Medical Examiner
Medical Examiner
Oct. 2 2014 9:49 AMIn Medicine We TrustShould we worry that so many of the doctors treating Ebola in Africa are missionaries?
Sept. 29 2014 11:32 PMThe Daydream DisorderIs sluggish cognitive tempo a disease or disease mongering?
Sept. 23 2014 11:37 PMHow to Stop EbolaCould survivors safely care for the infected?
Sept. 19 2014 5:09 PMDid America Get Fat by Drinking Diet Soda?  A high-profile study points the finger at artificial sweeteners.
Sept. 17 2014 11:48 PMSpanking Is Great for SexWhich is why it’s grotesque for parenting.
Sept. 8 2014 3:30 PMMeasuring MicroLivesHow to calculate the exact impact of daily choices on every precious minute of your life.
Sept. 2 2014 11:26 AMAll Happy Families Are Microbially AlikeYour house, household, and pets share the same microbes.
Aug. 22 2014 12:01 PMWhat Should You Do After Drinking Coffee?How to get the most bang from your brew.
Aug. 20 2014 10:52 AMEbola Is Not God’s WrathReligious leaders are perpetuating dangerous, dehumanizing beliefs about sin and disease.
Aug. 11 2014 11:49 PMDignified DebateThe United Kingdom shows the rest of the world how to have a wise, honest, eloquent discussion about assisted suicide.
Aug. 6 2014 1:37 PMCollege-Level ConfusionWhat’s really behind the finding that parents of college grads live longer?
Aug. 4 2014 3:44 PMCalorie MiscountingWhy one slice of cheesecake does not equal 4½ hours of aerobics.
Aug. 4 2014 9:44 AMSlate Voice: “The Bloodshed State”Listen to Mark Joseph Stern read his most popular article from the month of July. 
July 28 2014 11:36 AMHow Florida Became the Most Savage State
July 21 2014 1:58 PMAutism Linked to Common GenesEnvironmental causes and specific mutations aren’t as much to blame.
Sept. 30 2014 11:51 PMShould You Freeze Your Eggs?An egg freezing party is not a great place to find answers to this or other questions.
Sept. 25 2014 8:51 AMTyranny of PerfectionWhy do doctors have such a high rate of suicide?
Sept. 22 2014 4:34 PMHere’s Where We Stand With EbolaEven experienced international disaster responders are shocked at how bad it’s gotten.
Sept. 19 2014 12:13 PMThe Most Terrifying Thing About Ebola The disease threatens humanity by preying on humanity.
Sept. 16 2014 11:46 PMThe Scariest Campfire StoryMore horrifying than bears, snakes, or hook-handed killers.
Sept. 5 2014 8:02 AMDo Lemurs Hold the Secret to Suspended Animation?What we might be able to learn from our closest hibernating cousins. 
Aug. 24 2014 10:30 PMAre You a Narcissist?The tricky psychiatric diagnosis is getting a lot of attention, which is exactly what it wants.
Aug. 21 2014 12:11 PMHave a Great Day, Honey, and Don’t Get EbolaAre we doing enough to protect U.S. health care workers?
Aug. 13 2014 12:58 PMDespicable MemesHow “miracle” jokes and inspiration porn demean disabled people.
Aug. 7 2014 8:08 AMThe Worst Part of the Bar ExamIt’s time to drop mental health questions.
Aug. 5 2014 11:51 AMEbola Was Already HereHow to contain the deadly hemorrhagic fevers that occasionally reach the United States.
Aug. 4 2014 3:37 PMCan My Keyboard Spread Ebola?Myths and misunderstandings about Ebola in the United States.
Aug. 3 2014 11:52 PMThe Fishy Origins of the Fish Oil CrazeA widely cited, foundational study does not say what people say it does.
July 25 2014 7:58 AMRx: 50 mg Nature, Ad LibDoctors are prescribing a walk in the park.
July 20 2014 8:32 PMWhat Scares Bug Experts?The horrible disease that experts feared would come to the United States has come to the United States.