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Scientific Misconduct Should Be a Crime

It’s as bad as fraud or theft, only potentially more dangerous.

Sept. 7 2014 7:00 AMLessons From the DeadWhy “verbal autopsies” are changing public health.
Aug. 24 2014 7:15 AMWhy Become a Medical Examiner?What autopsies can reveal about Michael Brown’s death.
Aug. 10 2014 8:19 AMWhat’s the Worst Place to Be When the Power Goes Out?The South Pole. In winter.
July 27 2014 3:08 PMRock Solid SolutionA new project stashes carbon dioxide in the form of minerals.
July 13 2014 8:15 AMMake Way for WhalesHow to prevent ships from killing endangered pygmy blue whales.
June 22 2014 8:13 AMKermit the Service RobotWhat engineers can learn from puppeteers.
June 8 2014 8:13 AMHow to Regrow Lost LimbsFlatworms can regenerate entire heads—complete with memories.
May 25 2014 12:37 PMA Disaster for European ScienceRight-wing, anti-European Union parties could fracture collaborations.
May 10 2014 7:45 AMRussia’s Top Bat Researcher Had to Flee the CountryDon’t make Vladimir Putin’s people angry.
April 27 2014 7:24 AMMathematician SpiesIf you thought you were protecting your country, you may justifiably feel betrayed.
April 13 2014 7:26 AMWhy NASA Isn’t on Speaking Terms With China or RussiaIt’s a bad idea to play politics in space.
March 30 2014 7:17 AMWhere Are People Moving?The first estimates of global migration shows it’s surprisingly steady.
March 22 2014 7:00 AMThis Woman Is Why 194 Countries Will Sign a Global Climate Treaty in 2015
March 8 2014 6:30 AMYou Can Make Batteries From Viruses?Yes! And they will biodegrade, too.
Feb. 16 2014 7:00 AMThe Purest StarHow we found a nearby star that is almost as old as the universe.
Aug. 31 2014 7:15 AMLego in the LabTiny female scientists fight paperwork, administrative duties, and dinosaurs.
Aug. 17 2014 7:12 AMRubik’s Quadratic FormsHow a toy inspired an award-winning mathematician’s Eureka moment.
Aug. 3 2014 7:08 AMUnexpected Genetic HeroesDid you inherit a childhood disease that you somehow conquered?
July 19 2014 8:01 AMTidying Up the GenomeNatural DNA is kind of a mess. Can artificial DNA do more?
June 29 2014 7:19 AMHow to Curb the Threat of Returning JihadisThey may be in Syria, but they’re still on Facebook and Twitter.
June 15 2014 8:00 AMWhy Do We Listen to Dummies?Ventriloquism isn’t an auditory illusion. It’s social.
June 1 2014 10:13 AMReef MadnessWhy it’s a really, really bad idea to dump dredging spoils by the Great Barrier Reef.
May 18 2014 9:15 AMA Plague of ViolenceShootings are infectious and spread like a disease.
May 4 2014 7:52 AMRobots Will Take Our JobsThree scenarios for how technology will change the workforce.
April 20 2014 7:23 AMCuts and Shutdowns Are Hurting ScienceThe United States and Canada are risking their reputations as scientific leaders.
April 5 2014 7:26 AMScience Doesn’t Support a Gender Divide for Toys
March 23 2014 7:24 AMMy Roomba’s Name Is RoswellWhy people build strong attachments to robots.
March 16 2014 7:22 AMThe Revolution Is Not Being MOOC-izedStudents are educated, employed, and male.
March 2 2014 7:15 AMYou Can Still Hear the Hiss of the Big BangAnd there’s a scientist who carries it around on his cellphone.
Feb. 15 2014 7:15 AMWhat the Oldest Native American Burial Means to MeWe’re trying to heal a wound between the scientific community and tribal communities.