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The New Spending Bill Could Finally Pave the Way for Federal Research on Gun Violence

CDC funds haven’t been dedicated to the topic in more than 20 years.

March 20 2018 7:01 PMTrump’s Call to Execute Drug Dealers May Be Dictator-Inspired, but Its Roots Are All-AmericanThe president’s idea isn’t that outlandish—it’s the natural endpoint of our current policies.
March 19 2018 3:20 PMTheranos Is What Happens When Biomedicine Gets to Play by Silicon Valley’s RulesThe people behind real medical advances show their work. Elizabeth Holmes thought she didn’t have to, and thanks to her PR wizardry, she basically got away with it.
March 15 2018 2:52 PMWhy Not Get Your Drugs at the Barbershop?Barbers used to perform surgery on their clients—they could certainly dole out medication today.
March 9 2018 9:00 AMTrump Is Putting Us on Course for a Global Health DisasterBy refusing to invest in proven programs and focusing on divisive rhetoric, the president is undermining our nascent global health partnerships.
March 6 2018 2:56 PMType 1 Diabetes Is No Longer Just for KidsThe disease, once assumed to always start in childhood, can show up at any stage of life. And patients are having a tricky time getting the right diagnosis.
Feb. 22 2018 2:11 PMHow Safe Injection Facilities Could Reduce Fentanyl OverdosesFentanyl has perhaps been the most intractable part of the opioid crisis, but new strategies being deployed in San Francisco and Philadelphia might help.
Feb. 21 2018 10:00 AMAre IV Bags Necessary to Rehydrate Patients?In the months since Hurricane Maria, U.S. hospitals have dealt with an IV bag shortage. It turns out that might not be such a bad thing.
Feb. 15 2018 7:01 AMThe New Puzzle of DiabetesMost diabetic patients in the West are obese. In India, they’re not. What’s going on?
Feb. 12 2018 2:15 PMIn 2018, Should We Take Ubers or Ambulances to the Hospital?The question of transportation is actually not that new. Here’s what the experts advise.
Feb. 5 2018 7:45 PMWhat David Brooks Misunderstands About AbortionIn his latest column, Brooks tries to barter essential health benefits for more votes. But he fundamentally misunderstands his subject.
Feb. 2 2018 5:45 AMCan We Shame Perpetrators of Sexual Misconduct Into Becoming Better People?Probably. But we need to figure out how to correctly deploy this powerful emotional tool.
Feb. 1 2018 5:43 AMCuba’s Sonic Attacks Show Us Just How Susceptible Our Brains Are to Mass HysteriaThe symptoms so many Americans experienced were probably not caused by a secret weapon. That doesn’t mean they’re not real.
Jan. 23 2018 2:16 PMShe Asked for Help for Postpartum Depression. The Nurse Called the Cops.Our lack of mental–physical health care integration and abysmal postpartum support hurt parents and families.
Jan. 18 2018 6:17 PMHHS’s New Rule Allows Health Care Workers to Discriminate Against LGBTQ People and Abortion SeekersThis isn’t just another form of Trumpian bigotry, which is why we should be even more nervous.
Jan. 18 2018 9:07 AMPeople Struggling With Addiction Need Help. Does Forcing Them Into Treatment Work?It depends on the type of coercion you use.
March 20 2018 4:51 PMLearning How to Eat Again After Recovering From AddictionAs part of a growing movement to provide comprehensive care to people in recovery, a new class aims to help them re-establish a relationship with food.
March 16 2018 8:00 AMThe Made-Up Story About How Big Sugar Shifted the Blame to FatIt’s certainly tempting to blame corporate bad guys, but the sugar industry didn’t cook up the low-fat diet.
March 12 2018 5:50 AMRunning From the PainExercise can be a very effective way to treat depression. So why don’t American doctors prescribe it?
March 8 2018 1:02 PMAre We Reviving Too Many Opioid Overdoses? Is This Really a Question?A new paper suggests the overdose-reversing drug naloxone presents a “moral hazard.” The economists’ case is built on an immoral premise.
Feb. 27 2018 5:31 PMFive Improvements We Should Make to Mental Health CareEven if they won’t prevent gun deaths.
Feb. 21 2018 11:02 AMThe Only Certainty in Reproductive Health Is UncertaintyLena Dunham’s painful essay about her hysterectomy should remind us that medicine is highly individual and often outside of our control.
Feb. 15 2018 2:41 PMTrump Doesn’t Care About What Actually Causes ViolenceAnger, not mental illness, is most associated with violence. And our president stokes it.
Feb. 15 2018 5:58 AMHow to Find Shelter in the Storm of #MeTooThe current public litigation around sexual misconduct has been exhausting and grueling, especially for survivors. But there’s a way forward.
Feb. 8 2018 10:29 AMThe Lie Behind the Right to TryHidden behind all of the Republican rhetoric is the reality that the legislation wouldn’t actually do almost anything.
Feb. 5 2018 2:33 PMPrescribing Mindfulness Allows Doctors to Ignore Legitimate Female PainThis trend offloads the responsibility of care from the medical system to the woman. And its efficacy is questionable at best.
Feb. 1 2018 11:39 AMYoung Syrian Refugees Need Mental Health Care. So Far, We’ve Failed Them.Stigma in Syria and ignorance among activists have left problems untreated, with serious consequences.
Jan. 30 2018 7:32 PMIs 20.8 Million Pain Pills Over a Decade a Lot for One Town? It Depends.Over-prescription is a real danger, but reducing the opioid crisis to a numbers game won’t bring about a solution.
Jan. 22 2018 5:08 PMAt Birth, Humans Are the Fattest Species on Record. Why?Contrary to popular belief, baby fat equips us for more than just the cold.
Jan. 18 2018 1:27 PMThere’s a Long History of Presidential Health Being a Well-Kept SecretThe American public has mostly found out about health problems only after past presidents have left office.
Jan. 16 2018 5:20 PMTrump’s Height and Weight Puts Him Just on the Cusp of ObesityIf he were one pound heavier, or a half-inch shorter, the numbers wouldn’t be so forgiving.