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Jan. 12 2018 5:09 PMDid Ryan Zinke Give Florida an Offshore Drilling Exemption Because of Mar-a-Lago?Everything Zinke says to justify Florida’s exemption applies to every other coastal state. Except one thing.
Jan. 12 2018 2:55 PMIt’s Surprisingly Easy to Lose a Satellite, Even One Worth MillionsSpaceX and Northrop Grumman are hardly the first to lose track of an expensive space instrument.
Jan. 5 2018 6:03 PMWhy Is It So Cold Outside?And is it ever going to end?
Jan. 4 2018 6:23 PMWhy Is Monsanto Inviting This Alt-Right Hero to a Fireside Chat on Farming?Jordan Peterson rose to prominence by refusing to call transgender people by their preferred pronouns. What does he know about GMOs?
Jan. 4 2018 3:54 PMThe Largest Known Prime NumberIt’s 23,249,425 digits long. That’s incredibly exciting.
Jan. 3 2018 5:45 AMLOL Something MattersWe’ve been told that facts have lost their power, that debunking lies only makes them stronger, and that the internet divides us. Don’t believe any of it.
Dec. 29 2017 2:37 PMAstrophysical DelightThe year’s most stunning images of space.
Dec. 28 2017 10:36 AMHunting Coyotes in Cities Only Makes Coyote Populations GrowThis time, conservation management isn’t a good reason to go hunting.
Dec. 22 2017 12:48 PMIt’s Not the Heat. It’s the Humidity.As climate change progresses, it’s not just warmth that will hurt us. It's the humid heat.
Dec. 21 2017 4:58 PMThere Is No Ban on Words at the CDCBut you don’t need to parse the language of the Trump administration to understand its goals.
Dec. 18 2017 12:37 PMThis Space for RentA Japanese startup wants to put advertising on the moon. Is that legal?
Dec. 14 2017 3:48 PMTrump Wants to Go to the Moon. Do Private Space Companies?Space exploration is done via partnership these days, and the private sector is generally less enthused about more moon landings.
Dec. 13 2017 6:00 AMAstronomers Just Photographed a Nursery of StarsIt sure sounds cute, but it is really quite violent.
Dec. 11 2017 7:15 PMIs That Starving Polar Bear Dying From Climate Change? Probably Not.Climate change is certainly killing polar bears, but this photo may just depict disease. It can still help us better understand what’s a stake.
Dec. 7 2017 9:10 PMPatagonia Won't Be QuietThe apparel company wants profit and good PR. It also won't back down against the Trump administration.
Jan. 12 2018 4:35 PMFacebook’s Revamp Includes an Effort to Fight Fake NewsWill it work?
Jan. 10 2018 5:04 PMOprah Winfrey Helped Create Our American FantasylandAny assessment of her possible presidential bid should consider the irrational, pseudoscientific free for all she helped create.
Jan. 5 2018 5:41 PMWhy the Raw Water Movement Is So ObnoxiousIt doesn’t just reveal Silicon Valley’s idiocy and love of capitalism. It exposes their disinterest in everyone else.
Jan. 4 2018 5:07 PMHow Interesting Does Science Have to Be for the Public to Fund It?Crowdfunded research into what makes Tabby’s Star blink turned up disappointing results. Will the lack of aliens chill funding?
Jan. 3 2018 9:00 PMWhy Are We So Bad at Predicting How Much Snow We’ll Get?We’ve gotten better, but there are still a lot of calculations at play.
Dec. 29 2017 4:54 PMWe Wanted to BelieveWhy 2017 was a banner year for discussing, searching for, and panicking over aliens.
Dec. 28 2017 4:41 PMWhat Is the Point of a Solar Road?You’re meant to drive over it, after all. Could it possibly collect enough energy to be worthwhile?
Dec. 27 2017 11:30 AMIt’s Time to Let Go of Our Dreams of Going to VenusYes, some people had these dreams! But the yellow planet should be left alone for at least a few million years.
Dec. 21 2017 6:52 PMNASA Is Pivoting to AstrobiologyYes, that is the search for life in space, aka aliens.
Dec. 21 2017 11:07 AMWant to Win a Nobel Prize? Retract a Paper.This advice is both hyperbolic and not nearly as crazy as it sounds.
Dec. 14 2017 6:19 PMCan You Use This Data Set to Find Serial Killers?The New Yorker’s recent piece on the Murder Accountability Project was fascinating. It also led us to look closely at the data it uses—and we have some advice for would-be serial killer detectors.
Dec. 13 2017 3:19 PMIs This Cigar-Shaped Asteroid Watching Us?Scientists are tracking it because they think that maybe—just maybe!—it might be.
Dec. 12 2017 9:00 AMHumans Run Experiments, a Robot Writes the PaperThe future of automated scientific writing is upon us—and that's a good thing.
Dec. 10 2017 5:51 PMA British Grocer Is Selling an Avocado Without a PitApparently a lot of people are cutting their hands while slicing the fruit.
Dec. 7 2017 7:32 PMDownwind From the FiresMy town was spared by the infernos tearing through Southern California. We’re still in danger.