July 21 2016 10:00 AMThe White Lion Cub Born in Texas Is Adorable, but Not AlbinoA genetic condition called leucism is what gives these lions their unusual color.
July 20 2016 9:48 AMBlinded by the HeatOnce again, we’re in the warmest year on record. What would be more surprising is if we weren’t.
July 19 2016 1:01 PMHow Sexual Harassment Halts ScienceRecent reports have revealed how rampant sexual harassment is in the astronomy community. What’s to be done?
July 15 2016 9:04 AMAn Influenza Pandemic Is Brewing. Could We Pre-empt It?History foretells another flu pandemic. But we can lower the risk by taking action collectively and individually.
July 11 2016 10:10 AMThe New Jonah Lehrer: More Honest, More Boring, Still Spreading BunkA Book About Love proves the best practices of science journalism don’t offer much insurance against distortions and half-truths.
July 7 2016 5:45 AMFood Doesn’t Have to Wear MakeupFood coloring has no purpose and plenty of negatives. We only allow it still because the system is broken.
July 2 2016 9:01 AMNew Camera Tag to Help Solve Great White MysteryGreat white sharks congregate every year to party in the middle of the Pacific. This new camera tag might help us understand why.
July 1 2016 9:34 AMWhy Christian Creationists Hate Evolution but Muslim Creationists Don’t CareIt all comes down to how they define their own identities.
June 27 2016 7:28 AMLions and Tigers Don’t Belong in Zoos. But Some Animals Do.The zoos of the future should host struggling local animals, not keep megafauna captive.
June 24 2016 9:33 AMAre Bridge Players Subconsciously Changing Their Game Strategy in Response to Trump?A small amount of nonsense research suggests so. But it’s statistically significant so let’s take it extremely seriously.
June 20 2016 3:24 PMIs Being Colorblind Actually an Advantage?And if not, why did almost all of the monkeys of South America evolve to be so?
June 16 2016 3:36 PMWhy Did the Gator Attack the 2-Year-Old?If humans fed the gators in the lagoons, that might have made them more likely to attack.
June 8 2016 3:48 PMClimate Activists, It’s Time to Join HillaryHer proposals aren’t revolutionary, but they set the stage for a better future.
June 6 2016 4:34 PMA Shocking Electric Eel Myth, ConfirmedThe way eels leap out of the water to defend themselves is completely crazy.
May 31 2016 3:45 PMDon’t Be Upset About HarambeGet angry about what’s killing most other gorillas.
July 20 2016 2:12 PMTrump’s Wall? Also Terrible for Animals, Conservation, and Scientific Collaboration.There are so many reasons why this is a bad idea.
July 19 2016 3:36 PMWhat a Time to Be AliveA new robot made of mammal organs and gold reminds us that we don’t really know what being alive even means.
July 15 2016 5:31 PMThe Research Is Only As Good As the DataA new study found no evidence of racial bias in police shootings. But last year, a study came to the opposite conclusion. Why?
July 13 2016 12:12 PMBarack Obama, M.D.?The president wrote an opinion piece in the Journal of the American Medical Association, which is kind of cute.
July 8 2016 5:51 PMTheranos’ Downfall Isn’t Just Elizabeth Holmes’ FaultThe other people who helped build the company should be held accountable, too.
July 5 2016 3:45 PMA Nation Ruled by Science Is a Terrible IdeaHistory proves this point. So does logical thinking.
July 1 2016 2:55 PMLight Pollution May Cause Early Spring in CitiesCombined with global warming, this is not great news for ecosystems.
June 27 2016 11:02 AMHow Zoos Lost Their BarsIt makes us more comfortable with keeping animals captive, but as recent events show, that comfort is dangerous.
June 24 2016 11:45 AMBrexit Is Also a Big Blow to the EnvironmentFrom local policies to the world stage, the U.K.’s decision does not bode well.
June 21 2016 1:08 PMFiji Has Already Experienced Climate Change OnceJust over 600 years ago, the Fijian lifestyle was dramatically affected by changing sea levels. And things got very violent.
June 17 2016 1:55 PMWhat’s the Deal With the New Elements?Here’s everything you need to know about the four latest elements on the periodic table.
June 14 2016 11:16 AMEdible Six-Pack Rings Replace Plastic for Florida MicrobreweryBeer and marine life lovers rejoice.
June 8 2016 1:54 PMWater, Brought to You by the Fossil Fuel IndustryThe industry’s plan for the water it contaminates? Purify it and sell it back to consumers.
June 2 2016 11:31 AMThis Is Your Brain. This Is Your Brain on #Content.What you read on the internet may affect the complexity of your own writing, according to new research.
May 31 2016 3:31 PMStorm Chasers, Stay HomeRural roads are getting crowded during tornado season, and the dangerous conditions are all your fault.