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Oct. 5 2017 6:12 PMCan You Sue a Newspaper Based on How the Internet Interprets a Story?A pro-GMO professor who claims he has been defamed by the New York Times’ reporting on his connections to Monsanto is trying. But that doesn’t mean he’ll be successful.
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Nov. 2 2017 3:58 PMHere’s the Expertise Scott Pruitt Is Removing From the EPA’s Advisory BoardsThese academic scientists will no longer be able to serve because of “conflict of interest.” Pruitt will likely replace them with industry scientists.
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Sept. 27 2017 3:52 PMAfter the Hurricanes, Can We Rebuild a Stronger, Greener Grid?Post-earthquake Japan and monsoon-battered India aren’t just repairing their grids. They’re improving them. It’s time for hurricane-battered Americans to do the same.