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Pandemics Porn

Delicious, smart reads about dangerous, nasty germs.

Dec. 27 2012 3:35 PMModern-Day Typhoid MarysSuperspreaders can turn a minor outbreak into a pandemic.
Dec. 21 2012 11:14 AMDengue, aka “Breakbone Fever,” Is BackThe vicious virus has re-established itself in the South, and mosquitoes are carrying it north.
Dec. 18 2012 4:33 PMThe Flu Vaccine ControversyAre drug companies really more dangerous than the flu virus?
Dec. 11 2012 3:47 PMNapoleon Wasn’t Defeated by the RussiansTchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture gives too much credit to cannons.
Dec. 4 2012 5:45 AMWhat Is the World’s Most Dangerous Animal?Sharks? Lions? Grizzly bears? Try bats.
Dec. 26 2012 1:16 PMThe Worst Pandemic in HistoryAfter years of sometimes bizarre research, why are scientists still baffled by the 1918 Spanish flu?
Dec. 20 2012 11:15 AMFear the FungusFungi thrive in environmental chaos, and they are coming for us.
Dec. 14 2012 12:51 PMThe Invention of an IllnessFatty liver disease has gone from unknown to pandemic, but does it mean anything?
Dec. 6 2012 7:19 AMPast Pandemics Are in Our GenesWhat koalas can teach us about human evolution and disease.