May 6 2016 10:02 AMThis Is Your Mind on BrainsWhy we’re so mesmerized by MRIs of lit-up brains, even though most of us have no clue what we’re looking at.  
May 5 2016 9:00 AMThe Labeling ShortcutThe FDA should spend less time worrying about labels and more time better regulating the entire industry. 
May 3 2016 10:00 AMThe High Schooler Behind the Mini-Brain GeneratorAn unconventional summer project may help shed light on how Zika affects developing babies’ brains.
April 29 2016 1:45 PMIt Doesn’t Matter If You Think It’s Nice OutOur understanding of global climate change needs to move beyond our personal experiences of weather.
April 27 2016 4:22 PMUnfortunately, You Can’t Have a Lemur as a PetIt seems like it would be the best, but it would actually be the worst.
April 19 2016 10:08 AMAll Your Burning Questions About Weed, AnsweredDoes coughing get you high faster? Can your cat really get stoned? How would an adult find a dealer?
April 18 2016 12:26 PMAmateur Earthquake Footage From Japan, StabilizedA better way to understand the Kumamoto quake.
April 15 2016 11:31 AMWhy Do We Laugh?The same reason we do anything—to survive.
April 14 2016 3:29 PMCan SeaWorld Redeem Itself?As it moves to stop captive breeding, there’s a future for SeaWorld that might actually benefit animals, instead of harm them.  
April 13 2016 1:19 PMIs Trying to Save the World a Radical Act?From James Hansen to the children suing for their future, radical climate activism is perfectly logical.
April 11 2016 11:51 AMSome Animals Are More Equal Than OthersAfter 50 years of animal-welfare legislation, rats and mice are still left out in the cold.
April 5 2016 12:01 PMWhy Is It So Expensive to Read Academic Research?Content piracy may be illegal, but price gouging is at least as despicable.
March 27 2016 8:33 PMLabel ThumpersThe GMO movement is about faith, not facts.
March 14 2016 2:33 PMThe History of Pi DayThe weird, unlikely story of how we got a national holiday devoted to a magical ratio.
March 3 2016 1:01 PMThe Meme That Spawned a Science Bonanza What have we learned from a year’s worth of research on “the dress”?
May 5 2016 3:16 PMLessons Learned From Nobel Laureate Harry KrotoThe scientist who passed away earlier this week was more than a chemist—he was an advocate and a mentor, too.
May 4 2016 12:20 PMTheir Next ActThe Ringling Brothers’ elephants are retiring—and moving to Florida to contribute to cancer research. 
May 3 2016 7:00 AMScientist vs. CreationistWho will get to update Texas’ science standards?
April 29 2016 11:36 AM“Everyone” Downloads Research Papers IllegallyScience magazine just published a great piece on the utility of Sci-Hub. Unfortunately, its defense of its own business model is flawed.
April 22 2016 7:07 AMOn Earth Day, Let Lab Girl Persuade You to Plant a TreeIn an excerpt from her wildly popular book, Hope Jahren details her devotion to plants.
April 18 2016 5:07 PMThis Week’s Back-to-Back Earthquakes Don’t Mean the World Is EndingIt’s only unusual because they both struck highly populated areas.
April 18 2016 7:29 AMAre Humans Definitely Smarter Than Apes?At certain things, perhaps. But at some specific tasks, perhaps not.
April 14 2016 5:24 PMDon’t Anthropomorphize Inky the Octopus! Not because it’s bad, but because it might make you miss what’s so fascinating about these creatures in the first place. 
April 13 2016 5:21 PMWhat Will Make Interstellar Travel a Reality?An $100 million investment is good, but it’s just the beginning.
April 12 2016 1:32 PMCraigslist for Scientific ResearchScientists who don’t have the pricey equipment to conduct experiments can now outsource their tasks to other scientists. 
April 7 2016 10:34 AMMany Meteorologists Still Doubt Human-Driven Climate ChangeWeathercasters aren’t any better than the average American at understanding what’s causing this mess. Why?
March 29 2016 11:29 AMHow Much Can Your Brain Actually Process? Don’t Ask.Stop measuring brains against digital computers. 
March 21 2016 5:49 AMSloppy ScienceAre sketchy practices in the lab to blame for the replication crisis in psychology research?
March 6 2016 8:02 PMEverything Is CrumblingAn influential psychological theory, borne out in hundreds of experiments, may have just been debunked. How can so many scientists have been so wrong?
Feb. 29 2016 2:02 PMAre Wild Chimpanzees Building Shrines?New video evidence reveals a mysterious behavior.