Aug. 16 2017 5:15 PMHow to Watch the Eclipse if You Totally Forgot About ItMost of the U.S. will at least see a partial eclipse, so even if you don’t have travel plans, you can probably see something cool.
Aug. 9 2017 3:51 PMStop Equating “Science” With TruthEvolutionary psychology is just the most obvious example of science’s flaws.
Aug. 8 2017 11:14 AMClimate Change’s Heat Waves Will Particularly Threaten Minorities and the PoorA majority of city dwellers saw the temperature increase twice as much as the rest of the world.
Aug. 7 2017 1:00 PMRising Seas Are Flooding Bangladeshi Farms With Salt WaterThe slow but ongoing process is disrupting the local economy.
Aug. 4 2017 1:48 PMSalk Institute Defends Itself Against Sexism by Invoking a Sexist MetricScientific journals are not bastions of meritocracy and shouldn’t be treated as such.
Aug. 2 2017 4:44 PMWill Lowering P-Value Thresholds Help Fix Science?P-values are already all over the map, and they’re also not exactly the problem.
July 25 2017 11:49 AMHow to Report Science During an Anti-Facts AdministrationSlate science editor Susan Matthews on the exasperating battle against misinformation and apathy.
July 21 2017 9:03 AMDe Blasio Wants to Dramatically Reduce NYC’s Rat Population. Don’t Hold Your Breath.Like many of the mayor’s other reported successes, the big wins indicate statistical sleight of hand.
July 20 2017 1:20 PMHere’s How We Made Our Study ReproducibleThe reproducibility crisis has forced scientists to make necessary changes—here’s what we’re doing.
July 19 2017 5:01 PMWhat to Do if Your Bedroom Is Invaded by Tens of Thousands of BeesThis keeps happening.
July 14 2017 6:41 PMMan Charged for Killing Eagle That Was Eating Too Many FishEagles may no longer be endangered, but they are certainly still protected.
July 12 2017 6:33 PMA Delaware-Size Iceberg Broke Off Antarctica. Who’s to Blame?Climate change isn’t behind this one—and it won’t cause sea level rise, either.
July 11 2017 5:55 AMThe Gruesome Truth About Lab-Grown MeatIt’s made by using fetal cow blood.
July 3 2017 10:45 AMHow to Celebrate the Fourth of July While Minimizing Bird CarnageFireworks terrify birds. But if you must, public displays are a better option.
June 30 2017 5:14 PMDo Neonics Hurt Bees? Researchers and the Media Say Yes. The Data Do Not. A new, landmark study provides plenty of useful information. If only we could interpret it accurately.
Aug. 14 2017 9:54 AMScorpions Have Been Maligned in the Trump EraFirst of all, you would never put scorpions in a bottle. And second, let’s have more respect for scorpions.
Aug. 8 2017 3:35 PMHow My Costa Rican Neighbors Jolted Me Out of Climate Activist ApathyThey have a front-row seat to the havoc climate change is already causing. No wonder they’re moved to action.
Aug. 7 2017 5:40 PMPrepare to Be AwedSolar eclipses having been teaching scientists new things about the universe for millennia. This one could help us unlock some major mysteries.
Aug. 7 2017 1:00 PMThe Only Place in the World Where Sea Level Is Falling, Not RisingIn Sweden and Finland, it’s the land that’s technically rising faster than the sea.
Aug. 3 2017 1:03 PMAnti-Vaxxers Are Apparently Refusing to Vaccinate Their DogsYes, it’s as bad as you think.
July 31 2017 5:27 PMPruitt’s Deregulation Spree Has Cut CornersHe may be one of the most effective Cabinet members right now, but that may change when his legal shortcuts are litigated.
July 24 2017 3:47 PMBlowing the Whistle on the Trump Administration’s Attempt to Ignore Climate ChangeThe latest government employee to speak out is a scientist worried about rising seas’ effect on Alaskan communities.
July 20 2017 2:05 PMWhat Good Is Fear?As we face down the existential threat of climate change, it’s worth considering how fear of nuclear war has spurred humanity into action.
July 20 2017 12:44 PMMisguided Attempt to Free Thousands of Minks Goes Horribly WrongInstead of running free, most of the minks have died. 
July 19 2017 4:49 PMTwo of This Summer’s Tropical Storms Will Be Named Don and HilaryThe extremely apt names are the result of chance—not a misguided attempt at humor.
July 14 2017 11:19 AMToo Hot to FlyPhoenix’s heat wave grounded planes and stranded customers. It’s about to become much more common.
July 12 2017 12:51 PMYou Can Now Buy Chocolate Powder to SnortThis bizarre product was originally created for the Rolling Stones and is totally legal. Is it dangerous?
July 10 2017 6:43 PMAlarmism Is the Argument We Need to Fight Climate ChangeNew York magazine’s global-warming horror story isn’t too scary. It’s not scary enough.
July 3 2017 5:55 AMSpend Your Money on Whatever You WantYes, the common wisdom suggests that spending on experiences will make you happier, but new data serves as a reminder that these scientific theories might not be as strong as we think.
June 28 2017 3:31 PMDonald Trump Wants “American Energy Dominance.” What Is That?Basically, a good buzzword for a totally unattainable goal.