Medical Examiner
Medical Examiner
July 21 2014 1:58 PMAutism Linked to Common GenesEnvironmental causes and specific mutations aren’t as much to blame.
July 18 2014 8:38 AMWhy Does Your Body Do These Strange Things?Doctors explain Reddit’s list of bizarre and secret bodily behaviors.
July 11 2014 11:18 AMThe Persistent Danger of PoxesWhere else could smallpox be found?
July 7 2014 11:45 PM“Would You Like to Become Pregnant in the Next Year?”A simple, routine question can improve health care.
July 4 2014 1:15 PMYour Brain on PsilocybinHow magic mushrooms expand consciousness.
June 26 2014 9:01 AMThe Shortest Route to GodWhy religious pilgrimages are incredibly dangerous.
June 19 2014 3:52 PM“Did All the Girls PT?”Free pregnancy tests are a good way to fight fetal alcohol syndrome. Condoms are better.
June 13 2014 8:44 AMMellow, Paranoid, Happy, or MeanWhy do people respond so differently to the same drugs?
June 4 2014 1:25 PMSex Is ComplicatedConservatives’ simple biological facts aren’t facts at all.
May 29 2014 8:46 AMAmazon’s Illegal Drug DealingSteroids, muscle relaxants, and prescription antibiotics delivered right to your door.
May 27 2014 11:22 AMRoll Over! Shake! Smell This Mole!Are dogs really a good way to screen for cancer?
May 20 2014 10:01 AMThe Residents Rise UpHow Congress and colluding hospitals take advantage of doctors in training.
May 14 2014 7:18 AMWhich City Has the Worst Allergies?Sorry, Washington, D.C., you are not the center of the pollen universe.
May 12 2014 6:23 PMThe Guinea Pig ClubThey were heroes of World War II and they revolutionized plastic surgery.
May 5 2014 12:34 PMCanada’s Vicious HIV LawsHow the Supreme Court redefined safe sex.
July 20 2014 8:32 PMWhat Scares Bug Experts?The horrible disease that experts feared would come to the United States has come to the United States.
July 14 2014 11:35 PMIs Siberia a Safe Place for Smallpox?Sort of.
July 8 2014 11:48 PMSorry You Were Tricked Into a C-SectionWhat disapproving friends don’t understand about cesarean births.
July 6 2014 9:09 PMDoctors Could Use a Little HypochondriaWhy medical students panic too much and M.D.s too little.
July 3 2014 1:58 PMA Public Health Crisis at the BorderDetained children must be screened more rigorously for communicable disease.
June 24 2014 12:31 PMIt’s Nobody’s FaultVengefully gleeful stories about male infertility distract from the real problem.
June 17 2014 12:06 AMGuns Kill ChildrenThe overwhelming evidence that pediatricians are right and the NRA is wrong.
June 6 2014 5:04 PMLeBron James’ Trouble With Heat What causes muscle cramps, and can you prevent them?
June 3 2014 4:28 PMQuacking All the Way to the BankNaturopaths are winning insurance coverage for medical nonsense.
May 27 2014 2:57 PMDid Elliot Rodger’s Therapists Fail?What prevents law enforcement and mental health professionals from stopping a killer?
May 21 2014 11:52 PMThis Article Is Fortified With AntioxidantsThe food industry’s devious, ingenious, magical misuse of science.
May 15 2014 8:37 AMA Hospital’s Most Important Secret System
May 13 2014 10:05 AMShould Doctors Take Care of Their Relatives?My father would never “do things like this to a loved one!”
May 7 2014 2:59 PMFear the CamelWhy a deadly new virus will be so hard to stop.
May 1 2014 8:26 AMHow Bad Is Marijuana for Your Health?What recent press coverage gets wrong.