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May 8 2018 5:38 PMThe U.S. is Reportedly Experiencing an Epipen Shortage
May 7 2018 5:45 AMWhite Evangelicals’ Continued Support of Trump Feels Surprising. It Shouldn’t.The affinity between the two goes well beyond their mutual interest in Roe v. Wade. In fact, they’d be aligned even without that.
April 27 2018 4:45 PMIt’s Fire-Rainbow SeasonIce crystals and latitude combine to make this phenomenon, which is not really a rainbow and has nothing to do with fire.
April 17 2018 1:30 PMAre Student Evaluations Really Biased by Gender? Nope, They’re Biased by “Hotness.”There have been suggestions that students are sexist in their evaluations. We pulled data on 1 million professors to assess.
April 13 2018 9:00 AMCan We Please Stop Talking About Generations as if They Are a Thing?Millennials are not all narcissists and boomers are not inherently selfish. The research on generations is flawed.
April 6 2018 5:26 PMYes, Being a Woman in Science Is Hard. That’s Why We’re Trying to Change It.The focus on the stats means we sometimes ignore the work those underrepresented people are doing to change things.
April 5 2018 9:00 AMI’ve Worked for Republican and Democratic EPA Administrators. Scott Pruitt Is Killing the Agency.The majority of Americans still support the agency’s mission. Here’s how we’ll save it.
April 2 2018 8:20 PMAfrica’s Split Will Take Millions of Years. What Does It Mean For People Living There Now?
March 28 2018 11:53 AMWhy Trump’s Decision to Allow Drilling on Our Coasts Is So Shocking
March 26 2018 8:00 AMA Chemical in Paint Remover Is a Known Killer. Why Won’t the EPA Ban It?The EPA proposed the ban at the end of the Obama administration, but the anti-regulation stance of the current administration has stalled the effort.
March 21 2018 7:44 PMWhy Is Winter Still Happening?I decided to ask some TV meteorologists about this winter, because they’re recognized at the supermarket and people vent to them.
March 14 2018 7:01 PMA Brief History of Time Changed Our Perception of Physics, and ScienceWe desperately want to understand our place in the cosmos. Hawking’s book opened the door.
March 13 2018 6:41 PMBlue Planet II Captivated Audiences Abroad. Why Didn’t America Care?We’ve become accustomed to nature documentaries that feed us celebrity-led, perfectly packaged drama.
March 12 2018 9:00 AMAfter 30 Years, an Island and Its Sole Inhabitant Face an Uncertain FutureMauro Morandi watched tourism, technology, and climate change reshape his home. Now, he fears he won’t see its restoration.
March 1 2018 1:38 PMAgainst the OctopusIt’s not a crafty, soulful genius. It’s dinner.
May 7 2018 11:33 AMVolcanic Activity Forcing Hundreds from Homes in Hawaii Shows No Signs of Ending
May 3 2018 6:58 PMWhy Has It Taken This Long to Figure Out What’s Wrong with Our Lettuce?America’s food supply chain is really convoluted.
April 19 2018 1:36 PMThe Strange History of Bicycle DayHow April 19 became a blissed-out tribute to both two-wheeled transport and medicinal chemistry.
April 16 2018 10:20 AMNASA Launches Its New Exoplanet HunterYes, it’s looking for aliens.
April 10 2018 4:50 PMDid a Lack of Local News Cause Trump’s Election? It’s Hard to Say.A new analysis from Politico has shown a correlation that many suspected. But the direction of causation remains murky.
April 5 2018 5:49 PMAn Incomplete List of Scandal-Prone Scott Pruitt’s EPA ScandalsIt’s tough to keep up.
April 3 2018 10:30 AMIn This Ancient City, Even Commoners Lived in PalacesNew archaeological finds at Teotihuacán suggest something astounding: It flourished without a massive underclass.
April 2 2018 2:37 PMWant to Understand Food Insecurity? Talk to the Children Living Through It.Researchers are realizing that kids provide one of the most honest windows into this heartwrenching problem.
March 26 2018 9:00 AMCan You Criticize Science (or Do Science) Without Looking Like an Obsessive? Maybe Not.We need to normalize the pursuit of accuracy as a good-intentioned piece of the scientific puzzle.
March 23 2018 9:00 AMPopulation CollapseForget extinctions. Population decline is a much greater crisis.
March 16 2018 4:43 PMTrawling the Depths of Blue Planet IIShould we reconsider the octopus? Should nature documentaries talk about climate change? Members of the Slate science team discuss.
March 14 2018 6:03 PMStephen Hawking’s Disability Activism Was as Invaluable as His Science“All of us know we can reach for the stars.”
March 13 2018 2:32 PMMike Pompeo Would Be the First Secretary of State to Deny That Climate Change Is RealThis is an alarming position for anyone, but it’s specifically problematic for this Cabinet position.
March 9 2018 5:55 AMI Felt Despair About Climate Change—Until a Brush With Death Changed My MindLeukemia and climate change have more in common than you might think.
Feb. 28 2018 1:29 PMDeath of a Veggie SalesmanHow an expert on the science of marketing forgot the difference between science and marketing.