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San Francisco Shouldn’t Cancel School Because of the Fires

Short-term exposure to air quality is only a problem for a small population.

Nov. 16 2018 12:58 PMThe FDA’s New E-Cigarette Regulations Respond to an “Epidemic” That Doesn’t Really ExistThe unwarranted panic over teen vaping is obscuring the public health gains e-cigs could bring.
Nov. 12 2018 9:59 AMDoctors End Up Treating the Emotional Devastation Trump’s Policies CauseThe external costs of our newly exclusionary policies show up as anxiety and depression in real people.
Nov. 9 2018 11:04 AMGinsburg’s Prudence Likely Helped Her Admittedly Worrisome PrognosisFalls don’t seem like that big of a deal, but they’re often a tell for an underlying issue, or a catalyst for future complications.
Oct. 18 2018 9:00 AMJournalism Shouldn’t Be a Safeguard Against Unreasonably High Health Care BillsBut in America, it has become many patients’ salve. What about the patients whose stories aren’t told?
Oct. 1 2018 3:31 PMYou Don’t Have to Be a Person With Alcoholism to Be a Problem DrinkerWe saw many things at the hearings last week. For me, Kavanaugh’s relationship with alcohol stood out as worthy of further investigation.
Sept. 19 2018 9:00 AMWhy You Should Not Trust Fertility Apps—YetThe fertility awareness methods they use are real science, but the apps haven’t shown they can deliver the same standard of care.
Sept. 12 2018 5:33 PMYes, Les Moonves Harassed His Doctor. For Women in Medicine, This Is an Outrage, but Not a Surprise.This bizarre inversion of power provides a critical lesson within #MeToo.
Sept. 11 2018 10:00 AMVape-22E-cigarettes have a proven track record of harm reduction. The FDA’s restrictions on how they can be marketed make it easier for misinformation and panic to spread.
Aug. 28 2018 9:00 AMDNA Tests Quietly Reinforce Terrible and Scientifically Inaccurate Concepts of “Ethnicity”It’s fine to use them to understand your immediate family. But don’t expect them to provide anything definitive once you get a few generations out.
Aug. 22 2018 10:36 AMImproving Diversity in Med School Needs to Start Well Before MatriculationNYU’s decision to waive medical school tuition is well-intentioned, but the problem goes much deeper.
Aug. 16 2018 1:44 PMYou Don’t Need to Worry About Roundup in Your Breakfast CerealNo one wants to eat Monsanto’s weed killer. But a new report dramatically exaggerates the danger of the trace amounts detected.
Aug. 15 2018 12:08 PMSending Your Kid to College? Send Them With Fentanyl Testing Strips and Naloxone.Think of them as an essential harm-reduction tool, like condoms.
Aug. 3 2018 12:59 PMTouching Fentanyl Is Not Dangerous. Will This Video Finally Prove That?The rumors swirling that you can overdose just by touching the powder are untrue, and prevent people from getting the critical help they need.
July 30 2018 10:00 AMWhy Are We Still So Worried About Wat­­ching Porn?Decades of fearmongering almost got porn addiction added to the International Classification of Diseases. Thankfully, the World Health Organization got it right.
July 24 2018 5:55 AMCannabis Addiction Is Not Heroin Addiction. That Doesn’t Make It Any Less Real.A large minority of people have trouble with cannabis, and for those people, it’s important to find help.
Nov. 15 2018 12:32 PMDoctors Actually Have a Chance to Upend the Gun DebateYes, #ThisIsMyLane is just a hashtag. But there’s a long precedent of public health action behind it.
Nov. 12 2018 5:45 AMShould Pregnant Women Take Anti-Anxiety Medication? Some Have No Choice.The relentless focus on fetal purity was one of the hardest things I faced during my already tough pregnancy.
Oct. 30 2018 9:00 AMWhy Are Pelvic Exams on Unconscious, Unconsenting Women Still Part of Medical Training?We understand consent better than ever. So why haven’t we ended this practice?
Oct. 16 2018 5:55 AMWe’re Too Excited About MDMA’s Potential for Treating PTSDYes, the clinical outlook is promising. But we need to start getting just as serious about how the people who need the drug the most will access it.
Sept. 27 2018 7:11 PMFord’s Dual Roles in Her Kavanaugh Testimony: Witness as a Victim, and Expert Witness in Psychology“Multifactorial aetoiologies,” the “sequelae of sexual assault,” and “indelible in the hippocampus” were phrases that showed how Ford has made sense of her trauma.
Sept. 18 2018 4:56 PMEverything We Know About Trauma Suggests Christine Blasey Ford Is Telling the TruthThe way we process traumatic memories is fundamentally different than how we process regular memories.
Sept. 12 2018 9:00 AMI’m So Sick of Opioid Disaster PornI know that the photo essays showing the stark hell of addiction are trying to help. But they miss a huge part of the story—recovery.
Aug. 30 2018 5:55 AMNo Matter How Bad It Gets, Trump Will Never Give UpWe’ve been thinking about Trump as a world-class narcissist, but really, his psychological afflictions are slightly more specific, and this distinction can give us insight into the months ahead.
Aug. 24 2018 6:13 PMPalliative Care Is Still Medical TreatmentJohn McCain didn’t stop treatment; he changed his goal toward dying comfortably.
Aug. 22 2018 9:00 AMWhy I Pull My Hair OutIt’s called trichotillomania, and it’s a disorder many have dealt with alone. That’s finally changing.
Aug. 16 2018 7:38 AMWhy Do We Give Our Pets Death With Dignity but Not Ourselves?My years as an emergency veterinarian have shown me the relief that assisted death can bring. Why are our pets the main recipients?
Aug. 14 2018 4:38 PMWhat Caused Cuba’s Sonic Attacks?We still don’t know, but scientists are debating it within the pages of the JAMA.
Aug. 2 2018 12:41 PMHere’s Why It’s So Impossible to Get Reliable Diet Advice From the NewsWhat’s good for you seems to change every week. Maybe we should stop blaming the media and look at the studies underneath the stories, too.
July 25 2018 3:03 PMCan ASMR Be Used to Treat Anxiety or Insomnia?Anyone who experiences the phenomenon knows how relaxing it can be. Now, researchers are starting to take the possibility of therapeutic uses seriously.
July 11 2018 3:24 PMInjunction Stops the Nevada Prison Planning to Use Fentanyl in an ExecutionIt came from the pharmaceutical company behind one of the other drugs they’d planned to administer.