New Scientist
Aug. 11 2013 7:09 AMMaking Medicine as Ubiquitous as Coca-Cola in Rural AfricaSimon Berry hopes ColaLife can help stop unnecessary deaths from dehydration.  
July 28 2013 8:15 AMThe Last Text You’ll Ever SendWhy new driving safety technologies are really dangerous.
July 7 2013 7:00 AMWhen Nudge Comes to ShoveDo people really not know what’s good for them?
June 23 2013 8:00 AMWe’re Growing a House From MushroomsThe organism does most of the work.
June 16 2013 5:30 AMWhy Is Exercise Such a Chore?Human evolution made us long-distance runners, but it didn’t make us like it.
June 9 2013 5:30 AMLet Them Eat CricketsThey’re nutritious. But delicious?
May 26 2013 6:30 AMStop Killer RobotsAutonomous weapons systems could lead to disaster.
May 12 2013 8:15 AMThe Unappreciated SensesThe world is a bleak place if you lose your sense of taste or smell.
April 14 2013 8:08 AMMy Life Is an Open BookStanford is recording everything this guy does.
April 7 2013 8:30 AMThe Paleo Diet Is a Paleo FantasyTrue, we haven’t evolved for modern life. But that doesn’t mean you should eat or exercise old-school.
March 24 2013 8:33 AMCan Your Phone Tell You You’re Stressed?It may sense tense moments better than you can.
March 2 2013 7:28 AMCan Physics Experiments Catch Up?Multiverse physics is “so removed from observation that it’s a little scary.” 
Feb. 9 2013 8:47 AMGod’s Green EarthReligious leaders can help stop wildlife crime.
Jan. 20 2013 8:00 AMHalf a Million Plus Three to Five YearsAn ambitious plan to drill into an ancient Antarctic lake failed on Christmas.
Jan. 13 2013 8:08 AMThe Countess of Psychedelic Drugs“What you do with your consciousness is your own business.”
Aug. 4 2013 7:00 AMKnow Thy EnemyParasites are little-understood, and they are everywhere. An ecologist explains why we need to learn more about them.
July 21 2013 7:00 AMWhy Is the United States So Sick?The director of a massive new study says: “It’s almost everything.”
June 30 2013 8:30 AMSo Did Nudging Work?And would you know if you’ve been nudged?
June 22 2013 8:00 AMSearch Engine PrivacyDuckDuckGo does not track its users.
June 15 2013 7:22 AMI Discovered the BRCA1 GeneAnd I am delighted the Supreme Court ruled that it cannot be patented.
June 2 2013 8:15 AMClimate Change’s Psychological MilestoneTurning 400 is a lot worse than turning 40.
May 19 2013 7:15 AMParticle vs. AntiparticleA new fermion on a chip “opens up a new class of particles.”
April 27 2013 5:30 AMThe Science of Sleepy TeenagersSchool schedules make them grouchy, impulsive, and humorless.
April 13 2013 8:30 AMThe First MartiansA Nobelist physicist promotes the plan to send people to Mars—one way.
March 31 2013 7:19 AMTwo Mommies and One DaddyThree-parent embryos are technically and ethically worth exploring.
March 11 2013 3:29 PMSurvival of the FriendliestDid dogs “self-domesticate”? Did humans?
Feb. 23 2013 7:27 AMPlanets Deserve Better NamesNominate your pet’s name for exoplanet 2M 0746+20b
Jan. 26 2013 5:09 AMWe Don’t Need a Theory of EverythingWhy physics is messy.
Jan. 19 2013 10:15 AMSome Mercury Is Good for YouBanning a vaccine preservative would endanger millions of children.
Jan. 12 2013 7:45 AMPhone Home To Turn Up the HeatA former Apple inventor tackles the thermostat problem.