Medical Examiner
Medical Examiner

Stop Asking the Candidates to Release Their Medical Records

Two of our best presidents were ill. Others died randomly of unpredictable infections. It’s time to move on.

Sept. 23 2016 2:00 PMGet Out of Jail Free?When two mentally ill inmates came into my care I realized they needed medical care, not jail. So I bounced them.
Sept. 22 2016 5:30 AMDEA Blocks Research Into Promising Opioid AlternativesThe DEA’s draconian drug policies have already made medical marijuana research more difficult.
Sept. 15 2016 10:16 PMPatient Trump in the Land of OzWe didn’t learn much about Trump’s health Thursday, but we learned plenty about what’s wrong with America’s medical system.
Sept. 12 2016 4:06 PMMedical Records Won’t Tell Us Anything Useful About the Candidates’ HealthThe “concern” over Clinton’s pneumonia is about politics, not medical precision.
Sept. 8 2016 10:57 AMMSNBC Should Not Replay Live Footage Each 9/11It may be good for ratings, but for those who were there—and even for many who weren’t—it can be traumatizing.
Sept. 2 2016 11:16 AMZika Originated in Africa. Why Are We So Sure It’s Harmless There?Once again, the absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.
Aug. 24 2016 4:42 PMSearching for a Straight Shot to a Zika VaccineThe fastest way to get a vaccine is by injecting volunteers to better learn how the disease works.
Aug. 9 2016 5:02 PMCupping: Mikey Likes It. Scientists Don’t.Can you trust Michael Phelps any more than Gwyneth Paltrow? Probably not.
Aug. 5 2016 2:09 PMGet Thee to a HospitalDon’t worry: Medical error is not actually the third leading cause of death in the U.S.
Aug. 2 2016 4:53 PMFlorida’s Zika Outbreak Was ExpectedAnd it is being quickly contained. This isn’t the case in Puerto Rico—why?
July 28 2016 9:30 AMFewer Than 100 Zika Cases Will Come From the Rio OlympicsIn fact, it could be as few as six.
July 27 2016 9:15 AMHave Humans Finally Reached Peak Height?People living in developed countries seem to be about as tall as they’re going to get.
July 22 2016 10:00 AMCan a Nurse Practitioner Replace a Physician?Data and personal experience suggests it’s possible. The current shortage of doctors attending veterans might make it necessary.
July 14 2016 3:52 PMTuning OutRepeated exposure to racial violence can trigger the same symptoms as PTSD. Give yourself a break.
July 8 2016 5:51 AMTurning Back the ClockThis rare disorder causes kids to revert to younger versions of themselves—and then stay that way forever. Why?
Sept. 23 2016 7:30 AMCan Masturbating College Freshmen Actually Clog a Shower Drain?Each September, a hoax mocking 18-year-olds’ excessive masturbation circulates on the internet. But what does the science say?
Sept. 16 2016 4:09 PMIn a New Short Documentary, Netflix Takes on DeathThe result exposes the central tension in end-of-life care decisions.
Sept. 13 2016 7:00 AMA College Tuition Payment for Your Spare Kidney?A new bill proposes an alternative way to compensate people for their organ donation. We should try it.
Sept. 12 2016 7:47 AMCould a Zika Vaccine Break the Vaccine Stalemate?The new drug could restart the polarized conversation about the benefit of vaccines.
Sept. 7 2016 2:42 PMTesting TraditionsThe World Health Organization has failed to apply scientific rigor to traditional medicines. That’s bad for everyone.
Aug. 25 2016 11:30 AMCould a Breathable Mattress Help Your Baby Avoid SIDS?The mattress companies certainly want you to think so, but they’re relying on fear, not science.
Aug. 18 2016 1:34 PMZika Is Spreading, but It Won’t Go FarPast experience with disease spread through the same mosquito has taught us exactly how to stop it.
Aug. 9 2016 12:53 PMTreating Pregnant Women With Zika in Real TimeDoctors and patients are learning at the same time. Here’s how one OB-GYN is navigating these complicated choices.
Aug. 4 2016 2:59 PMString of LiesOur confusion over dental floss is the result of years of biased research, thanks to the war between floss and mouthwash.
Aug. 1 2016 8:02 AMStop Measuring Pregnancy in Months!One doctor’s plea against this inaccurate—and misleading—way of talking about human gestation.
July 27 2016 12:40 PMBeing Transgender Is Not a Mental DisorderThe World Health Organization might finally update its outdated and absurd categorization. It’s about time.
July 25 2016 7:16 AMThe Vaccination Double StandardDespite years of research, there’s no good way to convince anti-vaxxers of the truth. It’s time to make vaccination mandatory for all kids.
July 20 2016 8:31 PMThe RNC Ignores Actual Science, but Embraces PseudoscienceYoungevity, which has a speaker at the RNC Wednesday night, is run by a man who would make anti-vaxxers blush.
July 8 2016 6:20 PMZika-Infected Person Dies in UtahThe individual was infected elsewhere, and Zika may not have been the cause of death.
July 7 2016 11:41 AMReining in OpioidsThe feds are finally making moves in the right direction. Here’s how they could pay for it.