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Injunction Stops the Nevada Prison Planning to Use Fentanyl in an Execution

It came from the pharmaceutical company behind one of the other drugs they’d planned to administer.

July 10 2018 4:20 PMWHO’s Language on Breastfeeding Really Is FlawedThat doesn’t mean Trump’s reasons for rejecting it were correct, but for women like me who suffered as a result of the uncompromising promotion of breastfeeding, the rejection was a relief.
June 27 2018 10:30 AMScientists Already Know What Happens When Children Are Separated From Their Parents and Raised by InstitutionsTake if from a researcher who studied Romanian orphans decades ago—it causes mental, emotional, and physical harm.
June 19 2018 1:22 PMThe Fractured State of American Health CareThe quality of your coverage increasing depends on whether you live in a red or blue state.
June 18 2018 4:34 PMThe Trap of Treatment DogmaResearchers recently announced that many women diagnosed with breast cancer might be able to skip chemo. A group of doctors argued the same, half a century ago—and were ridiculed.
June 14 2018 10:10 AMFIFA’s Rule Changes Won’t Solve Soccer’s Concussion ProblemConcussions were a fixture in the tournament four years ago and likely will be again.
June 7 2018 12:59 PMDo 45-Year-Olds Really Need Colon Cancer Screening?A new recommendation says yes. The evidence is more complicated.
May 30 2018 11:40 PMRoseanne’s Ambien Story Almost Makes SenseNo, the drug doesn’t make you racist. But Ambien trips are really weird.
May 24 2018 7:38 AMLily Bailey’s Because We Are Bad Made Me Rethink OCDSeeing OCD through her more gendered lens made me reconsider my own experience of it.
May 21 2018 5:55 AMHow the C-Section Went From Last Resort to OverusedThe history of the surgery is rife with horror, but today, 1 in 3 American babies are delivered via the procedure, twice what the World Health Organization recommends.
May 15 2018 8:00 AMYour Kids Don’t Need Training Wheels for PeanutsProducts that promise to safely introduce children to certain foods are a waste of money. Here’s what you really need to know about allergens.
May 8 2018 9:00 AMAccess to Maintenance Medications for Opioid Addiction Is Expanding. Prisons Need to Get on Board.Leaving a jail or prison is a particularly risky time for opioid users, due to lower tolerance and the increased prevalence of fentanyl.
May 7 2018 12:46 PMTeens Who Vape Might Also Smoke Weed. Could That Be a Good Thing?If they’re going to smoke marijuana, at least vaping it is healthier.
April 26 2018 3:50 PMKanye West Suffers From TrumpismGrandiose narcissists have a penchant for fascism, and it has nothing to do with whether the rapper is “crazy.”
April 24 2018 2:09 PM“Killer Nanny” Sought Psychological Help Just Days Before Murdering Two Children. What Went Wrong?Our mental health care system is so fragmented and difficult to navigate that even those who know they need help often don’t get it.
April 18 2018 11:00 AMWhat the New Medical Podcast DDx Gets Right About DiagnosisUnlike medical TV dramas that pedal in rarity, Figure 1’s new nonfiction show finds instructive lessons in everyday medicine.
June 29 2018 3:58 PMHow to Hold On to HopeThis horrible week was particularly stressful for minorities. A therapist who works with patients experiencing profound injustice and pervasive trauma explains how to cope.
June 27 2018 5:55 AMThe Science Isn’t Settled on Chronic LymeA close look at the evidence suggests the controversial diagnosis should be taken more seriously, and that decades of sexism may be to blame for our collective dismissal.
June 19 2018 12:23 PMChild Separation Is a Medical EmergencyWhen children’s senses of safety are shattered, they are less able to form strong relationships, make decisions, and control their impulses.
June 15 2018 4:37 PMIs Fasting Good for Your Health?Every year during Ramadan, I wonder how my fasting affects my body. This year, I dug into the research.
June 8 2018 9:30 AMShould Google and Facebook Censor the Pseudoscience Posted to Their Sites?When the quackery is of the order of AIDS denialism, the question feels obvious. The answer is complicated.
June 5 2018 5:15 PMSuicide Hotlines Are Critical, but They Can’t Make Up for America’s Broken Mental Health Care System
May 30 2018 4:28 PMYour Medical Chart Might be Biased. Here’s What Doctors Should Do About It.Racial disparities in health outcomes are complicated, but this is one place to start.
May 22 2018 10:55 AMJordan Peterson Seems Like a Terrible TherapistTherapists are supposed to empower their clients, not use them to support their own worldview.
May 17 2018 3:01 PMThe Problem With California’s Coffee-May-Cause-Cancer SignsTheir misrepresentation of what the science says, and how that science should be properly interpreted, will likely fuel more misunderstanding of risk, without clarifying much.
May 14 2018 9:30 AMDo We Need a More Nuanced Description of Autism?Five years ago, the DSM-5 collapsed diagnoses like Asperger’s into a catchall of “autism spectrum disorder.” Did it help?
May 7 2018 5:00 PMMedical Twitter’s #ShareAStoryInOneTweet Is Heartbreaking, Self-Aggrandizing, and Extremely ImportantDoctors need to remember the emotional heft of our everyday jobs.
May 1 2018 7:38 PMHow Did the Doctor’s Office Raid Harold Bornstein Described Not Violate HIPAA?The former Trump doctor’s story is wild. Which side broke the law?
April 25 2018 4:29 PMThe Presidential Physician Is on Call All the Time. Can He Ever Have a Drink?Of course doctors can’t practice drunk. But 24-hour care has a set of rules of its own.
April 19 2018 10:48 AMPeople With Autism Aren’t Protected From Opioid Addiction. They Might Be at Higher Risk.We’ve gotten much better at integration since the start of the autism wave, but it comes with risks, too.
April 17 2018 9:00 AMThere’s a New 12-Step Group: Medication-Assisted Recovery AnonymousUnlike many NA or AA chapters, this group accepts that many people benefit from medications like methadone and buprenorphine.