Medical Examiner
Medical Examiner
Jan. 19 2017 9:15 AMShould Doctors Treat Trump Anxiety?Americans’ election-induced worries are not going away. How should doctors help their patients cope?
Jan. 18 2017 11:28 AMWhat Will the Trump Administration Mean for People With Disabilities?Under Obama, access to schools, health care, and jobs expanded. Will Trump roll it all back?
Jan. 13 2017 5:13 PMThe Cheaper, Generic “EpiPen” Is GreatExcept that consumers will have to know enough to ask for it. And that’s not how medicine should work.
Jan. 12 2017 7:00 AMJohn Bailar’s Righteous Attack on the “War on Cancer”By putting forth this unpopular opinion, Bailar reminded us of the value of evidence-based decisions.
Jan. 3 2017 5:45 AMAmerican Children Deserve a Better DeathHere’s one way we can give it to them.
Dec. 27 2016 7:30 PMAdvocacy From the EdgeCarrie Fisher spent decades advocating for mental health treatment and against stigma. Here’s how we should honor her.
Dec. 22 2016 4:05 PMLife Expectancy Is, Overall, IncreasingRecent research found a slight downtick in life expectancy. That’s nothing to worry about.
Dec. 13 2016 4:30 PME-Cigarettes Might Be the Best Addiction to HaveThe surgeon general just released a landmark report, but the findings aren’t strong enough to warrant many regulations.
Dec. 5 2016 11:44 AMTrump Isn’t an Anti-Vaxxer. He’s a Slow Vaxxer.His position is still a nonsensical attack on science. It also helps explain his appeal.
Nov. 28 2016 5:53 AMIs PMS Real?Or is it just a figment of our menstruation-fearing culture?
Nov. 17 2016 2:25 PMThe Major FallWhat killed Leonard Cohen is one of the rising causes of death among the elderly. Here’s how you can protect yourself.
Nov. 15 2016 3:09 PMOur Patients Need UsIn the wake of this election, doctors need to recommit to patient advocacy no matter what our politics are.
Oct. 31 2016 10:14 AMHow to Talk About Mental Illness Without Relying on StrengthDonald Trump’s comments on mental illness are awful, but not unusual.
Oct. 26 2016 5:15 AMWe’ve Misdiagnosed the Problem With Donald TrumpIt’s not what’s in his head that matters. It’s what’s in ours.
Oct. 20 2016 4:53 PMThe Medical Complexity of “Late-Term” AbortionsThe rhetoric employed by Donald Trump refuses to recognize the reality of these situations.
Jan. 19 2017 7:30 AMPresidential Health Has Always Been a Well-Kept SecretAt 70, Trump is our oldest president-elect yet. If his health declines, we most likely won’t know much about it.
Jan. 18 2017 5:55 AMPatients’ Rights Should Be a Bipartisan IssueNow more than ever, it is doctors’ obligation to speak up for the needs of our patients.
Jan. 13 2017 9:00 AMZealots Like RFK Jr. Have Already Made Vaccines Less SafeNot just because they fuel anti-vaxxers. This type of paranoia impedes our ability to accurately consider evidence. 
Jan. 10 2017 5:35 PMDonald Trump and RFK Jr. Are Vaccine-Skeptical SoulmatesThey present their skepticism of established science as reasonable. And that makes their views even scarier.
Dec. 28 2016 11:05 AMIs a Heart Attack Cardiac Arrest?Heart attack, cardiac arrest, and heart failure are often used interchangeably, but they’re distinct entities.
Dec. 23 2016 11:11 AMYou Don’t Need to Actively Avoid BPAWe’re exposed to very little BPA. Besides, botulism is worse.
Dec. 16 2016 7:14 AMIs the Opioid Crisis Partly to Blame for President Trump?There’s a correlation between those affected and support for Trump. But the causation is still unclear.
Dec. 13 2016 9:00 AMThe FDA Should Approve Drugs Based on Evidence, Not EmotionsA new bill and Donald Trump could come together to undermine the FDA’s ability to safeguard the public from dangerous new drugs.  
Nov. 30 2016 9:17 AMWe Know How to Treat Opioid AddictionBut our antiquated conceptions of addicts prevent us from doing so.
Nov. 23 2016 1:27 PMDon’t Give Kids Under 12 Cold and Cough MedicineKids aren’t just tiny adults—these medicines haven’t been proven safe for them. So try these remedies instead.
Nov. 16 2016 5:21 PMHomeopathic Medicines Will Carry Labels Saying They’re UnscientificBut for the people buying them, this will make them even more attractive.
Nov. 10 2016 4:39 PMThe Five Stages of Grief Aren’t Real, but Trump Anxiety IsGrieve however you want. Here are some ways to cope.
Oct. 28 2016 8:31 AMDo Acetaminophen’s Risks Outweigh the Benefits?The drug has been around for so long it’s accepted as useful. But it shouldn’t be.
Oct. 21 2016 12:20 PMIs Your Birth Control Making You Depressed?It’s possible. But we shouldn’t abandon hormonal birth control en masse just yet.
Oct. 18 2016 10:23 AMThe Right to Remain HIPAA-ProtectedThe NY/NJ bombing suspect appeared in court via video conference, which seems to have violated HIPAA.