Sept. 20 2016 3:24 PMThe Truth and Flaws of the Five-Second RuleIt doesn’t matter how quickly you pick up your food—bacteria transfer starts immediately. But the real question is: What bacteria were on the floor?
Sept. 9 2016 6:28 PMHow One Giraffe Became More. Specifically, Four.Actually, what we thought of as a “giraffe” is four different species. How did scientists miss this?
Sept. 7 2016 1:13 PMFriends Don’t Let Friends … Hold Onto Guns?Most gun deaths are suicides. A new program aimed at removing guns from at-risk people could help reduce this.
Aug. 30 2016 1:53 PMAbout That Mass Incident of Reindeer Death …Lightning strikes are not that unusual a cause of animal death. Unfortunately, climate change will make it worse.
Aug. 30 2016 5:45 AMLet It Burn?Our new policy to let forest fires burn is inspired by nature. Unfortunately, nature doesn’t always behave as we’d like.
Aug. 19 2016 6:50 PMShould We Abandon Louisiana?In some ways, we already have.
Aug. 15 2016 9:14 AMDon’t Bring Your Dog to WorkPet-friendly policies are growing more popular among employers, but they’re often implemented irresponsibly.
Aug. 11 2016 7:41 AM20 (Science) Questions for the Presidential CandidatesA coalition of scientists has challenged the presidential candidates to a science debate. This should be interesting!
Aug. 5 2016 1:08 PMFake Fish Habitat, Brought to You by BP Relief MoneyBP money is supposed to restore the gulf, but environmentally questionable artificial reefs may not be helping.
Aug. 4 2016 8:00 AMCan Young Blood Make You Live Longer?The science doesn’t need fact-checking as much as the ethics do.
July 29 2016 4:49 PM“I Believe in Science” Should Not Be a ShowstopperThe reaction to Hillary’s great line shows us just how terrifying this election is.
July 28 2016 2:06 PMKen Ham Is Luring Public Schools to His Creationist MuseumHe’s lowered the price to his life-size Noah’s Ark replica to just $1 per student.
July 25 2016 8:03 PMThe Climate Change ElectionHillary needs to realize—soon—that her chances of becoming president hinge on climate voters.
July 21 2016 10:00 AMThe White Lion Cub Born in Texas Is Adorable, but Not AlbinoA genetic condition called leucism is what gives these lions their unusual color.
July 20 2016 9:48 AMBlinded by the HeatOnce again, we’re in the warmest year on record. What would be more surprising is if we weren’t.
Sept. 16 2016 2:30 PMTalk to the DogA recent study suggesting dogs understand language is overblown. I know, because I asked my dog about it.
Sept. 9 2016 2:40 PMThere Are Now Seven Species Named After President ObamaAnd two of them are parasites.
Sept. 2 2016 3:28 PMSouth Carolina’s Zika Prevention Backfires, Kills 2.5 Million BeesThis was definitely a mistake. But it is not a crisis.
Aug. 30 2016 10:58 AMHow I Learned to Love LiverDoes understanding what an organ does in the body make it taste better? For this medical student, it did.
Aug. 23 2016 5:45 AMWe’ve Heated Up the Planet. Can We Cool It Back Down?Strangely enough, massive volcanoes might be part of the answer.
Aug. 18 2016 1:36 PMSave the ChickenA few decades ago, no one cared about chicken welfare. Now all our eggs are about to be cage-free. Why?
Aug. 12 2016 5:26 PMWhy Doesn’t Anyone* Fact-Check Science Books?*This story was not fact-checked, either.
Aug. 8 2016 11:16 AMNo, There Aren’t Enough Academic JobsBut discouraging people from pursuing the career could have a devastating effect on underrepresented groups.
Aug. 4 2016 3:02 PMWhen Humans Play GodBiocontrol seems to be the height of human narcissism. It also works.
Aug. 3 2016 9:30 AMCould Labels Indicate That GMOs Are a Good Thing?Soylent’s public embrace of GMOs offers a possible way forward.
July 29 2016 10:04 AMThe Bees Are All RightAfter years of uncertainty, honeybees appear poised to recover from collapse.
July 26 2016 9:15 AMWhy Would a Pirate Ship Want Insurance?The bizarre case of the self-sunk illegal Thunder and recent research show that insurers still cover illegal fishers, to the illegal fishers’ benefit.
July 25 2016 9:39 AMWas This Study Even Peer-Reviewed?How journalists should write about unpublished scientific research.
July 20 2016 2:12 PMTrump’s Wall? Also Terrible for Animals, Conservation, and Scientific Collaboration.There are so many reasons why this is a bad idea.
July 19 2016 3:36 PMWhat a Time to Be AliveA new robot made of mammal organs and gold reminds us that we don’t really know what being alive even means.