Medical Examiner
Medical Examiner
Sept. 7 2016 2:42 PMTesting TraditionsThe World Health Organization has failed to apply scientific rigor to traditional medicines. That’s bad for everyone.
Aug. 25 2016 11:30 AMCould a Breathable Mattress Help Your Baby Avoid SIDS?The mattress companies certainly want you to think so, but they’re relying on fear, not science.
Aug. 18 2016 1:34 PMZika Is Spreading, but It Won’t Go FarPast experience with disease spread through the same mosquito has taught us exactly how to stop it.
Aug. 9 2016 12:53 PMTreating Pregnant Women With Zika in Real TimeDoctors and patients are learning at the same time. Here’s how one OB-GYN is navigating these complicated choices.
Aug. 4 2016 2:59 PMString of LiesOur confusion over dental floss is the result of years of biased research, thanks to the war between floss and mouthwash.
Aug. 1 2016 8:02 AMStop Measuring Pregnancy in Months!One doctor’s plea against this inaccurate—and misleading—way of talking about human gestation.
July 27 2016 12:40 PMBeing Transgender Is Not a Mental DisorderThe World Health Organization might finally update its outdated and absurd categorization. It’s about time.
July 25 2016 7:16 AMThe Vaccination Double StandardDespite years of research, there’s no good way to convince anti-vaxxers of the truth. It’s time to make vaccination mandatory for all kids.
July 20 2016 8:31 PMThe RNC Ignores Actual Science, but Embraces PseudoscienceYoungevity, which has a speaker at the RNC Wednesday night, is run by a man who would make anti-vaxxers blush.
July 8 2016 6:20 PMZika-Infected Person Dies in UtahThe individual was infected elsewhere, and Zika may not have been the cause of death.
July 7 2016 11:41 AMReining in OpioidsThe feds are finally making moves in the right direction. Here’s how they could pay for it.
June 24 2016 7:16 AMActually, That Gross, New Stomach-Draining Device Might Be EffectiveSome are calling it “medical bulimia” but that betrays a misunderstanding of both the eating disorder and the obesity crisis.
June 20 2016 11:14 AMIt’s OK to Be Worried About ZikaYou feel that way because talking about pregnancy and public health is really hard.
June 15 2016 11:57 AMHow Autism Research and Mini-Brains Helped Prove Zika Causes MicrocephalyThe mini-brains one researcher had built turned out to be the perfect model for proving causation.
June 10 2016 3:56 PMWhat Caused Muhammad Ali’s Parkinson’s Disease?Boxing and pesticide exposure both elevate the risk of the disease, but we’ll likely never know whether one was to blame.
Sept. 2 2016 11:16 AMZika Originated in Africa. Why Are We So Sure It’s Harmless There?Once again, the absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.
Aug. 24 2016 4:42 PMSearching for a Straight Shot to a Zika VaccineThe fastest way to get a vaccine is by injecting volunteers to better learn how the disease works.
Aug. 9 2016 5:02 PMCupping: Mikey Likes It. Scientists Don’t.Can you trust Michael Phelps any more than Gwyneth Paltrow? Probably not.
Aug. 5 2016 2:09 PMGet Thee to a HospitalDon’t worry: Medical error is not actually the third leading cause of death in the U.S.
Aug. 2 2016 4:53 PMFlorida’s Zika Outbreak Was ExpectedAnd it is being quickly contained. This isn’t the case in Puerto Rico—why?
July 28 2016 9:30 AMFewer Than 100 Zika Cases Will Come From the Rio OlympicsIn fact, it could be as few as six.
July 27 2016 9:15 AMHave Humans Finally Reached Peak Height?People living in developed countries seem to be about as tall as they’re going to get.
July 22 2016 10:00 AMCan a Nurse Practitioner Replace a Physician?Data and personal experience suggests it’s possible. The current shortage of doctors attending veterans might make it necessary.
July 14 2016 3:52 PMTuning OutRepeated exposure to racial violence can trigger the same symptoms as PTSD. Give yourself a break.
July 8 2016 5:51 AMTurning Back the ClockThis rare disorder causes kids to revert to younger versions of themselves—and then stay that way forever. Why?
June 28 2016 2:05 PMCan We Have Compassion for the Angry?If we recognize unregulated anger as the problem, we may be able to help people who are likely to become violent.
June 23 2016 2:04 PMWhen the Medicine Doesn’t WorkOne doctor explains how big pharma may have taken a toll on her relationships with patients.
June 20 2016 9:00 AMHow Being Bullied Affects Your AdulthoodOne researcher who has interviewed hundreds of adults who were bullied as teens posits an interesting new theory.
June 13 2016 9:15 AMProzac May Be the Only Drug That Effectively Treats Depression in KidsTherapy is still the best course of treatment for childhood depression.
June 9 2016 2:45 PMIf Prince Had LivedWhat are the best treatment options for those who struggle with chronic pain and opioid dependency?