Medical Examiner
Medical Examiner
Sept. 24 2015 7:00 AMEbola Is Not Over When It’s OverSurvivors are suffering from serious complications, and they need help.
Sept. 21 2015 12:30 PMDo Not DelayBen Carson and Rand Paul should stop spreading dangerous myths about vaccines.
Sept. 14 2015 4:56 PMNow I Know What Your Blood Pressure Should BeThis study will change the way we practice medicine.
Sept. 9 2015 1:55 PMAbortion GuiltCatholic women who terminate a pregnancy deserve grace.
Sept. 1 2015 12:20 PMDoes Contraception Reduce Abortions?The relationship is surprisingly ambiguous—until you look at the best evidence.
Aug. 19 2015 11:44 AMDo Chewing Sounds Make You Crazy?The condition has a name—misophonia—and a very small but contentious community of researchers.
Aug. 10 2015 11:32 AMThat *#^% Sugar FilmEverything movie critics think they know about sugar is wrong.
July 31 2015 5:55 AMFetal Tissue Gives Hope for One of the Worst DiseasesPlanned Parenthood is right to supply it.
July 21 2015 9:49 AMTrauma Post TraumaThe “gold standard” treatment for PTSD makes many vets’ symptoms even worse.
July 2 2015 1:38 AMDon’t Go in the WaterWhy a nasty parasite is thriving in chlorinated swimming pools and water parks.
July 1 2015 1:34 PMA Victory for Public HealthMeasles outbreaks at Disneyland show just how vicious this virus can be.
June 2 2015 10:00 AMWe Will Keep on ProvidingAnti-abortion restrictions are cruel, unscientific, and dangerous.
May 14 2015 11:16 AMDocs on WheelsMobile clinics are a great way to deliver health care.
May 5 2015 11:26 AMThe “How Does a Home-Birth Midwife Work?” TranscriptRead what Adam Davidson asked Karen Jefferson about her workday.
May 4 2015 1:12 PMThe Doctor Won’t See You NowConcierge medicine serves the ridiculously rich at the expense of everyone else.
Sept. 23 2015 4:31 PMCornering the Market on Essential DrugsGenerics companies were supposed to make drugs cheaper, but some have become the new villains of health care.
Sept. 16 2015 3:51 PMVaccines Are Not to BlameA decade before the measles vaccine panic, parents feared this vaccine could harm their children.
Sept. 11 2015 4:23 PMShame on People Who Fat-ShameObesity isn’t nearly as bad for your health as poverty is. Let’s extend the logic …
Sept. 9 2015 5:52 AMLife After AutismA small percentage of children diagnosed with autism lose the core symptoms and their diagnosis.
Aug. 20 2015 7:00 AMWant to Donate Your Body to Science? Call Me.I feel lucky to have worked for an ethical business in such a loosely regulated industry.
Aug. 13 2015 2:57 PMAfrica’s Year Without PolioThe unglamorous but effective global search for every last trace of a terrible disease.
Aug. 5 2015 11:33 AMPubMed All Day, Captain Awkward All NightEvery website a Slate science writer visits more than 20 times a month.
July 22 2015 5:56 AMWhat Ailments Were These Horrific Medical Treatments Supposed to Cure?The 17th century was a terrible time to suffer from apoplexy.
July 13 2015 7:26 AMHospital ChecklistThe 12 questions every patient should ask doctors and nurses.
July 1 2015 3:32 PMHow Tough Are the Vaccination Laws in Your State?And how many children are protected from dangerous diseases?
June 26 2015 7:01 AMShut Up and SipCoffee is neither good nor bad for you. Now you may go.
May 21 2015 2:53 AMFaith Healing Kills ChildrenIt’s time to eliminate religious exemptions from medical care.
May 8 2015 3:54 AM“Can I Celebrate Mother’s Day?”How my patients face the holiday after a miscarriage. 
May 5 2015 10:50 AMHoney Bunches of LiesWhy eating local honey won’t cure your allergies.
April 29 2015 9:09 AMDoctors Throwing FitsOne of the hardest parts of being a nurse is dealing with bullying doctors.