Medical Examiner
Aug. 28 2013 5:56 AMHow Many People Were Killed by Love Canal?The surprising statistics of environmental cancers.
Aug. 22 2013 2:46 PMWith a Name Like Xalkori ...New drug names aren’t just bizarre—they’re dangerous.
Aug. 15 2013 7:42 AMBring on the Foreign DoctorsThey’re just as good as the homegrown variety. So why don’t we let them practice here?
July 24 2013 12:01 PMIs It Safe to Take Medication While Pregnant?It isn’t unethical to test drugs on pregnant women. It’s unethical not to.
July 17 2013 10:13 AMThe Boy Scouts’ Ban on Fat KidsIs it as awful as it sounds?
July 11 2013 5:06 PMWho Has an Abortion After 20 Weeks?That’s right when my patients find out about devastating fetal defects.
July 10 2013 12:26 PMPatients Need PoetryAnd so do doctors.
June 25 2013 10:45 AMHow I Treat Patients Who Refuse Blood TransfusionsWhy can’t Jehovah’s Witnesses have a Shabbes goy make medical decisions for them?
June 19 2013 4:08 PMHow to Fix the Organ Transplant ShortageThe chaotic, ethically murky case of a 10-year-old girl in need of lungs.
June 14 2013 8:38 AMWhy Can’t Anyone Recognize Superman?The neurological explanation for why the Daily Planet staff falls for the lousy Clark Kent disguise.
June 6 2013 7:19 AMDeaths With DignityRear Adm. Chester Nimitz Jr. and Joan Nimitz planned their suicides with military precision.
May 22 2013 2:00 PMYou Do Not Have Asperger’sWhat psychiatry’s new diagnostic manual means for people on the autism spectrum.
May 17 2013 11:27 AMThe DSM-5 Is Not CrazyPsychiatry’s new diagnoses of picking, bingeing, and tantrums sound silly, but they’re useful for me and my patients.
May 14 2013 11:54 AMDoes Your Insect Repellent Repel Insects?“EPA-approved” does not necessarily mean your bug juice works.
May 1 2013 5:30 AMThe Autistic BrainThe origins of the diagnosis of autism—and the parental guilt-tripping that went along with it.
Aug. 23 2013 12:15 PMLoneliness Is DeadlySocial isolation kills more people than obesity does—and it’s just as stigmatized.
Aug. 20 2013 5:45 AMThe Case Against the Annual CheckupGoing to the doctor when you’re not sick does more harm than good.
Aug. 13 2013 12:14 PMHow to Solve the American Health Care CrisisWith a little help from some Indians.
July 18 2013 8:16 AMWorrying Enormously About Small ThingsHow I survive anxiety and you can, too.
July 16 2013 4:04 PMThe New York Times Teaches the ControversyBoth sides are not equal when it comes to chronic Lyme disease.
July 10 2013 2:48 PMAlive and TweetingFacebook friends, relax. I’m not dying. Why did you think I was?
July 9 2013 11:55 AMHold the MSGGluten and MSG intolerance may be only in your head. That’s nothing to be ashamed of.
June 20 2013 5:51 PMJames Gandolfini Was FatThat didn’t necessarily kill him.
June 18 2013 8:24 AMIf You Could Eat Only One Thing …You still wouldn’t want it to be Soylent.
June 11 2013 1:05 PMSo Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Called Us to Complain …He says scientists lie, journalists are scared of the CDC, and the government is poisoning children.
June 4 2013 8:27 AMThe Darkest Year of Medical SchoolStudents come in altruistic and empathetic. They leave jaded and bitter.
May 17 2013 1:18 PMWhat’s the Matter With Portland?The city has been fighting fluoridation for 50 years. Will facts trump fear this month?
May 15 2013 12:23 PMCursed Royal BloodWas Henry VIII to blame for his wives’ many miscarriages?
May 10 2013 5:35 AMDodgeball Should Not Be Part of Any Curriculum, EverMaking kids play team sports in PE is neither healthy nor educational.
April 23 2013 5:30 AM“Run, Don't Walk.” “Don't Run, Walk."Flip-flopping advice on exercise may not be as contradictory as it seems.