest misconduct.
Oct. 8 2018 11:00 AMEveryone Is Missing the Point About Brian Wansink and P-HackingThere are more crucial lessons to learn from the replication crisis.
Sept. 24 2018 1:13 PMExtremely Rare Two-Headed Snake Found in Virginia
Sept. 12 2018 10:00 AMHurricane Florence Is Coming. Here’s How to Prepare for It.Florence could be one of the worst storms in recent memory.
Aug. 29 2018 7:30 AMA Radical ’70s-Era Group Is Relaunching to Help Scientists Get Political Under TrumpIt’s called Science for the People, and its awareness of how science fits into policy and politics is deeply necessary in 2018.
Aug. 23 2018 2:03 PMThe New York Times Shouldn’t Have Built Its Facebook and Anti-Refugee Violence Story Around That One StudyIt’s an interesting bit of research, but it’s preliminary and mostly focused on methodology.
Aug. 23 2018 5:50 AMCrazy From the HeatClimate change is real. Record-high temperatures everywhere are fake.
Aug. 20 2018 9:00 AMShould You Get an Amber Collar for Your Pet? Probably Not.They’re advertised as a natural way to protect against fleas and ticks, but the evidence seems sparse.
Aug. 14 2018 5:21 PMWildfires Consume Glacier National Park for the Second Year in a Row
Aug. 6 2018 7:30 AMIs There a Logical Inconsistency in the Constitution?The mathematician who wrote the “Incompleteness Theorem” proof was apparently alarmed by our founding document. He just never explained why.
Aug. 3 2018 6:11 PMEverything You Ever Wanted to Know About Renting a GoatLeave the landscaping to the professionals.
Aug. 2 2018 4:24 PMFishy Fish PillsPaul Greenberg’s newest book explains why omega-3 supplements may be useless for you and terrible for the environment.
Aug. 1 2018 9:00 AMWhy the Abortion Debate Feels Like Such a StalemateSince Roe v. Wade was decided, abortion politics have become increasingly partisan. It’s not just due to the moral weight of the issue.
July 31 2018 3:29 PMThe Worst Fires in Recent California HistoryThe Carr fire is even more alarming when you put it in context.
July 23 2018 5:21 PMRyan Zinke Is the Most Scandal-Ridden Cabinet Member LeftWith Pruitt out, it’s worth it to remember that the Department of the Interior secretary has faced 11 formal investigations, many of them ongoing.
July 19 2018 6:45 PMThe Trump Administration Is Neutering the Endangered Species ActIts proposal is supposed to sound common-sense. But it prioritizes industry over wildlife.