Medical Examiner
Medical Examiner
April 8 2015 10:42 AMStaying AliveThe first life I saved after I graduated from medical school.
April 2 2015 10:15 AMUnmatchedThe system for placing medical school graduates in residency programs is inefficient and ugly.
March 29 2015 7:31 PMDon’t Blame It on DepressionThat’s not what made the Germanwings co-pilot murder 149 people.
March 27 2015 10:59 AMCould Better Psychological Testing Prevent a Tragedy Like the Germanwings Crash?Probably not. 
March 25 2015 10:14 AMNot an Isolated IncidentLegislative and rhetorical attacks on abortion clinics go hand in hand with violent attacks.
March 24 2015 3:00 AMThe Weight of the EvidenceIt’s time to stop telling fat people to become thin. 
March 17 2015 10:48 AMPrince of PseudoscienceCharles is coming to visit the United States. Don’t listen to a single foolish word he says.
March 10 2015 2:59 PMTug of WarWe’re on the verge of the greatest public health triumph of the 21st century.
March 5 2015 10:15 AMPregnant Workers’ RightsIt’s illegal to discriminate against pregnant women. But employers often do.
Feb. 24 2015 2:43 PMBravo, Julianne Moore and Eddie RedmayneThe best actress and best actor gave stunning, surprisingly medically accurate performances.
Feb. 19 2015 8:00 AMJoining the HerdWhat were my New Age parents thinking when they didn’t vaccinate me?
Feb. 5 2015 3:23 PMWhy Is There a Religious Exemption for Vaccinations?Almost no religions object to them.
Jan. 29 2015 12:00 AMOur Health Is Shaped by the Struggles of Our Parents and Grandparents
Jan. 25 2015 7:54 PMThe Myth of the Good Guy With a GunThe NRA is wrong: Owning a gun is far more likely to harm you than protect you.
Jan. 12 2015 8:35 AMIs My Work “Medically Necessary”?How insurance companies try to get around rules for mental health care.
April 6 2015 1:37 PMAll Lives MatterWhy do Sierra Leonean and American clinicians with Ebola get different care?
March 31 2015 10:00 AMGet a Move OnA new book offers augmented reality running advice.
March 27 2015 5:16 PMWhat Happened at Slate This Week?Alison Griswold describes her experience reporting on the Germanwings tragedy.
March 27 2015 3:33 AMBad AlternativesWhen it comes to cancer treatment, do as Angelina Jolie does, not as she says.
March 24 2015 11:33 AMThe Most Neglected DiseaseTuberculosis isn’t history, and it’s much more dangerous than malaria or Ebola.
March 19 2015 2:29 PMDumbphonesA vapid scare-piece in the New York Times gets a double-down debunking.
March 15 2015 9:30 PMWho Lives and Who Dies?The most important lessons from decades of global health care.
March 6 2015 8:08 AMThe Man Who Discovered ThiaminToday, we take vitamin B1 for granted. But it took a horrible, wasting disease—and lots and lots of chickens—for scientists to discover it.
Feb. 26 2015 12:04 PMBespoke Health CarePrecision medicine won’t work without precision questions.
Feb. 24 2015 3:02 AMAchieving a Good DeathWhen a patient’s death is inevitable, there are three important things a doctor can do.
Feb. 11 2015 5:13 PMExemption AbuseToo many kindergarteners aren’t getting vaccinated.
Feb. 4 2015 11:45 PMWhat Do Pediatricians Really Think About Anti-Vaxxers?Do they hate them? Pity them?
Jan. 27 2015 8:15 AMThe Danger of Reading the CommentsPeople trust supposedly credible online sources even for health decisions.
Jan. 23 2015 8:08 AMMeasles Is HorribleThe anti-vaccine movement is wrong to dismiss the disease’s dangers (as it is wrong about so many things).
Jan. 9 2015 9:18 AMThe Next EbolasThree factors predict whether a new virus will cause a human pandemic.