Medical Examiner
Medical Examiner
Feb. 24 2015 2:43 PMBravo, Julianne Moore and Eddie RedmayneThe best actress and best actor gave stunning, surprisingly medically accurate performances.
Feb. 19 2015 8:00 AMJoining the HerdWhat were my New Age parents thinking when they didn’t vaccinate me?
Feb. 5 2015 3:23 PMWhy Is There a Religious Exemption for Vaccinations?Almost no religions object to them.
Jan. 29 2015 12:00 AMOur Health Is Shaped by the Struggles of Our Parents and Grandparents
Jan. 25 2015 7:54 PMThe Myth of the Good Guy With a GunThe NRA is wrong: Owning a gun is far more likely to harm you than protect you.
Jan. 12 2015 8:35 AMIs My Work “Medically Necessary”?How insurance companies try to get around rules for mental health care.
Jan. 8 2015 10:14 AMLetting GoGradual withdrawal of care may make end-of-life decisions easier.
Jan. 7 2015 2:45 PMWhy Am I So Obsessed With Dentistry?I don’t hate dentists. But I am fascinated with them.
Jan. 6 2015 11:50 PMDisrupting DentistryHow the poorest kids in Alabama are getting the best care.
Dec. 28 2014 7:06 PMThe 10 Most Important Medical Stories of 2014What else happened besides the Ebola outbreak?
Dec. 19 2014 12:36 PMSomething to Sneeze AtNatural remedies that claim to “boost your immune system” don’t work, and it’s a good thing they don’t.
Dec. 9 2014 11:51 PMLyme-IlliterateNew York is about to change its medical misconduct law to protect quacks.
Nov. 25 2014 2:13 PMEndless BloodHow smart use of an old technology is saving women’s lives.
Nov. 14 2014 11:14 AMBrittany Maynard’s Gift to Her HusbandI would give anything not to have experienced the last week of my wife’s life.
Oct. 31 2014 10:55 AMWe Will Always Have New EpidemicsHuman behavior is the biggest variable in any outbreak.
Feb. 24 2015 3:02 AMAchieving a Good DeathWhen a patient’s death is inevitable, there are three important things a doctor can do.
Feb. 11 2015 5:13 PMExemption AbuseToo many kindergarteners aren’t getting vaccinated.
Feb. 4 2015 11:45 PMWhat Do Pediatricians Really Think About Anti-Vaxxers?Do they hate them? Pity them?
Jan. 27 2015 8:15 AMThe Danger of Reading the CommentsPeople trust supposedly credible online sources even for health decisions.
Jan. 23 2015 8:08 AMMeasles Is HorribleThe anti-vaccine movement is wrong to dismiss the disease’s dangers (as it is wrong about so many things).
Jan. 9 2015 9:18 AMThe Next EbolasThree factors predict whether a new virus will cause a human pandemic.
Jan. 7 2015 3:15 PMSlate Voice: “Disrupting Dentistry”Listen to Slate’s June Thomas read her story on access to dental care.
Jan. 7 2015 1:45 PMThe Fellowship of the Messed-Up MouthJune Thomas and her editor Laura Helmuth talk about the challenges of reporting on dental care, poverty, and more.
Dec. 31 2014 11:51 PMThis Year Will Be the YearHow to make New Year’s resolutions succeed.
Dec. 21 2014 10:32 PMWhither the Barf Bag?Is airborne vomiting in decline?
Dec. 16 2014 11:41 AMIn Defense of SkippingTry it! I did.
Nov. 27 2014 12:31 PMSlate’s Working Podcast: Episode 11 TranscriptRead what David Plotz asked a helicopter paramedic about his workday.    
Nov. 18 2014 4:12 PMPolitical Hack, Medical QuackGlenn Beck says he has adrenal fatigue. Endocrinologists beg to differ.
Nov. 9 2014 8:45 PMHow a SHPOS Is BornThe acronym doctors use for the very worst of the worst patients.
Oct. 30 2014 12:25 PMDangerous RhetoricWhy are some Ebola patients portrayed as criminals, others as heroes?