Nov. 16 2016 12:30 PMTrump Can’t Abolish the EPABut he can do plenty of damage. Here’s how environmentalists must collaborate with and stand up to the president-elect.
Nov. 9 2016 5:51 PMAll Is Not Lost on Climate ChangeTrump will be terrible, but it’s not just about Trump. It’s about you, too.
Nov. 8 2016 10:29 AMVoting Is Just the First Step Toward Stopping Another TrumpCivic duty doesn’t end at the polls.
Nov. 3 2016 3:54 PMHow Much Is This Land Worth?Standing Rock shows the limits of environmental economics.
Oct. 28 2016 5:52 AMAn Election Season Reminder That Voting Is Mathematically FlawedThere is no fair way of assessing a populations’ preferences when there are more than two candidates.
Oct. 20 2016 11:03 AMEnvironmentalists’ Disdain for Washington’s Carbon TaxThe first such law in the nation is being hampered by idealists. Instead, they should band together and make history.
Oct. 14 2016 1:09 PMNothing Says Team Spirit Like a Caged TigerLouisiana State University’s beloved mascot, Mike the Tiger VI, just died. This time, they shouldn’t replace him.
Oct. 10 2016 11:02 AMBeyond the Insect “Yuck” FactorMaybe the real reason we don’t eat them is because they’re not convenient.
Oct. 10 2016 5:55 AMWhy Do We Keep Planting Stinky Ginkgos?They may smell bad, but they do just fine in urban environments.
Oct. 3 2016 2:46 PMWe Don’t Know Whether Roller Coasters Cure Kidney StonesBut we do tend to accept even the smallest, most preliminary studies as fact. We should stop.  
Oct. 3 2016 9:10 AMI Went to the Woods Because I Wished to Live … Like a Badger?Time spent acting as an animal taught me how to better make use of my senses. You can do it, too.
Sept. 30 2016 9:33 AMWill Raccoons Trump Rats as the Ultimate Urban Mammal?They’re expanding into suburban and urban landscapes, and excelling, thanks to our help.
Sept. 23 2016 1:00 PMPeer Review Is a Thankless TaskSo what motivates the scientists who do it the most? We asked them.
Sept. 20 2016 5:29 PMThe Brilliant, Imprudent Dr. Bennet OmaluIt’s not surprising that the man who identified chronic traumatic encephalopathy suspects Hillary Clinton was poisoned.
Sept. 16 2016 2:30 PMTalk to the DogA recent study suggesting dogs understand language is overblown. I know, because I asked my dog about it.
Nov. 14 2016 1:56 PMThe Kids Suing the Government Over Climate Change Are Our Best Hope NowLuckily, they just cleared a major bar.
Nov. 9 2016 2:43 AMHere’s What President Trump Will Mean for the PlanetHe doesn’t acknowledge climate change, would pull out of Paris, and thinks coal is a good way to create jobs.
Nov. 4 2016 11:34 AMThe Real Problem With Power Posing Isn’t the DataIt’s the idea that increasing testosterone is the way to power.
Nov. 3 2016 1:34 PMThe Dakota Pipeline Protests Should Think BigYes, opposing the pipeline is important. But the protesters should turn the momentum into something larger.
Oct. 21 2016 3:10 PM“Climate Change Did It!” Is a Convenient ExcuseYes, climate change will exacerbate disasters, but the underlying problems are still worth addressing.
Oct. 17 2016 7:02 AMSpend the Summer as a Science Writer for SlateThe AAAS Mass Media Fellowship exposed me to the world of science communication. You could be next.
Oct. 14 2016 10:08 AMCelebrate Hamilton Day, a Better Mathematical HolidayPi Day may be fun, but this October holiday celebrates mathematics as a human endeavor.
Oct. 10 2016 9:31 AMPink October’s PredecessorBefore there was breast cancer awareness, there was tuberculosis advocacy. It was a lot more effective.
Oct. 5 2016 5:58 PMNo, the Bee-Pocalypse Isn’t Here YetYes, seven species of bee were just added to the endangered species list. But they’re all in Hawaii, and none of them are honeybees.
Oct. 3 2016 1:49 PMWhy Does the Replication Crisis Seem Worse in Psychology?The same problems are facing other fields, too. Here’s why you hear about it most in psychology.
Sept. 30 2016 6:04 PMBlame BP for Deepwater Horizon. But Direct Your Outrage to the Actual Mistake.It was years of cutting corners, not one careless mistake, that caused the explosion.
Sept. 27 2016 11:30 AMMontreal Shouldn’t Ban Pit BullsThe evidence for such laws is lacking, yet Canada is still trying to implement outrageous regulations against this breed.
Sept. 21 2016 7:00 AMLet Industry Fund ScienceThe methods, not who did or paid for the research, should be enough to tell us whether we can trust the evidence.
Sept. 20 2016 3:24 PMThe Truth and Flaws of the Five-Second RuleIt doesn’t matter how quickly you pick up your food—bacteria transfer starts immediately. But the real question is: What bacteria were on the floor?
Sept. 9 2016 6:28 PMHow One Giraffe Became More. Specifically, Four.Actually, what we thought of as a “giraffe” is four different species. How did scientists miss this?